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I’ve thought of writing a fic like this for a long time. I’ve always wanted to see more about the town realizing that the Dark One had a lover, and I think the Rumbelle relationship in 2A deserved way more attention than it got. That’s what fanfics are for, aren’t they?
As always, thanks to my wonderful beta @still-searching47.

Ao3 link. 

After 28 years of repetitiveness, the little town of Storybrooke was undergoing a huge amount of changes in an incredibly short amount of time. Most - if not all - of them were due to the fact that Emma Swan had finally broken the Dark Curse, thus making all of Storybrooke’s citizens remember their true identity.

Not many of these changes, however, caused as much turmoil as the news that Rumplestiltskin, the feared Dark One, was actually dating someone.

Rumors about a beautiful girl living with the town monster started spreading pretty soon after the curse broke, and obviously everyone started adding their own lurid assumptions to the story. According to some, the girl had been bewitched by the imp. Others were ready to swear that she was staying with him to fulfill her end of a deal. The only thing everyone agreed about was that such a girl could have never been with Rumplestiltskin willingly, and many shivered at the thought of what horrible and obscene things that monster was surely doing to her. Despite all of this, no one had the courage to do more than talk behind Rumplestiltskin’s back. Even if they were all sorry for that poor girl, no one even thought of trying to help her, not at the risk of angering the Dark One. 

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anonymous asked:

Please, do you have more photos of Robert and Emilie? (6x19 bts) Thanks!

Hey nonnie-nonnie!

I have now uploaded all the photos that I took of Bobby and Emilie and the Rumbelle filming for 6x19.

You can see the album HERE on Flickr

I originally posted 10 of Rumbelle and 10 of Bob & Em so there’s an extra 41 photos there to sink your teeth into. Enjoy!