french garden design

Video of the Hall of Mirrors, the most famous and beautiful wonders inside the Palace of Versailles built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart & Charles LeBrun for King Louis XIV . The shimmering light plays gloriously in the chandeliers and the 17 large mirrored arches facing the 17 arched windows that overlook the miles of formal French Gardens designed by Andre Le Notre. A true wonder of the Fine Arts.



Continuing the Grand Perspective from the Water Parterre lays the Latona Fountain Parterre through which you can see the Tapis Vert (Green Lawn/Carpet) the Apollo Fountain and the Grand Canal, the Perspective continues for miles and seems infinite. To either side of the this Parterre are almost hidden fountain groves called “bosquets.” Pictured are the Rockwork or Ballroom Grove, the Baths of Apollo, Enceladus Fountain, Triumphal Arch Grove and to the far north the Dragon Fountain.