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You know what I really like about Miraculous Ladybug? Marinette is half-Chinese superhero, a superhero that is a European half-Asian teenage girl. She’s liked by most of her class, the Parisians love her alter-ego, she does good, she’s not stereotyped for her race. As diaspora like myself, she struggles with connecting with her Chinese relatives (especially since living in a non-English speaking country, it makes communication that more difficult), and having Westerners actually having an easier time communicating with them than her! Her race, however, is never a negative issue, and it is shown as still important to her family. Her mom is clearly a Chinese woman, and their home is decorated with a blend of Western and Chinese décor just like mine.

This is just so heart-warming to me!

I have never seen such a high and well-represented protagonism of someone of Asian descent in a non-Asian and non-American setting, and tbh, that is something I kinda need right now, what with this mis- or just plain non-representation of Asians in the West, and due to the generalized American-centrism, even when reclaiming representation for the Asian diaspora, forgetting that we exist all around the globe, and not just in the USA.

Off The Menu

The kitchen was too small for two chefs: especially when one was an arrogant flirt who was after HER job.

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@chasingawaythefoosa wanted a chef au. Part of my series of tropey fics that I’m currently working on (open for more prompts for a little longer).

I got totally carried away and this ended up 4.7k. Oops.

Killian Jones had a lazy smirk, perfectly disheveled hair, questionably tight dark jeans and a way of undressing you with his eyes that was all too appealing when one’s guard was down. Not that Emma Swan ever let her guard down around him. From the moment she met him she saw him for what he was: an arrogant skirt chaser who was also chasing her job.

When Archie Hopper, head chef and owner of ‘Archibald’s’ had announced that he would be taking on a another sous chef, Emma had been furious. She’d spent three years working her ass off to climb the hierarchy at Boston’s best French restaurant, sacrificing anything resembling a social life to achieve her dream of culinary success. Six months ago when she had been promoted to second in command she’d been elated.

The next step would be her own kitchen. She knew if she continued to show her dedication that Archie would notice; he’d already hinted about opening another restaurant and she knew she had a shot at the head chef position.

But when Archie had formally revealed the opening of another outlet on the other side of town, instead of looking to hire (or promote) another executive chef, he instead employed a second sous chef to work at the original restaurant and began to split his time between the two businesses. Which was completely demoralizing when she was the one who should be in charge. To make matters worse her new ‘co-chef’ (as Archie had called them) was an arrogant Brit who thought he knew everything about French cuisine;‘I’m European, darling,” he would drawl.  In addition, he was an incorrigible flirt and he spent far too much time with the waitresses - and waiters.

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Burdock Quiche from Shokugeki No Souma

I followed the recipe from the Shokugeki wikia, and followed it quite closely, shown above, except that I didn’t have white miso with me - so I used red. I made 4 small pies instead of 2 big ones, and they were just right for one person each. The soymilk might sound weird to some, but it turns into a sort of egg tofu that binds the ingredients together. 

Tip 1 - mix the miso with a small amount of soymilk/water until it is completely dissolved before pouring it in, or you will get clumps.

Tip 2 - soak the burdock after chopping it till the water it’s in is clear. Initial soaks will turn the water a reddish brown.

Lars' Head (spoilers)

well you died so

“it was an accident”

i know where this is going, because he’s like Lion

oh my gosh the huge fusion

Pink Zombie: a new genre

called it

magic hair… goals

what the fuck ability is this tho why can stib do this?? why was this a Rose Quartz thing??



draw me like one of your french mass fusions

steven’s back! :D

so what if Lars shaves his head?

good development for lars

hi steven.


everyone who’s ever worked BOH in a professional kitchen: I should open a Mexican restaurant

I only say this cause 90% of our spontaneous family meals are hella Mexican and hella rad and now that’s like what’s make all the time

Today was a weird French/Mexican fusion thing, a deconstructed huevos rancheros made with brown butter caramelized onions, seared 25-day brined veal tongue, cherry tomatoes, avocado and cilantro

All that was served w/ lime, classic corn tortillas, crema, citrus basil salad and a citrus cilantro sparkling tea

I’d give out a recipe but the veal tongue is a work recipe so that would be weird to tell tbh

Like Dreamers Do

I was having feelings about Glee being gone, and I thought Kurt might be too

In his dream, a clock spins backwards. There are hazy snippets of stories that blur and blend and spin out bizarrely in the way that dreams always do: He never auditions for Glee club. He’s a Cheerio. A skank. A football player. A shadow creeping along lockers hoping to never be seen. He works in his dad’s garage instead of singing. He joins glee club but never meets Blaine, always just narrowly misses crossing paths like lines traveling parallel, never connecting, over and over again for all eternity. He becomes a teacher, a writer, a chef, a fashion icon. 

The dream splinters off and he winds up here, in the apartment in the same city at the same school pursing the same roles and performances. But he’s alone. He hasn’t just missed Blaine, he’s missed everyone.

He wakes up cold.

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