french fries cake

General Hc: Shanks Doffy Zoro

Shanks :

-Absolutely hates vegetables. If he could, he will only eat meat + French fries + ice cream + cakes. But Benn is watching…
-He likes to take long warm bath. He as 7 different toys that he plays with in his bath. Only Benn knows about this.
-He sends anonymous love letters to Marco for fun.
-He doesn’t really know how he end up emperor. At the beginning, he only wanted to have Roger autograph and…

Doffy :

-He had sex with nearly every woman of Dressrosa, 2/3 of south blue, 5/6 of east blue, 1/3 of north blue (he doesn’t like snow)
- He stole Sengoku’s goat 15 times, and replace the goat 3 ties. The original oat is somewhere in West blue and Doffy waits for the god time to blackmail Sengoku.
-When he gets bored, he sends anonymous obscene letters to Akainu.
-He loses his hair. So, he must use a special shampoo and use nutritive mask to keep is hair on his head.


- He knows every lyrics of every Brook’s songs word by word.
- He trains a lot because he doesn’t want to look like Sanji. God please no…
- He still doesn’t understand how he end up with Luffy. It’s a mystery for him…
- If he could kill someone in the crew, it would be Nami without hesitation. She is a witch.

My parents recently bought a fryer, which means that we are giving it a very thorough breaking-in this week. 

We’ve already done french fries and crab cakes, and today for lunch we did mini-corndogs, and then I dropped the leftover dough in as hush puppies. I think they came out exceptionally well; mum says she likes the straight-up fried batter with honey the best, which is fine, more mini-corndogs for stepdad and me. 

details about my first/second meeting with Mr. P: as requested, here are the details about my first two meetings with the very generous diamond SD that we’ll call Mr. P. xo

date one: i had messaged and favorited Mr. P. on SA long before we had actually made contact and met up (like all other girls on SA, i set the search filter to ‘diamond’ and messaged them all, hardly expecting anyone to respond), to my surprise however, i got a response back from Mr. P. after he responded, we exchanged numbers and Mr. P. invited me to meet him for tea, unfortunately, i couldn’t make it and it was only two weeks after, that we met up…completely by chance! i was in Manhattan already for a POT date (nothing to warrant making a post about, just a splenda thinking he’s a sugar) and with my phone on four percent, i received a text from Mr. P. asking if I was in town and if i could meet up. thirty minutes later, i was standing in the lobby of the Gramercy Park Hotel, waiting for him to arrive. to be honest, i was a little skeptical of the nature of his text, it seemed a little like a booty call (which was really strange since we hadn’t met previously and i don’t do pay per play) but when he arrived, he directed me towards the Rose Bar Lounge situated in the hotel and i calmed down after we sat down. the lounge was absolutely stunning, it was exclusive (it’s described as ‘a low key escape for A listers looking for a quiet cocktail’ and closes it’s doors at around 9pm, so you have to know one of the managers to get inside) and was covered in 11 million dollars worth of art (Andy Warhol, among a few other artists), furniture, and decorations, so for me to be there was an experience on it’s own. Mr. P. then proceeded to get drinks for us both, he bought four drinks, two of which were for me (sparkling rosé champagne and non sparkling). we talked for three hours and i had an absolutely lovely time. Mr. P. was great company (i loved listening to him, because what he was saying was actually interesting and because of his british accent), although way too touchy feely for a first date, and at the end of our date he gave me 300$ cash for my travel expenses.

date two: after our initial first meet, it took two weeks for us to work out our schedules so that the timing would work for the both of us. yesterday (11/3/16), Mr. P. texted me, letting me know he had canceled a three week long trip and would love to take me to dinner. i agreed and we set to meet at 6pm at Il Mulino. i was definitely excited to see Mr. P. again, but unfortunately I wore my best dinner dress when meeting him the first time so I didn’t have anything that was four star restaurant appropriate; because of this, i decided i would pop into H&M, grab a twenty dollar dress, and then dash to the restaurant…although, it didn’t quite work out that way. i made it into H&M, but as everyone may know, it’s impossible to just spend fifteen minutes at that store. i ended up grabbing four different dresses and trying them on, a task that took far longer than fifteen minutes. i really wanted this nude floor length strappy dress with a side slit (and it looked amazing on me) but i thought it was a little much for a dinner, so i settled on a bodycon black long-sleeve lace dress with heels and a dark red lip. unfortunately, my little shopping detour cost me the time i had bargained for travel so i ended up being slightly late. i definitely think it was worth it though, judging from the look on his face when he saw me. Mr. P. took my lateness very well and was very kind about it all, something that i’m very grateful for, and then we proceeded on to dinner, a four-course dinner that he had picked (sans-desert, i picked that). the food was absolutely amazing (first course: mango/beet/onion salad, breaded shrip, and some sort of beef goulash. second course: cheese raviolli and gnocchi with a three meat sauce. third course: halibut with mushrooms and truffle french fries. fourth course: chocolate cake with expresso to drink) and Mr. P. was (as always) lovely company. i noticed that he does love to stroke my arm and hold my hand, but that is to be expected. after paying the 204$ check, Mr. P. kindly invited me up to his apartment, which i actually declined. thinking back, i feel as though i should have gone up with him (due to the type of dinner we had and how much cash he gave me for travel) but i didn’t feel comfortable having sex with him quite yet, so i went with my gut and declined. after this, Mr. P. gave me 400$ for travel and put me in an Uber until Grand Central. we then kissed goobye and after i got home, i got this lovely text from him: ‘Thanks again for joining me for dinner. You looked stunning and you’re absolutely delightful company. I hope we get the chance to see each other again soon. x’

over all: I definitely plan on seeing Mr. P again soon! he’s kind, polite, not demanding, understanding, and essentially perfect for me. feel free to share your opinions, dolly xoxo.

Kurt had lost track of time.

He had no idea how long he’d spent in this cage, living in this filth, but it felt like years had passed.

He prayed he was wrong.

The sound of the incoming crowd reached his ears, made him grimace. They were so loud, so shrill. Had the crowds back home ever been like that? Mustering all of his strength, he dragged his limp body away from the bars and into the darkest corner of his cage, as far away from prying eyes as he could get. 

“What is it, Mommy?” He heard a child ask.

“I don’t know. Probably just a man in costume. Come on, let’s go get some cotton candy,” the mother replied, hurrying her child away.

Kurt’s mouth watered and his stomach gurgled at the scents filling his nostrils: hot dogs, french fries, funnel cakes, popcorn, and cotton candy. They all smelled so good. What he wouldn’t give for just a small bite of one of the rich foods! He no longer ate warm, fresh meals. He ate whatever he was given, though it often made his stomach turn. Amos Jardine had taught him not to let food go to waste.

One of the circus workers came around with a pointed stick, and Kurt crawled to the center of the cage, right in front of the bars, to avoid being prodded from his hiding place with it. Sometimes, no one checked on him and he was allowed to wait out the viewing periods in the corner. Today was not one of those days.

Sighing, he prayed God would deliver him from this hell soon, whether that deliverance be in life or death.


Send to throw the following at my muse for there reaction

💩- poop
💧- water
🎂- cake
🍟- French Fries
🚽- a toilet
👖- pants
🎁- presents
👠- shoes
👜- bag
👒- hat
👓 -pair of glasses
💄 -make up
🎃 -pumpkin
🎈 -Balloons
💣 -a bomb
💰- money
✂ -scissors
📚 -books
⚽- ball
☕- coffee or tea
🍼- babies bottle
🍺- beer
🍕 -pizza
🍔- burger
🍗- chicken
🍤- fried shrimp
🍙- rice ball
🍡- dango
🍞- bread
🍩- donut
🍦- icecream
🍬- candy
🍋 -lemon
🍌- banana
🍅- tomato
🐍 -snake
🐜 -bugs
🐟 -fish
🍄- mushrooms
🌹 -roses

I will never understand the ship wars.

I’m not saying we all have to like the same things. But why do we have to fight over why our thing is better than the other things? 

Not everyone likes the same flavor of ice cream. Hell, there are people who don’t even like ice cream, but you don’t see people putting down people because they like chocolate instead of strawberry. Or because they like ice cream instead of cake, or cake instead of pie or french fries instead of cake. 

So how about instead of putting people down for the things we like that are different, we try and find the things we like are similar and rejoice in those? Let’s all try and unite instead of tearing each other down. This is supposed to be an escape, let’s not make it worse than real life, huh?