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Lol your tag comment about how short rumbelle is sparked my curiosity so I decided to look up heights. Both Belle and Rumple are v short (and cute) so where did Gideon get the towering ragemonster look from? Black Fairy is 5'7" and Peter Pan is 5'9" so that leaves Moe, who is...6'2", taller than Gideon! Which explains some things. (For perspective, Gideon is 4" taller than his father and 10" taller than his mother.)

Well, I’m glad Moe is good for something :-). Thanks for looking up the heights!

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Moe looks twice as tall as Rumple here– perspective!

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Top of Gideon’s head can’t fit in the frame

But keep in mind this family has an inverse height/deadliness relationship: the smaller the French/Stiltskin family member is, the more fierce they are– never forget Colette French took down three ogres in her rage. All the French/Stiltskins punch above their weight/height class.

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Hold my book while I take down three giant monsters, kthxbye

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Description: Steve Rogers picks up the pencil again and you’re curious to see the object of his latest sketch.  (fluff)

Word Count: 652

Warnings: your teeth might rot out of your head

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Dating Jacob Frye Modern!AU Part 1/2
  • Going to Barnes and Noble and losing Jacob within 5 minutes of being in the store
  • And of course you end up finding him in the children’s section because he’s just one big manchild himself
  • legit he’s just casually sitting on the super tiny couch completely engrossed in the pastel picture book in his lap
  • bonus: there will also be at least three kids around him, one being in his lap, the other two sitting next to him and hanging on to his arms
  • Jacob basically becomes and impromptu story teller as he uses super silly voices and super dramatic hand gestures and all you can hear is a bunch of childish giggling in the back of the store
  • Obviously Jacob relies on you for cooking, as that man can probably burn water 
  • But he still can’t help but make his way into the kitchen when you’re at the stove, where he naturally comes up behind you, affectionately wrapping his arms around your waist as he rests his chin on your shoulder and gives you tender kisses along your cheek and jawline
  • And despite Jacob’s lack of skills you still try baking together 
  • The keyword here being try
  • Literally Jacob just ends up covered in flour
  • And you end up doing most of the work 
  • But you don’t care because you two always end up having fun throwing the flour at each other and flicking bits of batter across the room and just making a general mess of the kitchen
  • And of course Jacob cleans everything up since he feels bad that the most he could do was whisk the eggs and lick the batter off the spoon
  • Did I mention he also ends up eating half the ingredients too
  • “Jacob where are the chocolate chips?” “what chocolate chips-? Oh! You mean the ones you left out as a snack?” “Jacob, those were for the chocolate chip cookies” “…Oh, I thought you were making snickerdoodles”
  • Blasting the music with all the windows down and singing intense duets during car rides 
  • Going out to eat and of course being that couple that flings French fries and bread sticks at each other, and when you get straws for your drinks you totally blow the wrappers at each other’s faces only to miss and have it land in the seats of the patrons next to you
  • Legit the manager is watching you from the corner- Jacob you put that down right now don’t you dare throw that piece of brEAD-
  • Being all cute and ordering a milkshake together, with the two of you instantly trying to sip more than the other the second the milkshake is put in front of you
  • “You can’t use three straws love, that’s cheating!” “Not my problem we didn’t make any ru- ohmygod you are not about to use SIX STRAWS-”
  • Going to weddings together and the both of you secretly getting an extra slice of cake for the other 
  • And you’re of course that couple on the dance floor who knows every single song
  • But of course the best is when a slow song comes on, and Jacob pulls you in close with your hands intertwined, your head resting on his shoulder as he silently sways you both to the music
  • Literally what the hell how are you two lovestruck idiots not married yet everyone wants to know


I thought this was amazing. My city is very small so nobody does this, only in private. I was walking and these two guys in front of me start making out. I saw them with admiring eyes because they had so much love for each other. They didnt even care that everyone was around them, its like they stopped the world to be in their own world