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French ball gown worn by Queen Maud of Norway, 1900s.

Photo by Frode Larsen.
The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway.

Queen Maud of Norway was renowned for her stylish dress. Daughter of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, she was born a princess and became Queen of Norway in 1905. She had exemplary taste and a strong interest in fashion, and her royal lifestyle required appropriate dress for every occasion. Her wardrobe includes a range of stunning creations dating from her wedding trousseau of 1896 to the latest House of Worth designs purchased just months before her death in 1938.

George Barbier, La Belle Personne, Worth evening dress, detail, fashion plate from Gazette du Bon Ton, 1925.

French Swimwear, Summer 1965. 🌼
Original Caption) Wigs from famous Parisian hairdresser Madeleine Plaz’s created to wear with original swimsuits, were presented this morning on a Seine River bank here. (Eiffel Tower in background). These wigs, made out of true hair, are on sale for over $350. May 3, 1965


~ My Human Tamatoa Royal!AU in a very Frenchy Louis XIV style ♥ Grey and Gold sketch ♥ Hahahakhglf yeye I’m sorry but I’m in love with majestic outfits and all and… Well, here we are with a little sketch of the King Tama haha ! ♥ GOLD GOLD TAXES TAXES FGHfdlgm better not being on this realm