french fashion

George Barbier, La Belle Personne, Worth evening dress, detail, fashion plate from Gazette du Bon Ton, 1925.


~ My Human Tamatoa Royal!AU in a very Frenchy Louis XIV style ♥ Grey and Gold sketch ♥ Hahahakhglf yeye I’m sorry but I’m in love with majestic outfits and all and… Well, here we are with a little sketch of the King Tama haha ! ♥ GOLD GOLD TAXES TAXES FGHfdlgm better not being on this realm

so I share a lot of antique doll pictures but I just found this one and thought it was very important

French fashion dolls of 1850-1890 are widely lauded as some of history’s most beautiful, and most of them were white. but on rare occasions one comes across black ones and they’re just as breathtaking. this gorgeous lady seems to be dressed in some sort of vaguely Caribbean-inspired wedding costume (and unfortunately, it looks like her kid leather body is literally white, but the hands can be interpreted as white bridal gloves with the costume on)

she’s so lovely and delicate and, I think, a powerful reminder that western history isn’t as wholly white as some people like to believe