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ID #63243

Name: Savannah
Age: 23
Country: USA

My name is Savannah and I am a nursing student. I have a lot of animals and live on a farm.

I speak English, but my French is a little rough.
I don’t care about age, but I would like to send snail mail as well as social media! I’m very open, non judgemental, loving and understanding.
I adore nature and traveling!
I am currently very ill with a disease I was recently diagnosed with and would love the extra company!
Xoxo Savannah

Preferences: Preferably females-age doesn’t matter!

ID #87846

Name: Em
Age: 15
Country: USA

Hello! I’m a girl looking for a new friend. I’m currently in high school, but my social life isn’t very eventful, so I’m counting on the internet to help me find some new friends. My favorite subjects are astrobiology, astrophysics, philosophy, history, art, music, and literature.

I’ve been playing bass guitar for 4 years, I’ve been drawing & painting all my life, and I’m currently trying to write confessional writing. I’d like to travel, especially to Asia. Western, and Eastern Asia both interest me, because of the vibrant history of the whole continent. I’d like to travel to countries such as China, India, Japan, Laos, Nepal, Israel, the U.A.E., and Lebanon. I’d also like to go to medschool to become an anesthesiologist.

In my free time, I like to relax by either sleeping, or drawing; I sleep A LOT. My music taste ranges from 60s folk music to underground rap, and some of my favorite books are “Who I Am” by Pete Townshend, and “Black Water” by Joyce Carol Oates. I also like learning about mythology from all over the world, especially mythological monsters.

Here are some other facts about me:
1. I’m 4 foot 11 inches
2. I’m a Capricorn
3. I’m fluent in English, I’m learning French in school, and I’m teaching myself Scottish Gaelic
4. I have a farm
5. I’ve played bass guitar for local concerts

Preferences: Preferably, I’d feel comfortable talking with a friend via Tumblr between 14-18 years old; the gender doesn’t matter. Race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and gender aren’t any issue; I don’t discriminate. I’ve got an open mind, so I’ll befriend anyone from any walk of life. Preferably, I’d like to befriend someone from any of the Asian countries I listed, but anyone from anywhere is welcome to contact me!

Definitely Together - Regina Mills x Reader

Originally posted by forloversxonly

could you do a Regina x reader imagine where they’re trying to be discreet about their relationship but people keep witnessing them doing cute things together?

Snow looked through the window of her classroom. The playground was already filled with students. She spotted Henry, her grandson, trying to get his mother to leave him alone. Regina was trying to kiss his cheek. That always happened and Snow smiled softly. The mayor really had changed. But then she saw the woman next to Regina who was now laughing loudly.

If Snow was right that was Miss L/N. The woman had helped volunteering with some event last year.

What was she doing here? As far as Snow knew she had no children. But then she saw Regina hooking her arm through that of L/N’s. They left the playground together. Snow frowned. Had they been together? Had they brought Henry to school together?

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