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Cheer Up Post #3683 - Éclairs Edition

russian-at-heart would like to see some tasty éclairs. Here you go!

Food Masterpost

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Narrative: Vinny takes a break

Vinny was still pretty aggro from earlier, so he needed a break. But Vinny does not take the same sort of breaks as you would expect.

He stands in his kitchen and reads from an old cookbook he had gotten in France during World War II. As per usual, he imagines the ingredients, one by one, and they appear on the counter in front of him.

The kitchen was equipped with state of the art machines, which presents yet another reason why he loves his poofing ability. Besides the advanced ovens and mixers, and the gathering of ingredients, Vinny does nothing to cut corners in his cooking and baking.

He hadn’t been this upset in a long time, so he had to bring out the big guns. First the making of the dough from scratch, then the setting in the fridge, the filling being whipped up, the white chocolate being melted, all for the result of cooking——


He made traditional french Eclairs, enough to last several days, but he used his creativity to make them into the semblance of little rabbits. He was exhausted when he had finished making them, but as he slumped back in his recliner, he smiles.

He can’t wait for Daniel to see them, and goddamn he could just imagine the look on his face when be takes the first bite—!

He was at peace once again.

Edit: I photoshopped a picture of a normal eclair to look like what Vinny would have made so here:

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pan-apollo  asked:

Pst what if piper came up with French nicknames for the 7?

Yoooooo (I’m cryin I almost never get asks thank)

Percy: Cerveau d’algues (brain of seaweed/seaweed brain)
Piper gets angry at Percy for risking his life and accidentally slips into french. Annabeth found it hilarious and it ended up sticking.

Annabeth: Ma femme (My wife/my woman)
Piper whispered it to herself after Annabeth did something badass, but Annabeth ended up hearing. Piper refused to tell her what it meant but continued to use it until Annabeth finally looked it up, which elicited some laughs and the beginning of a running joke. 

Frank: Garcon de bete (boy of beasts, beast boy)
The seven were hanging out and watching Teen Titans when Leo made the comment, “Frank is basically beast boy right?” Piper thought “Garcon de bete” sounded a little cuter and classier, and Frank didn’t mind (he actually thought it was pretty cute as well).

Hazel: La sorciere (the witch)
Sorciere is one of Piper’s favorite french words to say, and Hazel liked how it made her sound like a badass. Everyone is happy and Hazel gets to sound like an Epic Fantasy villain

Jason: Une patisserie (a pastry)Alright so this one involves a bit of an explanation and a french pun. A well-known french pastry is an eclair. However, eclair also means “lightning” in english. So the seven were at this french restaurant and deciding on what to get for breakfast. Frank offered, “How about eclairs?” to which Jason replied “I hate eclairs.” So of course, Leo being the witty and original teenager that he is said “You’re an eclair.” Piper found this fucking hilarious since it fit surprisingly well, however it was much funnier to call Jason a pastry than an eclair specifically. Voila, a nickname was born.

Leo: Pot au feu (fire pot/french beef stew)

Time for another french food pun! Feu means fire in french, and pot au feu is a french beef stew dish. Leo once referred to himself as a “ball of righteous fire” and Piper responded completely deadpan by calling him un pot au feu. Everyone laughed so hard they cried and Leo gave his most over-dramatic fake-offended face.

fanficton koujaku x aobacake R rated

 The room smelled of freshly baked pastries as Koujaku entered Aobacake’s room. Little to his knowledge did the unshapely blob know of the surprises that awaited him. There he was, CakeAoba laid out and presented as well as a french eclair.

“Koujaku..I want to be filled up with more than just frosting.”

The two exchanged lifeless stares, though soon enough the man approached the edge of the bed.

“You are being naughty boy Aoba. You get crumbs in the bed. Naughty boy.” The muscle-y tattoo nipple man suddenly mounted onto Aobacake’s hips, squishing him down into the bed. “yOur lips look so plump tonight. A-Aoba. let me just…” And then he kissed those two luscious lips, slipping tongue in between them to realize that he was sticking his tongue in soft cake.

Koujaku was going to fuck a cake.