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As promised, the triplets and Webby with four of my OCs… i matched them by the similarities in their personalities, and will do more of this!

Huey’s reading with Yu, Noamié and Dewey are clearly best friends, Louie and Millésine are the evil kids and Webby is stunned to discover that Coda is a badass.

(the story of these OCs are taking place in a mythological world ; they’re not really human but have human origins)
(Coda is scottish, and we can’t really see it here but she has freckles… imagine her and Scrooge talking in gaelic scottish)
If you want me to explain quickly the OCs background, personality and all about them in general, tell me ! And if you don’t know how to pronounce the é, write the names on Google traduction and listen to the result in french!

(always tagging @lostmyplanet)

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i was lookin for some french ducks comics and found this without context

“Oh, no! She turned us into girls!”
“The worst fate imaginable!”

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Hook-a-Duck / La pêche aux canards

guys, you don’t know how happy i was when the toodler update bring a small duck in 6 differents swatches. we can use them as floaties for pool, deco for the bathroom… or hook-a-duck ! i wonder if someone ever have made this in their game, mmh. but it was my very first idea. “la pêche aux canards” (hook-a-duck in french) was my favorite game ever when i was a kid. we usually have them at the summer school party or at fair.

anyway, i guess maybe some of you never played this game. it’s more difficult than it looks : you’ve to catch a small duck and they all have a small number wrote underneath them. the number match with a gift (candies, books, pencils, water guns) but it can be a huge reward like dolls, teddy bear, or bikes !!! the fun is that sometimes, ducks go upside down so you see the big prize number but then, they flip and they all looked the same, aaarg! oh, and they move all the way around, sometimes real quick !

p-s : the original lot ain’t mine but i’ve made some improvements :) (it’s still a wip but i won’t share for obvious reasons, btw)

The Crying List

Based on that mashable article/imgur post about the guy who kept track of what made his wife cry

Canon divergent, season 9, cas in the bunker, hugging, first kiss


Dean leans back in his chair and clicks his pen twice.
Then he clicks it a third time.
And a fourth.
And a fifth.

When he gets to eleven Sam shuts the book he’s reading. It doesn’t even phase Dean who continues to stare intently at the pad of paper in front of him. He clicks the pen again.

“Okay, what are you writing? Er, not writing. Since you’re too busy clicking that pen to use it.”

“A list,” Dean keeps staring at the paper without clicking the pen but he continues to hold it threateningly.


“Of reasons that Cas has cried.”

Sam is used to a lot of strange things when it comes to Dean and Cas. But this, this is new.

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Words: C

Cache a hidden store of provisions, weapons, treasure etc.
Callimastian having beautiful, well-shaped breasts
Callithump a noisy, boisterous band or parade
Calumny the malicious utterance of false charges or misrepresentation
calumny        KAL-um-knee      a slander or false accusation
Canaille the masses; a mob, rabble
canard         kan-ARD      a fabricated story (French=”duck”; morte canard=dead duck)
cant      kant      insincerity
Capacious capable of holding much
Celerity swiftness, speed
Chaffer haggle, exchange, barter
Chamfrain the frontlet of an armed horse for a feudal knight, often engraved with designs
Chanteuse a female singer of popular songs, especially in a nightclub.
chimera        ki-MEER-ah   (not: chim-er-ah)      Originally: a mythical beast; any unreal thing; foolish fancy      (adj=chimerical     ki-MEER-a-cal)
Clinomania (n): “an obsessive desire to lie down.” Example: Without adequate sleep, you’ll suffer from more than clinomania.
cloy      to grow sick from an abundance of something
Cloyer a pickpocket’s accomplice or the one who intrudes into a bunch of thieves to claim a share
Colloquy a formal conversation or conference
comitatus      com-a-TAY-tus      loyalty to one’s band or group
Concatenate to link together in a series or chain
concatenation       con-CAT-a-nation      things linked together or joined in a chain
Congruous being in agreement, harmony or correspondence; conforming to the circumstances or requirements of a situation; marked or enhanced by harmonious agreement among elements
Contemn to view or treat with contempt; scorn
copacetic      “going just right”
Coruscate to give off or reflect light in bright beams or flashes; sparkle
Coruscating to emit sparkles of light; sparkle
Cosh a small cottage, hut
cosseted       KOS-a-ted     pampered
Coterminous having a common boundary
Coven a meeting of witches
Crapulous marked by intemperance especially in eating and drinking; sick from excessive indulgence in liquor
Croodle to creep close; a faint humming, the low music of birds
Cuckold a man whose wife has committed adultery
Cupidity inordinate desire for wealth; avarice, greed; strong desire; lust
cupidity       que-PID-a-tee      greed; avarice
Cyclopean having the kind of masonry used in preclassical Greek architecture, characterized by large undressed blocks of stone
cynosure  SIGH-na-shore      (from the Greek: “dog’s tail”)      center of attention; point to which all eyes are drawn.  (Really? From “dog’s tail”? Yes. The “dog’s tail” appears in a constellation, locating the North star, which rivets the attention of sailors at sea. Thus:     center of attention.) (see also: sinecure)