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Would you mind writing some of your very favorite drarry headcanons? Thanks in advance :D

(I definitely screwed it up. I apologize that the post looks like ass. I will fix it next time. The person who sent the ask was @nyanchen) 

 Favorite Drarry headcannons:

 • Dark mark kisses 

 • Scar kisses (Draco to the lightning bolt on Harry’s forehead and Harry to the scars from Sectum Sempra and the chandelier) 

 • Draco having scars from the above incidents. 

 • All the discreet, easily hidden love bites. 

 • Draco is always freezing, so he always snuggles right up to Harry at night, especially in the winter. 

 • Draco is that jerk that will put his ice cold feet on Harry’s back. 

 • Both have nightmares from the war, but they help each other through it all. 

 • Despite what most people think, Draco can actually cook pretty well. 

 • He still let’s Harry do most of the cooking, especially because Harry seems to actually enjoy it more. 

 • It took them forever to pick a color for their bedroom. Both wanted their respective house colors. 

 • They eventually settled on a shade of blue. 

 • Neither of them like it all that much, but they don’t hate it enough to start the argument again. 

 • They can still fight with the best of them. 

 • When the fight is mild, Harry almost always ends up sleeping on the couch. 

 • When the fight is bad, Draco will usually leave, going to crash at Blaise or Pansy’s house. 

 • Regardless of which type it is, both of them hate the nights when they fight like that. 

 • There’s almost always make-up sex the next day. ;) 

 • Harry is notoriously bad about remembering birthdays or anniversaries. 

 • As a result, his gifts are usually delayed. 

 • Draco tends to give thoughtful, material gifts. Something that Harry can get a lot of use out of, like new cooking supplies or a new wallet when Harry’s inevitably falls apart. 

 • Harry’s gifts are almost always dates. He likes taking Draco to do things so they can build memories together. He loves taking Draco to muggle events that he isn’t familiar with. 

 • Harry will always take Draco to a festival, fair or carnival if it’s in town. It doesn’t have to be a “special occasion”. 

 • Both fancied the other since some time in school. 

 • Draco only learns how to cast a patronus charm after he and Harry are married, the wedding serving as the happy memory that fuels the patronus. 

 • His patronus is also a stag. (Cliche, I know) 

 • Harry sometimes will try to piss Draco off a bit on purpose, because, frankly, he thinks the blonde is really attractive when he’s mad. 

 • Harry tried to “fix” his hair once and Draco was furious,immediately messing it back up again. 

 • They have companion tattoos: flowers to represent their mothers. Harry obviously has a Lily and Draco has a Narcissus. 

 • Draco almost cried the first time he received a hand made sweater from Molly Weasley at Christmas. 

 • Draco claims not to like children, but Harry knows that’s total BS because he has seen the way the blonde behaves with Teddy. 

 • They have a stray, black Lab named Sirius and a black cat named Severus. 

 • They can’t help but think they misnamed them, because the pets get along really, really well. 

 • Draco speaks French and it drives Harry insane. 

 • Parseltongue has the same effect on Draco. 

 • Harry got Draco to get an undercut “just to see”. And found that he REALLY liked it. It was the best bad idea he ever had, if you ask him. 

 I could literally go on for MILES about my headcannons with these two. I should probably stop…

Write On Me [a Sebastian Smythe smut]



Mr. Shue thought the girls should have a chance to do a performance when a few of the schools had a little ‘get together’. So, you, Brittany, Santana, Rachel and Tina decided to do a Fifth Harmony song. Quinn politely passed at the offer. Nervously, you play with your black off-the-shoulder shirt; matching collar snug around your neck. “Guys, I don’t know if I can do this…” you bite your lip, watching Sebastian straighten his striped tie from behind the curtain.

Santana smirks, fixing her tight knee-length black dress, already in her chair next to Brittany. A hand guides you and you straddle the back of your chair, squinting back at the small girl. “It’ll be fine, Y/N. Just do what we rehearsed.” Rachel grins, sitting down as the curtain opens. You gulp, noticing the Warbler’s lime green eyes are on you. “Pick up the pen, put it on the paper… Write on my skin, bring me to life…” she starts singing, letting the blond take over.

Brittany stands up with her girlfriend, running her hands down her black crop top, eyes closed as she hums. “Can’t start again, there ain’t no eraser. All of my flaws, you got them so right.” she moves around when Santana joins her in the bridge. “Everything is blank until you draw me, touching on my body like you know me…” they harmonize together perfectly.

Write on me…” you belt out, staring straight at Sebastian, standing up slowly. He leans forward, smirking up at you, winking. “Color outside the lines… Love the way you tear me up! Baby take your time…” you sing directly at him as the other girls join in. “Write on me….Give me some wings, I’ll fly, love the way you tear me up!I’ll never change my mind… Write on me, write on me…” you repeat.


Sebastian lies you down in the backseat of his mustang, hands roaming up your stomach as he smiles. “I think I’m gonna write on you tonight…” he muses, attaching his plump lips to your collarbone, pushing up your shirt. Gasping, you hook your fingers in the knot of his red and navy tie, undoing it. “You’re so beautiful, mon bebe…” he praises, tugging off your shirt.

His palms explore every possible place of your body; mouth following. Those long fingers pop the button of your black shorts, pulling them down your legs, along with your panties. You breathe his name, punctuating the French, knowing it drives him mad. He slips his blazer off, yanking his tie too, finally shimmying his trousers and boxers down to his knees.

Cradling your face in his large hand, the Warbler kisses you deeply, distracting you momentarily. A gasp of air exits you when he enters you and you arch your back against the sleek leather seat, pressing your boobs to his chest. Sebastian leaves hot, opened mouth kisses down your neck, rocking his hips with yours at a slow pace.

“I know your body so well…” he pants against your skin; hands gripping your hips, guiding you further into him. You card your fingers through his slicked back brown locks, yanking on them when you grind up. “You were thinking about me all night, weren’t you?” he smirks, green eyes darting to your face while he smacks your ass. You moan, nodding. “I was too…” he admits breathlessly, focusing back on thrusting.

Your stomach tightens and you pant, pulling at the back of his crisp white button down. “Sebastian…” you gulp, watching his eyelashes flutter at the sound of his name. “I-I’m s-so close… please.” you beg, shouting when he hits your g-spot as well as your ass.

Sebastian’s hair is messy, partly in his face, partly slicked with sweat. He thrusts, blunt nails indenting your hips, marking your skin. “Go ahead, babygirl.” he hums, feeling you cum around him, making him groan. His cum shoots out and he bites your neck harshly, sucking on it, creating a bright purple hickey.

When the both of you come back from your high, the Warbler pulls out, moving underneath your naked body. “Did I write on you enough?” he whispers in your ear, fingers mapping out the string of different shades of purple scattered across you.

“Yes. You can write on me anytime, Sebastian. I love you.” you say quietly, kissing the mole on his left cheek.

Willow’s song

I was inspired by one of my favourite scenes of the movie The Wicker Man (1973). I’ll leave the link if you want to watch the scene and understand better what’s going on in this fic, it’s only 4 minutes long. Well you don’t have to watch this scene or the whole movie to get the story but it gives more emphasis.

English is not my first language.

The scene

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, explicit sexual content, dirty talk

“Aw Sam Jesus Christ not again!” you ranted

“What’s wrong this time” Sam shouted from the bathroom with an annoyed tone.

“Come and see numbskull” you invited him to join you in the basement.

Sam appeared on the doorstep, half of his face was covered in shaving foam and the other half looked as smooth as a baby’s bottom. In a different situation you would have found that irresistible but this time you were really angry at him.

“I’ve already told you never wash white and coloured clothing together.” you were pulling out the washing machine all the ruined clothes and piling them up in the laundry basket. It wasn’t the first time that happened but you were really pissed off. Sam moved closer to inspect the mess he had made.

“What can I say? Light blue is pretty close to white. And light green, and light grey.” he said with such nonchalance that made you even angrier.

“Well then fuck it, this was my favourite shirt and it’s ruined.” you got up and looked at him with a threatening gaze, your hands resting on your waist.

Sam knew he wouldn’t be able to get away easily; he only saw you being that angry two other times and he wished there wouldn’t be a third. The only thing he could do was hold your own.

“Where’s the issue? Besides, you look better when you’re not wearing any clothes.”

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Mildly-Inconvienced Curses

May you get your period one day early
May you misplace your keys when you’re running late
May you toss and turn through the night
May you forget something important that you were about to say
May you feel like you have to sneeze but never do so
May they forget your French fries in the drive-thru

The Scarlet Pimpernel: Sir Percy Blakeney [ENFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Percy conceals his feelings behind a veil of indifference, superficiality, and mockery aimed at society’s preoccupation with shallow superficiality; he is quick to banter with others, engage them in “mindless” word games, and entertain them with hilarity, poetry, and pretentiousness. He pretends to indulge in trivialities while working behind the scenes to manipulate circumstances to his advantage. Since his disguises and methods of getting aristocrats out of Paris are never the same thing twice, he drives the French secret police mad trying to anticipate his next move or catch him in the act. His idealism leads him to fall in love with the idea of Marguerite, then reject her when disillusioned. Percy’s imagination and ability to focus on the big picture (saving as many lives as he can) is an asset in his work as the Pimpernel, but also a determent since it makes him unaware of his wife’s unhappiness, much less her true nature.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): When Marguerite expresses concern that they are “moving too fast” in their relationship, Percy retorts, “My heart dictates the pace.” He uses his prejudgment of Chauvelin, and his loathing of the man’s politics, to taunt, tease, and humiliate him, in order to get out his own feelings of contempt. Percy strongly identifies with the French aristocracy (as a British aristocrat) and strives to save them through whatever means possible. His reluctance to control the behavior of the members of his League leads him to make a near-fatal mistake (Fi’s belief that “no one should be forced to do anything they don’t want to do”). Percy reacts strongly on moral grounds when he hears Marguerite has betrayed someone to his death, and feels justified in treating her harshly as a result. When confronted with something he agrees with, rather than lie and defend his wife’s honor, he remains silent.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Percy frequently loops out of his emotions, preferring to put aside his failing marriage in order to focus on an objective goal: getting the Dauphin out of France. His ability to come up with a plan without much forewarning helps keep him and his friends alive. He uses information always for a reason: to assist him in his goals. Percy organizes a large group of agents in France and England, comes up with rescue plans, and sets limitations and standards for the body as a whole. He undertakes a long-term façade and executes it with precision, taking advantage of each situation, always with an eye on the consequences. But he can be caustic, offensive, and even cruel to Marguerite, when he believes she has behaved immorally.

Introverted Sensing (Si): His entire façade is built around a man preoccupied with his own appearance, fussy about the details of his garments, and entertained by the mundane details of life, parties, and social expectations – but Percy is actively mocking all of these things. When it comes to recalling former situations, or amassing information about people that would help steer his intuition in the right direction, he fails – he believes the lies about Marguerite (attaching to someone else’s story or idea – Ne) rather than forming an impression over their shared interactions (Si). He underestimates Chauvelin. All his mistakes are because he cannot interact well with his sensory environment, in an uncontrolled setting (his failed escape attempt).