french design

One of my favorite apartments in Nice. You like, It’s beautiful? She said to me. - Oui! C’est très très belle, I said back to the old woman who had a key to the first level apartment. It’s very beautiful. - Nice, France. 

René Lalique, set of glassware from the “suites de luxe” of the ocean liner SS Normandie, 1934. Via Sotheby’s. 

SS Normandie, completed in 1935, was renowned as largest & fastest passenger ship and  for her stunning interiors. The first class rooms included a three-deck-high main dining room, a winter garden with exotic birds and plants, a children’s playroom with a puppet theatre. There was an 80-foot-long indoor swimming pool, and the first purpose-built theatre at sea. Cassandre designed a famous poster for the liner. Source