french design


Louise a desk and stool set by Guilhem Huynh

Guilhem Huhn is a French cabinetmaker and designer. His latest creation is the Louise Set. A desk and a stool, that gently plays with the combinations of Walnut wood, concrete and leather. The goal was to use the contrast of the materials to inspire for creativity, while fitting together harmoniously and bring back the joy of writing into a digital world.


The Marble Courtyard is the inner most courtyard in the center of the Chateau of Versailles lit at night and by day. Here you can almost make out the small and charming hunting lodge of Louis XIII that was preserved by his son and successor Louis XIV, the Sun King. Enriched by Louis Le Vau and later enlarged by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, it recently had its roofs renovated and gold leaf put back on as it was under the Ancien-Regime.


LAURA SARTORI RIMINI, Piet-a-Terre with 19th century inspired beautiful wallpapers, Paris, France, 2010s


Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Fairy Tales, and last week I saw the French live action movie from 1946 for the first time! It’s so strange and beautiful. For those who enjoy black and white films and fairy tales I highly recommend it!

I couldn’t help but do a few storybook style Illustrations inspired by it.