french design


by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans

The last weeks have taught the world more than it ever wanted to know about the expensive clothing tastes of the French political class. Conservative presidential candidate François Fillon blew up a scandal, not because he wore custom suits from Arnys, a defunct French designer now owned by Berluti, but because since 2012, those very expensive suits had been paid for by someone else…who turned out to be a fixer on behalf of various African leaders with the French political elite. Some of those leaders themselves are very well dressed by the remaining luminaries of French bespoke, but it’s difficult to imagine they wished to share the wealth, the incomparable luxury of beautifully finished items personally for the wearer, without strings attached.

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Louise a desk and stool set by Guilhem Huynh

Guilhem Huhn is a French cabinetmaker and designer. His latest creation is the Louise Set. A desk and a stool, that gently plays with the combinations of Walnut wood, concrete and leather. The goal was to use the contrast of the materials to inspire for creativity, while fitting together harmoniously and bring back the joy of writing into a digital world.

ANDRÉ BLOC, The Bellevue House, Meudon, France 1949-1952.In addition to architecture, Bloc was also in charge of the interior design and designed several custom made pieces for the house, including the Bellevue chair and desk seen here. Cantilevered plywood chair by Alvar Aalto (1929-1933).


getting ready for another year of graphic design studies more like preparing for a funeral (but black is such a happy color indeed)