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if noah saved gansey when he was ten and then didn’t reappear until they were teenagers, what did he do all those years? was he just floating around henrietta, peeking in on the kids who would soon become his best friends? did he get to see blue punch a boy for calling her a name in seventh grade? was he there to be a silent comfort to adam who would spend nights crying and shaking in his room? did he play games with the lynch boys secretly and silently making a smaller ronan giggle and smile? was he there to help gansey find some hidden answers in a that textbook he’s been looking through for hours? did noah know about his friends even before they knew about him?

Cycle Of Eternity.

“Like a Circle in a Spiral
Like a Wheel within a Wheel
Never Ending or Beginning
On an Ever-Spinning Reel.”

Symbolically, the ever-repeating Cycle of Eternity is represented by the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros is a Serpent in the shape of a Circle that is devouring its own tail. As the Serpent continues to devour itself, the size of its Circle spirals into smaller and smaller Circles. Once the Serpent completely devours itself, that particular Cycle (Circle) is ended and a new Cycle is ready to begin.

In Alchemy, the Ouroboros is a Sigil. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung saw the Ouroboros as an Archetype and the basic Mandala of Alchemy. The alchemists, who in their own way knew more about the Nature of the Individuation process than we moderns do, expressed this paradox through the Symbol of the Ouroboros, the Snake that eats its own tail. The Ouroboros has been said to have a meaning of Infinity or Wholeness. In the age-old image of the Ouroboros lies the thought of devouring oneself and turning oneself into a circulatory process, for it was clear to the more astute alchemists that the Prima Materia of the Art was man himself.

The Ouroboros is a dramatic Symbol for the Integration and Assimilation of the Opposite, i.e. of the Shadow. This ‘feed-back’ process is at the same time a Symbol of Immortality, since it is said of the Ouroboros that he slays himself and brings himself to Life, fertilizes himself and gives Birth to himself. He symbolizes the One, who proceeds from the clash of opposites, and he therefore constitutes the secret of the Prima Materia which unquestionably stems from Man’s Unconscious. Ultimately, Cycle of Eternity s a Symbol of the Eternal Unity of all things, the Cycle of Birth and Death from which the alchemist sought Release and Liberation.


Alrighty I finished my walk cycle assignment!! well kind of, now that I’ve done a fairly generic walk I want to try something more individual, maybe from a different perspective

but for now. she is finished. my flouncy child.

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Need some xmas gift ideas? Check out our suggestions for a few books that work as stocking-fillers for cyclists:

A Sunday in Hell [DVD] (A classic film documenting Paris-Roubaix 1976)

Jorgen Leth Collection [DVD] (A Sunday in Hell, The Stars and The Water Carriers, and The Impossible Hour - three classic cycling documentaries)

Overcoming [DVD] (Behind the scenes with CSC at the 2004 Tour de France)

Bicycling Science (David Gordon Wilson - feed your inner geek)

Slaying The Badger [DVD R1]

Slaying The Badger: LeMond, Hinault and the Greatest Ever Tour de France (Richard Moore)

Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist [DVD]

The Death of Marco Pantani: A Biography [book]

Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi

Put Me Back On My Bike: In Search of Tom Simpson

We Were Young and Carefree: The Autobiography of Laurent Fignon

Merckx: Half Man, Half Bike

Rough Ride: Behind the Wheel With a Pro Cyclist (Paul Kimmage)

Racing Through the Dark (David Millar)

The Racer: Life on the Road as a Pro Cyclist (David Millar)

The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France (Tyler Hamilton)

The Program: Seven Deadly Sins - My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong (David Walsh)

The Race to Truth: Blowing the Whistle on Lance Armstrong and Cycling’s Doping Culture (Emma O’Reilly)

The World of Cycling According to G (Geraint Thomas)

Hunger: The Sean Kelly Autobiography

Bernard Hinault and the Fall and Rise of French Cycling


BERNARD HINAULT - William Fotheringham

‘As long as I breathe, I attack’ Bernard ‘the badger’ Hinault

Bernard Hinault was the dominant force in cycling for almost a decade, winning five Tours de France and taking part in the controversial 1986 Tour, where his apparent attempts to undermine his teammate, Greg LeMond, resulted in one of the greatest races of all time.

In William Fotheringham’s new book he shows that while France may one day find a new champion, there will never be another Bernard Hinault.

Bernard Hinault and the Fall and Rise of French Cycling is published today by Yellow Jersey Press.