french cutie

tfc as even more shit i've said:
  • neil : hi i'd like to apply for a death certificate please?
  • andrew : as you can tell from my complete lack of expression: feelings are being had.
  • kevin : I wish my future were as clear as my pee. #hydrate
  • nicky: i know we're all adults here but I think we might need better supervision...
  • matt: *stares aggressively* *whispers* Ily and will die for you
  • aaron: I consulted with everyone I care about: me, myself, and I all say we don't care.
  • dan: my favorite thing to do is yell "sorry for your tiny penis," at every giant truck I see.
  • renee: *fake ass smile* I'm trying really hard to be moderately nice.
  • allison: you're right, I don't need to spend my money. But I <i>want</i> to and I <i>need</i> you to fuck off.
  • Wymack: for someone who gets myself into these messes, I'm always surprised that I end up in them.
  • abby: *pokes bruise* yeah, yeah. that's... bad.
  • betsy: i want to listen but sometimes you concern me so I just stare instead.
  • riko: eyes on me pls. Give me attention. Watch me fuck my life up
  • jean: I'm half a decent person. I probably deserve better than this.
  • jeremy: i just... can we all just nap?? And be kind??

“ All the people that get tossed about by history… I always hope they’ll be reborn into a normal life… When I first saw you, I thought God was pulling a cruel trick on me. But I see you’re living a happy life. It seems like my wish has been granted. ”

APH France | Francis Bonnefoy - Hetalia : Beautiful World Ep 15

Sam Holland x French Speaking!Reader Headcanon

A/N: I am not a native French speaker so if there are any mistakes please feel free to correct me so I can fix it.

• You are taking French at school instead of Spanish because French is so much prettier
• Always practicing new words on Sam, but he doesn’t understand what you are saying
• Teasing the crap out of him because of it
• Always calling him sweet and flirty names in French
Mon ange (my angel)/ Mon petit ami (my boyfriend)/ Mon mari (you still haven’t told him what that means)
• Him being such an adorable blushing mess
• You serenading him in French love songs all of the time
• Your song: “Le Chant des Sirènes” by Frèro Delavega
• You translating the whole thing, but him not knowing how to sing it
• So he just hums along as you sway in each other’s arms
• When you learn a new set of French vocabulary you go through it with him
• He is such a supportive boyfriend and quizzes you on the vocab
• He takes you out to dinner when you ace your French tests
• You will point things out all around you and say the French word aloud to help with your pronunciation
• Sometimes Sam repeats what you are saying, and you both end up giggling together because his accent is so bad
• Harry just shaking his head at your playful antics, but he loves seeing his twin so happy
• Trying to teach Sam French words constantly, but that boy never remembers anything
• Him trying to say something romantic in French but ending up screwing it up because he doesn’t know what he’s saying
• “Tu es très prunelle.”
• “Did you just call me a pupil?”
• “W-what?? No! I meant to say the word for pretty! I could have sworn…”
• “Aw! It’s ’belle/beau,’ mon ange.”
• But Paddy picks up the language quickly because he hears you speak all of the time
• Having a long playlist of French songs that you dance to together
• Cuddling sessions in bed with your arms wrapped around each other are Sam’s favorite pass time
• You laying on his chest while his arms are holding your waist tightly, and you moving one hand all over his face and body while mumbling body parts in French as you try not to fall asleep in his arms (“les yeux, les cheveux, le visage…”)
• This boy finds your French accent sexy
• Tom coming home for a while, and Sam starting to go to the gym with him
• After he leaves again to film, Sam keeps going
• 2 months passing, and when you see Sam with his shirt off your eye brows shoot up
• “Tu as une tablette de chocolat??” (You have abbs??)
• Translating what you said and watching your sweet boy practically melt because he is blushing so hard
• And when your boy is feeling insecure about his adorable freckles, you tell him just how much you love them
• “Tes taches de rousseur sont les choses les précieuses dans ma vie. Ton corps, ton âme sont parfaits. Tu es parfait. Et je crois que nous sommes âmes sœurs. Je t'aime.” (Your freckles are the most precious things in life. Your body, your soul is perfect. You are perfect. And I think that we’re soul mates. I love you.)
• Going to France together after planning it for a year
• Not knowing that Sam is planning to purpose to you on the trip abdlwjfbwgwiw
• When you are visiting the site where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in Rouen, France, he drops to one knee, and you know
• After an amorous speech all in French (Because this boy wants to impress you so much), he pops the question
• “Alors, veux-tu m'épouser?” (So will you marry me?)
• OBVIOUSLY saying yes
• And as you guys hug and kiss in joy, you whispering in his ear:
• “Now you will actually be mon mari
• Your bean still being confused
• “It means "my husband”, you goof"
• Sam leting out a giddy laugh and smacking a kiss on your lips
• Vous êtes vraiment précieux! (You guys are truly precious!)