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Domestic Headcanons for Mercy, Widowmaker and Tracer?


-Mercy is 90% wife material. She’s wonderful at everything, but cooking. Please don’t let her cook. Microwave meals are fine, but please don’t let her in the kitchen. Baking is a completely different story, she is a master baker. She sees it as a science, so she has that perfected.

-She is all about stealing body heat. If she sees her s/o standing around somewhere, like making food or looking for a snack, she will sneak up behind them and stick her cold hands under their shirt.

-She’s a really big worrywart and at the first signs of a cold, she will go full doctor mode on her s/o. She’s seen too many people die from sickness that she never wants to see it again.

-She has about 5000 candles hidden around the house. She thinks they really set the mood and she prefers those smells to the smell of hospitals. She buys them every chance she gets and loves it when her s/o buys her some.

-Mercy loves pet names, and will use them all the time, even in public. She likes to let people know who her s/o is and thinks it’s sweet when her s/o calls her by pet names too.


-Widowmaker has a certain aesthetic when it comes to their home and she likes to keep it that way. So she’s a little picky when it comes to getting things from their home. She once took three hours to pick out towels. TOWELS!

-She tends to be very sassy in public, but indoors she is very cuddly and romantic. She loves to cuddle on the couch with a glass of wine while watching black-and-white French films or crime shows (she refuses to watch anything else)

-She tends to be away a lot on missions, so every moment she got to spend with her s/o she cherishes. So when she’s back from a mission, she gets clingy for 24 hours. No more, no less.

-Widowmaker seems like she would like fancy foods like coq au vin, but she’s actually really into comfort foods and is really great at cooking it. Her s/o sometimes comes home to see her wearing one of their over sized shirts and cooking, it is one of the best parts of their day.


-Tracer tends to be very easy going, so sometimes the house can be a little bit of a mess. Only in a cluttered way though, her and her s/o do put up things like food. Don’t want ants

-Neither Tracer nor her s/o are very good at cooking, so they tend to get take out a lot. Not that they minded, they would rather not die from starvation, plus it’s always fun to try new foods. They make it a point to try a new place at least once a week.

-Tracer loves holidays! So always expect to come home to see the place randomly decorated for the holidays. Sometimes the decorations don’t make sense, but her s/o doesn’t have to heart to say anything about it. She looks so happy

-There are tons, TONS, of photos hanging around their home too. They take a photo together almost everywhere they go. Some will be in frames, some are just hanging by tape, and some are in random objects (like books or on the TV)

-Tracer is all about PDA, she loves to show off her s/o. When they’re walking down the street, she will hug their arm and place little kisses on their cheeks. If they are standing somewhere, she will hug them from behind and nuzzle her face into their back. She is not shy at all.


‘Les Quatre Cents Coups’ (The 400 Blows), François Truffaut (1959)

Antoine Doinel: I need some money for lunch, dad. Only 1,000 francs.
Julien Doinel: Therefore you hope for 500. Therefore you need 300. Here’s 100.