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June 3, 2017

Creation Denver 2017 - Colin O’Donoghue and Emilie de Ravin Gold panel

Oh my gosh! 😲 Look at what I got in the mail!  💌 It’s a giant Perler-bead fanart of Loki! 🐶💖 I am so blown away right now! 😍❤ It’s like I’m seeing double lol 😆 What an amazing present and I LOVE it! 💗😁 Thank you so much Renee! 😄😙💞💕💟

June 4, 1917 - French Government Organizes Creation of an Expatriate Polish Army

Pictured - A recruiting poster for Haller’s Blue Army, directed at American Poles.

France had few reliable infantry divisions in the summer of 1917. Tens of thousands of French soldiers were at that very moment in outright mutiny. Painlevé, the Minister of War, warned that he considered only two divisions reliable between Paris and the front-line, seventy miles away.

In an effort to get some desperately-needed troops, the government decided to recruit a Polish army to serve alongside Britain and France on the Western Front. The legions recruited large numbers of the Polish diaspora in France, as well as 24,000 from America, and captured Polish prisoners from the German army. Three hundred Polish immigrants from Brazil also made the journey to fight in a national army.

The Polish army in France entered combat a year later, in July 1918. It fought under the command of General Józef Haller von Hallenburg, and was soon known as “Haller’s Blue Army” after the color of their French-supplied uniforms. After World War I, the Blue Army returned to Poland and became the nucleus of a national army, fighting against Germans and Ukrainians on the borders as well as against the Bolsheviks during their invasion of Poland in 1920.


May 6, 2017

Creation Toronto 2017 - Emilie de Ravin and Sean Maguire Gold panel part 2 [part 1]


June 3, 2017

Creation Denver 2017 - Emilie de Ravin panel part 2 (part 1)


Teaser - La danseuse

Avec la chanteuse Caraco
Sur le tournage de “L'archipel”
Caméra épaule

Images/montage : Gwendoline Padilla


Doodles from stream while listening to old french music.
Also creation of the AU where Adrien and Marinette (or Lady/chat idk) are solving mysteries in the 1950s Paris. 

  • Adrien is unemployed but rich. Bored so do stuff to solve mysteries
  • Mari lawyer or/and scientist who is “forced” to come with adrien because he’s kinda helpless and idiot so she feels she is obligated to come (tsss she likes him in fact *winkwink*). 
  • She still does studies and stuff (maybe likes to design stuffs??)
  • Adrien does stuff to impress Mari but it doesn’t work as always
  • He is an absolute fan of Sherlock Holmes and wanna be like him. Read all the books and all. worship them (has an altar and all y’know)
  • Adrien believes in aliens
  • Not Mari
  • they’re not 15. no shit sherlock
  • …… to be continued bro