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Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863)
“Cleopatra and the Peasant” (1838)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Ackland Art Museum, Chapel Hill, North Carolina , United States

Royal Chapel of Versailles, May 2016. by Sabrina Danielle.

Photographed when I visited the Chateau de Versailles, France. The Sun King (Louis XIV) loved music and dance and thus had a gigantic gilded organ in this royal chapel where the King and his family would hold mass.

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Léon Joseph Florentin Bonnat [French. 1833-1922]
Intérieur de la Chapelle Sixtine c.1875-1880

This exceptional Interior of the Sistine Chapel was probably painted in the 1870s.

This virtually deserted and almost touristy view of this Vatican high place (which is hardly suggested) is quickly painted in a limited range of colors, only animated by the presence of a female figure sitting at Foreground, near the left margin, face turned in front. This woman, probably Mrs. Kann, with whom the painter traveled in Italy, adjusts her face to hand in order to better distinguish the decor, or perhaps the painter, who is busy burying this singular moment.

With this painting Bonnat offers us the profane version of Good Friday at the Sistine Chapel which he painted in 1860, drawing inspiration from the painting of Ingres of 1814, Pope Pius VII in the Sistine Chapel.


Taxus topiary (3) par Karl Gercens
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Galerie des Glaces by Patrick Berden
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The Versailles Hall of Mirrors is one of the highlights in Versailles. This is one of the chandeliers photographed from beneath. During the 17th century, the Hall of Mirrors was used daily by Louis XIV when he walked from his private apartment to the chapel. French Prime Minister Clemenceau chose the Hall of Mirrors to sign the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I on 28 June 1919.

It took 7 years to finish restoring and cleaning all the stained glass in Sainte-Chapelle. The restoration was finished on what marked the 800th anniversary of King Louis IX’s birth. He commissioned the chapel in the 13th century. 

Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, France


Façades of the Chateau of Versailles surrounding the Marble Courtyard and the Royal Courtyard built by three of the greatest French Architects. Begun in 1661 by Louis Le Vau then enlarged by Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Ange-Jacques Gabriel before the French Revolution in 1789.

La Chapelle de La Madeleine à Malestroit - 15 nivose an III, 1886, Alexandre Bloch

“A section from a Republican regiment led by general Canclaux massacred a group of Chouans sheltering in a chapel. The Chouans fought to the death. The picture shows the interior of the chapel after the departure of the Republican troops (whose storming of the building is symbolized by the hat with the tricolor cockade left abandoned on the ground).”


The private Royal Chapel at the Petit Trianon of Versailles is so appropriate in its simplicity and modesty, it moves me thinking of Marie-Antoinette in solitude mourning the loss of her beloved son here in the last days of Chateau under the Ancien-Regime. Thanks for the additional photos Mr P. N. Price.