french braid pigtails

back to school: little edition

school is one heck of a time for almost everyone (even grown-ups) so here are some suggestions for the little ones who get easily stressed out between bells.

▹ appearance: dressing small is a large part of little space for some. whether you have an open dress code or uniforms, i’m sure you can find an article to make you feel young throughout the day!
✱ crazy or mismatched socks - a subtle way to let your childish side out.
✱ twirly dresses with pockets
✱ overalls
✱ jeans rolled up at the bottom (that might even show off those socks!)
✱ fluffy coats
✱ oversized shirts/sweaters
✱ mittens - can also be paired with earmuffs for the super cold weather.
✱ velcro or slip-on shoes
✱ bright shoe laces or lace charms
✱ bold makeup - for the littles who love extra glam throughout the school day. even just a bright colored eyeliner or pigmented blush will do!
✱ bright nail polish or crazy nail art
✱ braids - french/dutch pigtails remind anyone of their younger days.
✱ colorful hair ties or ribbons

▹ lunches: a filling lunch is always a must in school, especially for the littles who rush out the door to quick for breakfast. pack these items to make lunchtime fun time!
✱ peanut butter & jelly sandwiches - bonus if the crust is cut off beforehand.
✱ macaroni & cheese
✱ fish sticks
✱ dinosaur chicken nuggets w/ sauce of choice
✱ microwaveable soup cups - alphabet soup is a favorite along with tomato because you can add goldfish crackers or dunk grilled cheese.
✱ lunchables
✱ fruit & cheese kabobs - use a cookie cutter to cut melons into little shapes!
✱ fruit cups or applesauce cups
✱ deconstructed salad w/ ranch
✱ chocolate milk

▹ snacks: we an all agree this time is always the best time. make sure you keep energized through the day with these little foods!
✱ goldfish crackers
✱ teddy grahams w/ peanut butter
✱ honey nut cheerios
✱ mini pretzels w/ peanut butter or cheese dip
✱ baby carrots w/ ranch
✱ broccoli w/ ranch or cheese dip
✱ hard boiled eggs
✱ cheese sticks
✱ apple slices w/ peanut butter or yogurt
✱ tangerines (peeled beforehand)
✱ caprisun pouches

▹ supplies: even though education is important, it isn’t exactly what a little dreams of in little space. use some of these items to make those geometry or reading assignments a little less intimidating!
✱ colorful gel pens
✱ scented markers
✱ pencil toppers or glitter grips
✱ stickers - to decorate stationary or class notes. you can even reward yourself with gold stars on homework you’ve completed the night before.
✱ cartoon bookmarks or sticky notes
✱ colorful book covers/protectors
✱ cute pencil pouches

▹ extras: some more ways to feel small that didn’t fit into any other category.
✱ stuffed animal key chains - to squeeze when you’re missing your favorite stuffie!
✱ stress balls
✱ fidget toys
✱ lollipops
✱ cartoon band-aids - in case of those pesky paper cuts!
✱ water bottles w/ the sucker straw
✱ playlists - break out those disney soundtracks or cartoon theme songs to brighten up your day!

although similarities exist, school is a different experience for everyone. if you find just walking through the doors in the morning difficult, i am so proud of you for traveling down those halls. i know it’s scary at times, but you will make it. stay focused, stay incredible. you will be okay this year ♡

How to Put on a Wig and Not Want to Die


I am here today to show you how to put on a wig and, well, not want to stab yourself in the eye afterwards. The thing with wigs, is they’re essentially like everything else in cosplay: in order to finish with a good result, you need to start with a good beginning. So, here we go.

First things first, you need your supplies:

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so I’m slightly attached to platonic ships involving Reyna & hair symbolism

Harry Hook Hair Headcanon

(Try saying that ten times fast^)

We know that Harry is the middle child, and he’s surrounded by two sisters. I headcanon that, from a young age, Harry has been able to braid hair.

And not just the standard braid. His sisters would nag him to do it so much that he eventually learned all the complex styles (French, Dutch, fishtail, pigtails, braided crowns, braided buns, etc). The more he did it, the better he got at it. As he gets older and starts to steal from Lady Tremaine’s shop, he picks up a few skills just from watching Dizzy and her relatives work. I mean, if he can play the piano (another headcanon), he’s gotta have some good fingers.

Now imagine a much younger Harry showing up to the Chip Shoppe in search of his sea witch friend only to find the place closed. Being the juvenile delinquent he is, he sneaks in any way and quietly makes his way upstairs to Uma’s room. All he can hear is a symphony of curses and swears only a sailor should know (and he, as the son of Captain Hook, would know what that sounds like). He peeps inside to find Uma standing in from of a mirror at her vanity with her hair down and damp from a shower. She seemed very angry and distraught over something. What he didn’t know was Mal had just dumped a bucket of shrimp on her head earlier that day, and she couldn’t get the smell out no matter how many times she washed it.

She sat down in the chair before her vanity and threw her face into her hands with a frustrated grunt. Harry was especially baffled when he heard her start to sob. Still young and innocent, Uma was shattered not only by the sickening smell of her hair but also the fact that her best friend and partner-in-petty-crime just betrayed her. Now she knew loyalty didn’t mean a thing on the Isle.

Little did she know, Harry had silently moved into her room. Since he didn’t know any better, he assumed she was just upset about her hairstyle or something along those lines, and he had a skill set that could fix it. He wasn’t really bothered by the smell either; it smelled like the ocean, which he through was great. Uma didn’t notice his presence until she felt his experienced fingers tenderly brush against her hairline. She was originally startled by the contact, but when she locked eyes with Harry in the mirror, she let him proceed without any protest. Her hair wasn’t as long as it is now, but Harry still took his time to make sure her braid was perfect. When he was done, Uma looked at herself in the mirror with complete awe. He braided a thin crown around her haid and pulled the remaining hair into a loose but classy fishtail braid.

“There ye go, yer hair’s all nice,” Harry said when he was done, “Now can ye stop cryin’? It’s freakin’ me out.”

And thus Uma was reminded of who her real friend was.

anonymous asked:

Hello dear! I need help, and I love the advice you give people. Do you know any hairstyles/clothes to wear if you wish to look more ethereally feminine? I'm trying to make myself happier but my appearance is sub-par in my opinion. Im trying to grow my hair out to your length ( it's just longer than my shoulders and v thick) and I just adore your hair! Thanks so much darling ❤️💛

my hair is quite thick as well, though i cannot lie- i had just recently cut my hair about a month ago(about heart length, hehe) ! medusa was getting a bit too unruly!

hairstyles to highlight your celestial-ness :

💫 ribbons- a staple, in my opinion! (tie in a bow around your head, or around ponytails) 

💫 ponytails (a full loose ponytails or section off less than half of hair by dragging your fingers from the top of your hair and upwards in a triangle shape, tie and cover with a ribbon tied off into a bow)

💫 similar to half ponytail but section off hair on each side of your head from your ear to the top of your head, create two mini twin pigtails and tie ribbons over, or secure ribbons on two bobbypins and secure sections in place)

💫 milkmaid braid (french braid two pigtails and wrap around the bottom base of your head if not long enough to wrap around the top; tuck in florals, loosen up the braids, and tug out baby hairs!)

Snow Day

Here we go! Another one! It’s a fluff one! :) 

Title: Snow Day

Pairing: Sami Zayn x OC

Rating: PG, mostly language FLUFF! 

Summary: Sami and OC are in Montreal… Sami decides to take OC to do one of his favorite activities in his hometown. 

A/N: This goes out to my girls in the AGWC. @helluvawriter @emmarablack @moxtiel @mrs-dirty-deeds @wwe-smutfics for the words of encouragement and their excitement for a little fluff. <3 

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28 May 2016

Tuesday is my and Alex’s two year anniversary and Thursday - 6:30 am bright and early - we leave for New York.

That also means that Monday is the anniversary of the fight with my best friend that lead to the end of our friendship and her isolating me from my friend group. I’ve been trying so, so hard not to look back, but even so, I’ve been suppressing it all for so long, a resurgence feels out of my control. My nightmares are back and I wake up panicked and devastatingly sad almost every morning. Sometimes they’re not even nightmares - we’re all just friends again. I hardly have the words for how it feels to revisit it.

It’s astounding how often I catch the reverberations of that trauma. Every time I meet someone new I assume they won’t want to be my friend. I’m constantly worried my friends (even the ones I’ve had for years) hate me. All I have to do for proof is to list the reasons A and M gave for why I deserved to be discarded. Getting over that self-doubt and self-hatred is still kicking my ass.

There are poems in my journal from last May and June about all the ways I wanted to kill myself and drawings of the scratches on my thighs.

But alongside those are always, always lists of reasons to stay alive (”R called, J gave me her newest zine, H and I made coffee plans”). I even planned my 18th birthday party to give me an incentive to live another month (”I just want to celebrate living this long”). Then the long-form entries stopped. Instead, there are to-do lists; I started making plans. First a list of songs that came on the radio when I finally moved out of my mom’s house, then grocery lists and receipts for when I could finally cook my own food, to do lists for cleaning and organizing my childhood bedroom at my dad’s house, pep talks in the making, and Etsy shop plans.

So even though it’s hard to revisit all the trauma, it really is a productive struggle. I say it so often but I’m so fucking glad to be alive.

Here’s a list of 10 reasons why:

  • Today Al and I went on an impromptu trip to a butterfly conservatory. It was rainy outside and smelled so lovely. I was sorta afraid to hold them but I did anyway. Afterwards I got a vanilla hazelnut iced latte.
  • Nate, Al, and I also went hiking Sunday then spent the day with his step-siblings playing soccer and baseball barefoot in the wet grass. I’m grateful for all the people Al has brought into my life, including/especially his family.
  • My oldest sister Megan has been coming home a lot so we’ve been going on lotsa sister dates like to get raspberry sorbet in waffle cones and we even went to a concert with my dad which was so much fun.
  • Next week I get to go to New York with my best friend and the love of my life and see some of my favorite musicians live and maybe visit my favorite painters’ art at moma.
  • I’m finally finding my place and my people on campus and I’m so excited to go back in the fall
    • I’m gonna be copy editor of my college’s student voices magazine/website/yearbook and I’m beyond stoked to work with such a cool staff
    • Can’t remember if I’ve written about this but I have an internship writing the English department web blog next semester ahhh
    • Also I’m a student rep for our college of arts & letters and I’m stokedddddd >>> catch me in a polo @ orientation next fall 
  • I got a job at Chipotle which means lotsa burrito bowls and cool new pals
  • I ran a MARATHON just a lil under a month ago and I’m gonna run another in the fall!!!!
  • I finally taught myself how to French braid my hair in pigtails and I’ve been wearing gold glitter on my cheeks every day
  • I know that people would miss me if I were gone. It’s hard for me to admit but I have a lot of people who love me.
  • Last night Al had a bonfire and after everyone left, Al and I slow danced to Mac Demarco while we waited for the embers to burn out. It was so dorky and lovely. 

As you can see, you guys have played a huge part in why I’m still alive. A mere “thank you” feels paltry. My whole heart is with you all, and I hope I’ve been able to return your love and support in any small part.

Love always,
Hannah xx