french bill cipher


The world need to know more about this horrible french meme call “La carte kiwi”, when you’re french you could be proud of everything even when it drive you insane so I put a lot a famous guys from games/podcast that I love.  ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

I’ve tried a translation but my english sucks

Sans: You’re gonna have a bad time !
Frisk: That’s impossible !
Bill Cipher/Mettaton/Freddy/Bonnie: But yes it’s possible with the “KIWI” card…
Bill Cipher: …The kid under 16…
Freddy/Mettaton: …And those who accompany him up to 4 people…
Bonnie/Cecil: …Pay all half price…

Enjoy having this song in your head forever, eat ketchup and have a wonderful day ! (✿◠‿◠)

Ok so last January right before a french test, I was super paranoid. I sucked at french back then so I was studying like crazy the block before.

When taking a 5 min break I drew a little Bill on my hand. Remembering the ama Bill did I decided to shake hands with the hand Bill was drawn on (Bill said if ya wanted to make deal with him, do that) I know that’s pretty dumb since he’s sadly not real (maybe) but I was desperate and was just kinda joking around.

When I did my test I suddenly remembered everything I needed to know, even stuff I didn’t study for. It was weird af. After the test, the teacher gave us a little 10 question quiz to make sure we knew the basics. I kinda just flunked that one since they said it wasn’t going to count for marks. I know that’s kinda dumb but I just wrote a 4 hour test so I was sick and tired.

A week later the teacher said that the whole thing was a trick and the 10 question quiz was the real one and the the test I fretted for was a fake.

I guess Bill got the final laugh well I got a F


absolutely….beautiful….french…is….the…language…of love….