french bill cipher

It’d be a shame if I recommended the movie Jack and the Cookoo Clock Heart

I abtively poslutely do not recommend the beautifully animated romantic french animated film Jack and the Cookoo Clock Heart, especially in the last hours of Halloween.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend you guys all listen to the amazing steampunk soundtrack by the french band Dionysos.

I certainly don’t want to remind everybody that famous filmmaker  Georges Méliès is an actual character in the film and gets romantically involved with a two headed girl

And I am certainly not encouraging overtly sexual fanart of this real life film maker in the same vain as the Onceler and Bill Cipher.

And I certainly will not say that this amazing film is currently on Netflix as we speak.



The world need to know more about this horrible french meme call “La carte kiwi”, when you’re french you could be proud of everything even when it drive you insane so I put a lot a famous guys from games/podcast that I love.  ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

I’ve tried a translation but my english sucks

Sans: You’re gonna have a bad time !
Frisk: That’s impossible !
Bill Cipher/Mettaton/Freddy/Bonnie: But yes it’s possible with the “KIWI” card…
Bill Cipher: …The kid under 16…
Freddy/Mettaton: …And those who accompany him up to 4 people…
Bonnie/Cecil: …Pay all half price…

Enjoy having this song in your head forever, eat ketchup and have a wonderful day ! (✿◠‿◠)


absolutely….beautiful….french…is….the…language…of love….