french biathlon team

2nd Athlete Ship

This is Emil Hegle Svendsen

or Super Svendsen like we say here in Norway

and this is cutie McCutiepants also called Tarjei Bø

They are best friends, team mates, biathletes, roomies and if i should believe the papers; they are a “dream team” (that is not my words but I strongly approve).

naaaww. This picture is taken from the article that said they were a dream team, and it also said that Emil was bored without Tarjei.

here they are having a romantic evening in the grass

and do not tell me that this is not heart eyes

oh and BTW Emil likes dressing Tarjei

while he likes to go around naked for most of the time (I am not complaining)

oh and here he is blotting himself for the womens relay

but he does not just dress Tarjei, he also likes to undress him

just look at them

they match perfectly

even their sweaters match

HUSBANDS….. if not they fooled me

They are not just pretty faces, they are also very good at what they are doing. 

They comfort each other when they fail

(BONUS) Emil also gets cheered up by Tarjeis brother Johannes

but this is not just an OTP this is an OT3!!!!

Martin Fourcade is the filling in this delicious sandwich

and he is a french biathlete (AHAHAHAHAHAHAH BI….)

He is also one of Emil and Tarjeis strongest opponents 

but they love eachother

and do you remember half naked Emil? well here is Martin posing with what he was advertising…..naked……..the……..shower

oh and they also were on an actual date 

(Martin says “thank you for this lovely date,Emil”)

here Emil understands that he is getting lucky tonight

but Emil is not the only one that gets a bite of this beautiful croissant

Martin is actually going to live in Norway, and here is Tarjei helping him find an appartment in Holmenkollen

but even tough they are “lovers” they give all they have in the competitions

but a bit of hand holding

and hugging happens

I guess Martin and Emil is plotting what to do to Tarjei later……

This was the second ship in my series: “ELIA ships athletes”

here is the first: