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I don’t think that people appreciate how wonderfully extra everyone in The Three Musketeers is. Like d'Artagnan is just the epitome of a cringey child and in the scene where the actual three musketeers are introduced Porthos says that everyone knows Aramis is a ho so he should stop moralizing and then Aramis says “I say what I please and at this moment it pleases me to say you are annoying me.”


Alexandra Dowling as Queen Anne of France

TV: BBC The Musketeers (2014-2016)

Season 3

Costumes by Hayley Nebauer

Curses & Exclamations in Les Trois Mousquetaires

In the interest of accurate fanfiction writing, I wanted to get a feeling for appropriate language, so I sat down with Alexandre Dumas’ writing and did a bit of analysis.

A word about the “dieus” and “bleus” — “Dieu” is French for “God” and frequently used in a wide variety of curses and exclamations. To avoid blasphemy, the rhyming “bleu” (blue) is often substituted, with the term still carrying the same meaning (pardieu = parbleu), but not causing any religious offense. English translations are approximate.

All of these are only used once or twice, but might be good to add colour and variety.
While every character frequently uses “Mon Dieu!”, they have distinct preferences regarding the other terms.

Before criticising Athos and d’Artagnan, keep in mind how much they speak in comparison to the other three presented here.

Finally, a list of exclamations and interjections that might come in handy from time to time.

A disclaimer to close with: Although I have a pretty solid knowledge of swear words in both languages, I’m not a native speaker of either, so any mistakes shall be blamed on my failure to study back in school.

Why Santiago Cabrera is making Aramis become my favorite musketeer:
  • Athos: Did he get word back to the castle?
  • Aramis: ¿Avisasteis al castillo?
  • Spanish: Yo ya solo debo responder ante Dios, no ante unos bastardos franceses.
  • Aramis: He says he will only answer to God now, not some French-
  • Aramis: ...
  • Aramis: Well, then he questioned our parentage.
  • Spanish: *dies*
  • Aramis: *closes the Spanish's eyes and draws a cross in his forehead* Go with God.

The Musketeers, Aces of the French Kingdom !

Aramis for Hearts, too many lovely affairs.
Athos for Spades because of his natural leadership.
Porthos for Diamonds, lot of strenght and regularity.
D’Artagnan for the Clubs. Because it’s the only one left. Sorry Pup.


Modern!AU - After his driver gets killed by a car bomb, four of the Republican Guard’s finest are assigned to protect a politian and his wife. It proves to be a tough job - threats and shootouts and explosives - but the toughest thing to beat might be the feelings Aramis soon developes for the politian’s beautiful, young wife…

“I don’t have a lot of friends here.”
There was something sad in her eyes and it took Aramis everything not to reach out for her. She was beautiful and delicate and broken and he wanted to take her hand, hug her, kiss her… anything just so she would know she wasn’t as alone as she thought she was.
“I mostly eat alone when Louis is out of town.” She sounded nervous all of a sudden. “We could have dinner together tonight. If you want…”
Aramis knew that he should say no. He had to say no. This was all wrong. He shouldn’t have been feeling like this for her. Even if she hadn’t been his assignment, this was still all wrong no matter how he tried to look at it.
He remebered very well what Porthos had said to him earlier. “She is a married woman. Back off.” Athos had tried to reason with him, but the point had been the same. “She is unhappy and under a lot of stress. You have to take responsibility for the both of you.” Heck, Aramis bet even the newbie would have had something chivalrous to say about this mess.
And they were right. All of them.
It was wrong. He needed to think straight for the both of them. He had to keep his distance. And even though he knew all of this, knew exactly where just another wrong step would lead them, there was only one possible answer.
“I’d love to…”