french and british accents

The Signs as (Generic) Accents!

Aries: German

Taurus: Swedish

Gemini: Spanish

Cancer: Italian

Leo: Australian

Virgo: British (Generic)

Libra: French

Scorpio: Indian (India)

Sagittarius: Irish

Capricorn: American (Northern)

Aquarius: Brazilian

Pisces:American (Southern Belle)

anonymous asked:

Another small thing that bothered me is that the British accents in beauty and the beast is just weird to me. Like this is a French story, set in France, and they decided not to make the actors actually put in effort to actually act and use a French accent. This weird trend of using British accents for literally every European country feels like laziness

Honestly I’m pinning this squarely on Emma being unable to do a passable American or french accent, and everyone else having to work around it lmao. 

There’s no excuse for Emma Thompson’s fucked up cockney accent tho.

For the most part of this internship, it has been a disastrous experience for me. Nothing really went well and I kinda get sick of doing all the service and stuff. But I did have a chance to hear some nice story. 

I have seen so many honeymooners from everywhere in the world (meh probably in EU only) They can be at their early 20s, or as high as 50s and freshly wed. They can be at same age or decade away but they seem to be happy. A couple even smoke weed and they are like 34-35yo or something, they asked for it and I hooked those love birds up lol. They gave good tips as well.

I saw a loving father who’s a police trying to bring his children away from the thought of their mom’s recent pass away. I can tell he tried really hard and I saw him crying outside at midnight too. He’s French but speak English with British accent and he loves the sunset, a well-manner guest and also a good tipper. 

I saw an IT guy whose whole village got denied citizenship in any country so he has an Alien passport. He’s not green, he’s bald. I like the guy because we talked about so many things like politics, life, Malta, Latvia, Vietnam, etc. He gave me his number and said I should meet his family in Riga someday. I didn’t save it so I lost his number and he didn’t give me tip so maybe we won’t see each other again.

I saw the weirdest group of guest ever. A husband, 2 ex wife, a sister of one ex-wife, a 22 yrs old son of one ex wife and a 6 yrs old son of the other one. They went on a holiday because the older son is rehabbing from cocaine. This squad couldn’t stand each other for long so they split into 2 different hotels. The 22 yo dude’s a cool one, he’s an artist, has the same taste of music with me. His older brother overdosed in the prison and passed away 2 hours after their phone calls. I saw him crying because he’s afraid he’s going to be like his brother.         

Struggle struggle struggle. But when everyone’s struggle, life seems to be fair huh. But isn’t it beautiful seeing the struggle of others, with all 7 billions people in this world but the struggle, the feelings are so unique, so individual.  

Life is hard sometimes and it’s not going to stop until we are ash and dust but it’s worth it, every second of it. So maybe if you’re sad or don’t know what to do, it’s going to be fine. You are destined to be happy. And I wish you were having a good time all the time.  

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In the animated Beauty and the Beast everyone had an American accent except for Lumiere (French accent by American actor), Mrs. Potts (British), and Cogsworth (British). At least they stuck completely to European accents in the live action movie.

Yeah but American accents in American movies are basically default voices. If a character is gonna have an accent in an American movie then it should make sense. Belle is French. She should have a french accent and it’s just lazy. At least isn’t an excuse, it’d be so easy for a franchise like Beauty and the Beast to get a language coach.

In other news

I saw comments for ‘Kung Food’ talking about how abysmal Adrien’s Chinese actually is but

Jagged Stone had been cringing so hard. He’s supposed to be British right? He has that gross stereotypical British rockstar look lmao Omg his accent. Is that a British dude speaking French or a French dude trying to speak with a Cockney English accent???

Why does he look like an extra campy Russell Brand??? Why does he have a pet crocodile?

It’s a dark day for England…

the signs as accents

Aries: Jersey accent
Taurus: Canadian accent
Gemini: British accent
Cancer: French accent
Leo: Spanish accent
Virgo: Australian accent
Libra: typical American accent
Scorpio: New Yorker accent
Sagittarius: yeehaw country accent
Capricorn: Boston accent
Aquarius: Chinese accent
Pisces: southern belle accent

so one of my friends told me that my british accent makes me sound like a native

and like i know this was a pretty casual conversation but honestly it means so much to me because ive spent so much time and even moreso so many efforts trying to learn english and it fucking paid off
and like this is a very french thing so you guys probably dont know about it, but in my country when you speak a language you have to speak it very well or else you will look ridiculous.
and many times youll see french people get kinda pissed at people speaking bad french because its in our culture and anyway i am so very happy to have accomplished something as mundane as becoming fluent in english