french advert


Some more foreign covers! It’s been fascinating to see elements of covers cross cultures, and also the wildly different takes on the book.

The take I’ve seen the most is something similar to what France has done, which is the US cover. Norway and Poland have stuck with that as well, with minor alterations. The Turkish cover was essentially the Australian cover. The French adverts borrow from the UK adverts, etc. 

I’m rather in love with the German cover, which nods to the US cover, but is tied to the story in a gorgeous way. I also love the sound of the Dutch title.

The Chinese cover and the Russian covers are like nothing else out there. I mean.

This is just… It’s surreal.

I have a very hard time talking about where the book’s been and is still going.

I’m quiet now because I’m closing in on the end of a draft (not a readable one, thanks). I’m also behind on several things. So, bear with me and look at the pretty covers.