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Taking a Trip to the Mall: AC Edition

Altair: spends all his time playing those coin-operated games that never let you win… and when he wins he loses interest and goes into a shop where they sell shoes… and gets bored as heck. Takes some of the load off of Edward when Jacob and Ezio start buying too much. Tries not to let Jacob or Shay wander off, but gets lost briefly himself before rejoining the group.

Ezio: enjoys going clothes shopping, but the advertisements and such really get to him… and he insists on taking his shirt off in the Abercrombie and Fitch. He doesn’t get kicked out, but is instead offered a job as a “model” for the shop. He takes the job, and spends a short shift showing off, much to Desmond’s embarrassment and the delight of teenaged girls.

Edward: wants ice cream. Would rather see if there’s a liquor and smoke shop than anything else, but grudgingly carries some of Ezio’s purchases. Tries to ogle the women in the displays at Victoria’s Secret, but the stuff he’s carrying is too much and too heavy. Knocks down several mannequins at Macy’s and gets politely asked to leave.

Haytham: goes into the “manly” shops, and the tea shops. Buys a shaving kit, and finds a kid toy that he gives to Connor (who promptly loses it). Tries coffee from three places until he’s found a cup that is satisfying. Gets tired of Connor complaining that all coffee tastes the same, and sends him away without telling Desmond. Takes interest in some of the books at the bookstores Evie wants to see, and makes a mental note to borrow some of them from the library.

Connor: Haytham banishes him to the children’s play area on the third floor, but he sneaks out and looks at all the sporting goods stores. None of it really seems useful or necessary to him, but he buys a pocket multitool for the heck of it with money he “borrowed” from Desmond. Cuts his finger on accident trying to figure out how to take it out of the package, and gets kicked out of a toy store for trying to “liberate” the stuffed Bambi toys.

Arno: goes into jewelry shops, looking for something nice to give as a gift, but can’t decide what looks best. Gets annoyed and slightly overwhelmed at the salesperson who is trying to rush him into buying something he doesn’t want to commit to yet. Secretly thinks that the stuff on display in some of the stores are ridiculous. Goes inside one clothing store to correct them on the spelling/conjugation of the French on their adverts, and gets escorted out.

Shay: goes into a Sephora or a MAC on accident and somehow ends up getting a makeover. After he escapes this torture, he tries to find a bathroom so he can wash it all off, but gets lost. Ends up buying a bottle of water and using it to rinse off his face with a packet of tissues. Tries to find the group, but gets distracted by a rotating pretzel display. Somehow ends up breaking a plate or something in Williams-Sonoma and runs like heck and hides for an hour, then resumes his aimless wandering.

Jacob: is all over the place, buying all sorts of crazy junk, and trying to get Edward to carry it for him, promising it’ll “only be a while”, but he ditches Edward at some point to go look at video games and ends up spending hours playing games in the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store without clue nor care as to the time or the location of the others. When he gets hungry he buys a bunch of those upside-down clown ice creams from Baskin-Robbins and eats them in the Kid’s Area (third floor).

Evie: immediately finds the nearest book and stationery stores and tries to get Desmond to buy her almost everything, but resigns herself to less items and chooses a more reasonable amount. Asks Haytham politely to help her carry some of her books (to which he agrees in good humour, as he has already found his coffee). Takes an interest in some of the trendy smoothie and FroYo stores, and decides to come back later to get some.

Desmond: has a very taxing day paying for all sorts of things that he’s pretty sure are going to be ignored (with the exception of Evie and her books and stationery). He’s pretty sure he maxed out his credit card, and is all out of cash money. He plans on going to the bank, but without everyone (perhaps just Evie and/or Haytham) tagging along. Wonders where Shay, Connor, and Jacob ended up, and has to load everyone else into the van (how else could they all get there when Desmond is the only one who can drive?) and embark on a search party with Evie as Haytham keeps an eye on everyone else.

No hero power yet, and take it with a grain of salt, as it’s from a leaked french advert (so it may not be accurate or even real.)

I feel like even if the hero power is insane, this might be too slow on turn 9. But maybe I’m wrong, and it’ll be crazy with Ice Block.

The only reason I’m posting this is because I’m sure many are hungry for spoilers, and this may tide you over until Monday.


Some more foreign covers! It’s been fascinating to see elements of covers cross cultures, and also the wildly different takes on the book.

The take I’ve seen the most is something similar to what France has done, which is the US cover. Norway and Poland have stuck with that as well, with minor alterations. The Turkish cover was essentially the Australian cover. The French adverts borrow from the UK adverts, etc. 

I’m rather in love with the German cover, which nods to the US cover, but is tied to the story in a gorgeous way. I also love the sound of the Dutch title.

The Chinese cover and the Russian covers are like nothing else out there. I mean.

This is just… It’s surreal.

I have a very hard time talking about where the book’s been and is still going.

I’m quiet now because I’m closing in on the end of a draft (not a readable one, thanks). I’m also behind on several things. So, bear with me and look at the pretty covers.


Daft Punk Alive 2007 French TV Advert