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I know there’s like a bajillion links of this type floating around but here’s one I stumbled across. Basically it just has like a bunch of different study materials, books, audio, etc. It lacks in like sheer amount of stuff and variety of languages, but from what I’ve downloaded so far everything is GOOD QUALITY. Which is something that’s hard to get when you’re getting bootleg versions of anything. And everything is all packaged together so the audio and the book are kept together which is another thing that is rare to find with internet bootleg copies (the price we pay for bootlegging, I suppose). They have TONS for German and English (like 200-ish each), slightly less for Spanish and French (100-ish each), a decent amount for Chinese and Italian (about 50-ish), plus many other languages. There is also a bunch of Linguistics stuff too. Also double bonus, it’s like recent and actually being updated (there’s already stuff uploaded that wasn’t there when I checked like yesterday) so the links are less likely to be broken AND you can always come back and check periodically and maybe you’ll find something new. So check it out!

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goddd i'm doing french in school and i really want to get better with that but the pace we're going at is so slow and i don't know how to get better. i'd really like to learn spanish and mandarin too but auuuugh good lord help

ughhhhh i feel this ;-; 

but just going to class isn’t gonna cut it, especially if you feel like the class is going wayyyy too slowly!!!! I have a friend who was in your exact position. her class was still learning how to conjugate avoir/être and she was bored out of her mind, so she took it upon herself to improve her french oUTSIDE of the classroom. she’d go home and listen to french songs, watch french tv shows, watch french youtubers, read french books, and just do everything that her french classes weren’t offering her. you can also translate lyrics from english to french, and maybe get someone to check that for you on lang8. or you can keep a french journal and ramble about your day in french. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS

if you create a schedule for yourself, i promise you will feel improvement after a while. start off slow, maybe do one youtube video and one short article a day, and then as you get more comfortable practicing french, maybe do two videos, an article, and a journal entry! 

Just to start you off

- free French books online: (1) (2) (3)

- Youtube in French Masterpost (link)

- French Music/TV Masterpost (link)

- lang-8

- Lyrics Translate

Bonne chance!

5/02/2016 - I’m pretty pleased with my bullet journal. I feel like I’ve finally found a weekly/daily spread that work perfectly for what I need. Also, my application for a intensive French summer programme in le Mans is almost done. Now I just need to finish that for the day and do some readings for a seminar on Tuesday and I’m done. Life’s good when you’re on top of all your uni work.