C’était la Guerre des Tranchées / It Was the War of the Trenches (1993) is a French ‘comic’ book written and illustrated by Jacques Tardi and dedicated to his grandfather who fought ‘in the trenches’ (a French euphemism to talk about the First World War).
The book is an accurate depiction of the life on both sides of the Western Front, recounted through a multitude of mainly French soldiers’ letters, and is well known for its graphic representation of WW1.

“They’re shooting men… That is normal because it’s the war of the trenches which has been going on for three years now…
…the most surprising is that there are still traces of life left in these holes, with so many shells they’re dropping on so little ground.

Those men have dug trenches, made shelters in the earth and learned to live in the mud like rats. These ones are French.
In front, it’s the same thing, but the trenches are better organized because they are German. The French say ‘les Boches’ when talking about their enemies, out of contempt, hatred, or perhaps stupidity because this is indeed what this is about about when one is talking about war.”

Out of sunny Los Angeles comes an electronic rock duo by the name of Magic Bronson, who’s played the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon and whose last release, Nor'easter EP, spent five weeks on the CMJ Top 200 charts. They’ve been working on a debut full length record sing then, toiling away in a vintage studio in the woods of Northern California (I wonder where, perhaps closeby to me?). The album comes out November 4 on War Cry Records, and they’ve unveiled a fantastic track off the release named Fences, wonderfully hooking and synthy alt tune. It possesses plenty of infectious, warm beats and a reverb drenched, laid back dance pop air.

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