hey. you. even if you think this post isn’t meant for you, if you can relate to you it most definitely is.

life can be hard, and sometimes you just need a reminder that it can get better. this is your reminder that someone cares about you. i love every single one of you no matter what you are going through. this feeling, bonded through music and a band, is stronger than what your mental illness could ever do to you. you can fight it, i belive in you, and do not worry because you are not alone. 

you never have to deal with this alone. even if it feels like you are the only person on earth dealing with what you are you can still come to us. send us an ask. get help.

there will always be help for those who ask. it does not make you weak.

it keeps us alive.

stay safe

stay strong

stay inspired

tomorrow will be a new day. live it.

  • Josh: do you have the time?
  • Tyler: for you josh? Josh, are you joking? Are you yanking my chain? Are you joshing me? Josh. I would always make time for you. My time is precious but you are more so. Josh, you.... are a shining pearl in a sea of mediocrity. I would do anything for you. *wipes tear*
  • Josh: no like what time is it?

twenty one pilots phone wallpapers

(no photos mine, I only cropped and edited them)