if you remember these things, you can probably figure out what this drawing is lmao

shut up i know edG’s fingers look weird i can’t draw hands okay

also @apcwoc is the only person who knows why Xedsy’s face is fucked up lmao have fun theorizing

opal pls don’t thing i stole the idea from your mistral’s design/backstory i didn’t i swear i have a very good explanation as to why his face is like that lmao

@that-one-tea-anon @askdunkledadster

                  hi hey it’s me rowan   …   here 2 let u all know that i will be hosting a rabb.it cast this evening,   streaming a vry important   &   vry influential film.   i’ve made a fancy banner ^^^ as u can see bc this film means a ton 2 me   &   i want 2 share it with as many ppl as possible   !   

                   THE STREAM WILL BEGIN AT 7:30 CENTRAL TIME,   8:30 EASTERN.   i will be posting a link 2 the rabb.it room closer 2 that time   !

                  **   TRIGGER WARNING   !!    for non - consensual sex scenes,   cannibalism,   murder,   &&   general smuttiness throughout.   please give this post a big fat LIKE if you’ll be joining me tonight,   so that i can keep up with all u virgins   &   frankie fans alike :^)   

Fren Shoutout <3

I would love to shout out to @scribble-monster because they are not only fucking amazing, she hilarious, knows how to cheer me up, literally the 1st person that followed me on tumblr, She inspired me when i was literally about to give up on life ((*COUGH COUGH* THEY DIDNT KNOW IT THO. SHIT. XD))
They are very much loved, by so many people, And i care for them as my best friend

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me n my best fren of like 100 years were gonna get a place together anyway after i went through a really messy breakup n like 2 weeks ago he told me he was in love with me and had been for well over a year and im so glad he did i wanna marry him he is so soft n precious we just found out we got the flat we wanted too n we're moving on wednesday my life has gone from trash to jamhot im jus so happyhaps i wanted to tell you bc you're also soft n precious

this literally has me in tears this is so adorable my hearts filled w so much joy for you :’)))) X

I want death bc I was talking to an irl fren ab kamui (ie me) after she saw my keychain and asked ab it and she was like “lol this character’s personality and backstory is exactly like yours are you sure it wasn’t based off you? You should ask for royalties”

  • Josh: do you have the time?
  • Tyler: for you josh? Josh, are you joking? Are you yanking my chain? Are you joshing me? Josh. I would always make time for you. My time is precious but you are more so. Josh, you.... are a shining pearl in a sea of mediocrity. I would do anything for you. *wipes tear*
  • Josh: no like what time is it?