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July 27, 2016



Popular with locals and the growing number of supporters of Downtown Las Vegas, the wall of the old Western Hotel and Casino at Fremont and 9th Streets used to read “Viva Lost Vegas.” When the wall was damaged during the installation of the 2014 Life Is Beautiful festival British artist Dean Stockton, aka D*Face, was asked to create a new work for this space. While D*Face is best known for his trademark comic book-style characters this work is a significant departure artistically. Aside from style however, Widewalls says Stockton’s work “critiques the modern world, in particular, consumerism and the American Dream” so maybe this commentary is in some ways less of a departure than we thought. @dface_official @lifeisbeautiful


On this day in music history: August 8, 1987 - “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2 hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks. Written by U2, it is the second chart topping single for the rock band from Dublin, Ireland. The song originates as a demo recording built up from a drum pattern created by drummer Larry Mullen, Jr.. Lyrically, much of the song is influenced by gospel music that Bono is listening to at the time, and begins writing the lyrics based on themes of questioning personal faith, and looking for spiritual enlightenment. From there, guitarist The Edge comes up with the songs main chord sequence, with the rest of song coming together in short order. The track is recorded at Danesmoate House just outside of Dublin, an 18th century Georgian styled home, and the former residence of Irish politician William Southwell (now owned by U2 bassist Adam Clayton).  Initially, “I Still Haven’t Found” wasn’t in the running for release as a single. The band had originally intended “Red Hill Mining Town” to be issued as the follow up to “With Or Without You”. They change their minds when they are unhappy with the music video shot for “Red Hill”, and also end up dropping the song from the upcoming “Joshua Tree Tour” when Bono has difficulty singing the song in pre-tour rehearsals. A video for “I Still Haven’t Found” is quickly shot on the Fremont Street casino strip in Las Vegas in one evening (on April 12, 1987) with director Barry Devlin, after a concert performance in the city. The single is released as the follow up to their first chart topper “With Or Without You” on May 25, 1987. Entering the Hot 100 at #51 on June 13, 1987, it climbs to the top of the chart eight weeks later. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” receives Grammy nominations for both Record and Song Of The Year in 1988.


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Child ( Girl & Boy Version )

The Child was found with memory loss by you in the forest of Serenade.

You decide to adopt the Child and raise her/him as your own.

Unknown to you, he/she is someone special in the past.

Note : I name the Child as Eris, btw.

Sebastian ( Housework )

Your personal butler with a mysterious past.

In charge of housework and taking care of the Child, sometimes he can be found at the market and other times at the Land of Damned…

He is hardworking and skillful in cooking and housework.

His real motives are unknown.

Nia ( Fortune-telling )

A fortune teller who seems to be connected to someone in the past.

Most of the time, she resides at Wizard Alley, telling fortunes through tarot cards, She can also be found gathering fruits at Moonlight Forest and wandering the Land of Damned…

She seems cold towards everyone but warms up after knowing the person well enough to call as a friend.

*Route available only in Girls version*

Ian ( Castellan )

The ruler of Galatas that have lived for many years.

Resides in the castle with his delegates, he met the Child by coincidence at the Plaza. Appears to have met the Child somewhere in the past.

When not in the castle, he can be found walking around the Moonlight Forest and getting rid of evils at the Land of Damned.

Seems distant and prideful, but remains humble at times depending on the situation.

*Route available only in Girls version*

Al ( Combat Classmate )

The Child’s childhood friend in combat class.

He is Carroll’s brother, always wanting to put up a fight and bossy. Aggressive towards the Child at first but he finally comes to a mutual understanding and becomes good friends in the end.

When not in combat class, he is either walking around at Moonlight Forest, playing Blackjack at the casino or visiting the Jasmine Lounge.

Caroll ( Dance Classmate )

The Child’s childhood friend in dance class.

She is Al’s sister, enthusiastic and fiesty in nature. Friendly towards the Child from the beginning and becomes best friends. She specialises in dancing and enjoys performing in front of crowds.

When not in dance class, she works at the Jasmine Lounge or walking around at the market.

Leslie ( Orphanage )

A thief found injured and treated by the Child at the market.

Although she can be mean, she is actually good-hearted and ambitious, planning to go somewhere far away on an adventure.

With the Child’s help, she is able to live with Tommy, her older brother and other orphans in an orphanage at Galatas provided by the Castellan Ian.

When not at the orphanage, she goes on a mini-adventure at the Moonlight Forest or visiting the Market.

Snow ( Wizardry Classmate )

The child’s childhood friend in wizardry class.

Kind and gentle towards the Child, since the Child is his only friend. As he grows older, he becomes very protective and obssessed with the Child. His knowledge in wizardry and magic is superb.

When not in wizardry class, he wanders around Elf Valley, taking a stroll at Wizard Alley or the Market.

Ellie ( Music Classmate )

The Child’s childhood friend in music class.

Always seen carrying a fan and dressed in oriental clothing.

Spends her time either studying in music classes or enjoying the sights at the Elf Valley, Plaza or the Market.

*Route available only in Boys version* 

Death ( ??? )

A mysterious character who appears in multiple places when the Child least expects him.


Sensei - Combat

Nidana - Wizardry

Quinn - Literature

Lani - Music

Devon - Dance

Sanki - Cooking / Choreman

Mary - Medicine / Physician

Edward - Alchemy

Ying - Casino Owner

Mrs Fremont - Tutor

Security Guard - Guard

Samantha - Waiter/Waitress

Tommy - Orphanage Assistant

Mimi - Events

Magician - Events

Sir Lancelot - Castle

Official - Castle

Villain - Blackjack

Kid - Plaza 

Photographer - Moonlight Forest

Mandy - Jasmine Lounge

Meiner - Jasmine Lounge

Other Characters :

Mr. Cat - Cat Person
Shana - Plaza