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Name: Frederikke (Try saying that out loud three times)

Nickname: Fred, Frekke and Efryd

Gender: Female

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 1,67 m

Sexual orientation: Bi

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite color: Blues and greens, more specifically aquamarine and teal

Average Hours of Sleep: 7-12 hours

Lucky number: 3, 7 and 13

Last Thing I Googled: Daesh, because… yeah… I was writing a poem, okay!

Fav Fictional Character: Gosh! I don’t know. Izzy? Tessa? Probably Izzy

Blankets I sleep with: 1-2

Fav Artists/Band: How does people choose fave anything? Something soft pop, idk

Dream Trip: Wales, the US and back to Scotland

Dream Job: Author

When did you make this blog: I don’t even remember anymore. Probably a few years ago i think

Follower count: 138 on this blog (7 on my secondary)

Posts: 14,652

Who are your most active followers: @arthurukko, @toph-proudfoot and @asmnerdy (honorably mention to @theimmortalshadows)

When did your blog reach its peak: Hopefully not yet :S

Why did you get a Tumblr: I wanted to see what the fuss was about… boy, was I in for a surprise

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Hardly ever. Come on, you guys! I love you! Talk to me!

Why did you choose your URL: Well see I mainly blog about social justice and books so it somehow seemed fitting

I’m tagging: @toph-proudfoot, @asmnerdy, @theimmortalshadows, @thefirebreathingbitchqueen, @biwithpie, @chronically-captivating, @michelles-desguises, @edodeb3, @fandomologee, @yinfenatic