Artist Statement

My work explores images of mass communication within the urban environment through the process of analogue photography. My figures are all sourced from advertising and are juxtaposed with photos of cityscapes via the art of double exposure; these photographs aim to contrast the idealistic world of commercialism with the banal reality of urban architecture. Throughout my photography and collage work I have used publically distributed imagery as a platform for adaptation; I feel that by making these manifestations of economy an integral part to my work their original purpose is shifted; removing their brand and providing them with a more human quality. When taking my photos I work systematically, yet in a spontaneous fashion, shooting a whole film of buildings before winding it back, reloading it and shooting my second layer of faces. Shooting over an exposed film on impulse gives my photographs a chance to create themselves, revealing their underlying poetic representation of a city’s character.

The beauty of manual photography remains central to my work and fuels my passion to create art through a non digital means.


Some recent work in which I aimed to replicate old postcards from around Ipswich.

I did this as a starting point for my before and after theme, i then went on to juxtapose the two images together to create a hybrid image of the same scene but using the original postcard as a ghost to frame the present day color image.

Silent street - Cardinal Wolsey’s birthplace.