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Not Your Average Zutara Fic Rec

So I’ve gone through a LOT of Zutara fanfiction, probably too much if I’m being honest, and finding good fics can be really hard. When looking up fic rec lists I’ve noticed that a lot of the lists are just the same select fanfictions recommended over and over (We get it, everyone and their mother loves ‘His Majesty Prefers Blue’ and ‘Stormbenders’ [I never finished HMPB, sue me]). 

So this list is for all of you who are in my shoes and can’t seem to find anything besides the same ten or fifteen stories recommended and are desperate for something new. Everything listed is complete! (If I listed the incompletes/abandoned stories I’d have a lot more chaptered stories listed… RIP ‘The Confrontational Approach’…) 

I have a lot of bookmarked stories that I have yet to read and am in the middle of (Almost caught up on @firelordandlady ‘s ‘Say Anything’!), so I’ll try to update this when I finish something I think deserves a recommendation. 


In the Same Candlelight by Like a Dove

In a world where there is no war, Zuko and Katara spend their summers together. Growing up is messy, embarrassing, and at times sad, but they think it might be okay because they have each other. Edited summary.

I know. I KNOW. I LITERALLY JUST SAID I WASN’T GOING TO RECOMMEND FANFICS THAT ARE ON EVERYONE’S LIST. But I NEED to mention this one. I spent so long not interested in this fic. I don’t like drastic AU’s, or modern AU’s. My taste is strictly canon divergence, so I didn’t think I would like this. I WAS SO WRONG. Trust me, if you are like me and don’t like big AU’s, read this anyway. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Characterization is still so spot on, even with such a different take. Aang is precious. There is nothing but fluff, fluff, and fluff. It will melt you. You will probably die and your spirit will rise up smiling and beaming out rainbows and sunshine. That’s what happened to me. 

Lilacs and Lily Pads by sadladybug

A tale of clumsy courtship and calamitous court weddings, featuring awkward family encounters, floral mishaps, cultural complications, and good old fashioned fluff and conflict. Takes place in the five years following war’s end. For Zutara Week 2016. A prequel to Bones.

Clothe Me in Seasons, Dress Me in Snow is a very commonly recommended Zutara fic (And for good reason, I shed many tears reading it). But this two-shot (A companion to Bones, a smut one shot) by the same author is really underrated and beautifully written. It follows Zuko and Katara as they try to plan their wedding, as well as shows two scenes from before they got engaged that solidified the relationship to be one they knew would last. Just really well done overall and very very sweet. 

EDIT: I talked with the author and apparently it isn’t finished?? But they are apparently working on the next chapters so yay!! And each chapter is independent so it doesn’t feel unfinished.  

The Slow Path by Tazainian Devil

Eight years after the fall of Ozai, Aang returns to the friends he left behind - Taang, Zutara, Sukka

This is technically a Taang fic, and if I’m being honest I kind of just skimmed through the non-zutara chapters, but the Zutara storyline was good enough that I think it’s definitely worth the read. And the overall plot has a great premise. Be warned, it has a sequel that was never finished. 

Another Word For Alchemy by FanPanda13

Five years have passed since the Avatar defeated Fire Lord Ozai, and the members of the Gaang have all gone in their own direction. But when Aang invites them all to a Peace Summit at the North Pole and tells them of his new project, for which he will need their support, the group comes together again for adventure, fun and romance. AU. Zutara. COMPLETE.

So this fic is crazy for me. At first, it started as just really good natured fluff. The writing wasn’t anything fantastic (Although I loved how it broke the 4th wall and didn’t take itself seriously), and there were some definite OOC moments. But I had so much FUN with it. The plot (while definitely not the focus as everyone is more concerned about when Zuko and Katara will get together) was interesting, and there were some really sweet moments. It was also HILARIOUS and I had multiple moments where I genuinely laughed out loud. But then about five chapters before the end, the quality SKY ROCKETED. As the plot and mystery come together, the characters all come together in a moment that truly feels like it came from the show. Even the writing quality increases by a lot and I was genuinely shocked and impressed. Definitely recommend. 

Kyoshi Hold ‘Em by cupid-painted-blind

When a blizzard shuts down the fourth annual Peace Summit, the group has to find some way to pass the time. /Zutara, Taang, Jet/Mai, Jet/Everyone, Sukka

If you’re looking for a good crack fic, look no further. It’s post war and utter nonsense. Jet is alive for some reason??? No one questions it and he’s shipped with pretty much everyone. It’s funny, it’s decently written, there are drinking and sexy time shenanigans, and overall just lighthearted. Also, it does a great job of being a crack fic without crossing the line and becoming unfunny and just a trash fic. A lot struggle to find the balance and resort to going over the top and ridiculous, but this one does a really good job. 

Come With Me by Steamboat Ghost

Coauthored by fuzzytomato. Troubled over his newly restored honor, Zuko finds solace in the familiar guise of the Blue Spirit. In a chance meeting with the Painted Lady, a friendship is forged as the two heroes seek to help the Fire Nation’s neglected.

I’ll admit it: I’ve never gotten into Blutara fanfictions. I only read the first couple chapters of HMPB and dropped it after the tree scene. I don’t know, it felt really OOC for me and I may go back and read it again just because EVERYONE raves about it, but IDK. I’ve never been a huge Blutara fan because while I love the concept, I’d much rather see the Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit come together as equals. Most fics present Zuko behind his mask to Katara, and it feels imbalanced. There aren’t a lot of stories where we see their alter persona’s come together even though that’s the entire point of the parallel between the two. Insert this fic. I only wish there was a sequel dealing with Zuko in the Gaang after these events. Hey, a girl can dream. 

A Zutara Story Anastasia by LastSunset

Katara, the only suviving waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe, joins two con men, Zuko and Iroh, while a fearful admiral chases for her death. A Zutara Story. Based on the movie Anastasia.

So this isn’t so much a retelling of Anastasia but with Katara and Zuko as it is a fanfic version of the movie but with the characters names and world changed. It takes a lot of lines from the movie. But WHO CARES? It’s Anastasia and Zutara!!! What more do you need??? 


this burden you bear by cowlicklesschick

Word travels, and war stories will be told round campfires and on freighter ships until every person in the world knows what Master Katara did for the new Fire Lord. She fights the burning in her throat at the thought of people knowing why she had to heal him in the first place. Post-war Zutara.

This is an angst-with-a-happy-ending, which I say is the absolute BEST type of angst. Katara deals with the guilt of what Zuko did for her as the Fire Nation celebrates what she did to save his life during the Agni Kai. The two come together beautifully while struggling to see the feelings they both share. Really well written and like I said, it has a happy ending, which we all need. 

The Best of Me by Laririn-Shadow

The night before his eighteenth birthday Zuko wraps a bandage around his left wrist. He has a country to run and no time for frivolous things. It will make everything easier if he waits. Zutara Soulmates AU

Soulmate AU’s usually aren’t my thing (With the glaring exception of one Until Dawn Soulmate AU, but that’s besides the point), but I really enjoyed this oneshot. It isn’t sweeping or insanely romantic and the reveal isn’t “OMG I’VE LOVED YOU THIS WHOLE TIME” But it’s a subtle love that grows, which I really like.  

my salvation, he’s not anything by sarsaparillia

Let’s run away and start another war. — Zuko/Katara.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What can I say? I love the ‘Let’s run away together, consequences be damned’ trope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Time is Ripe by Casa Circe

ZUTARA WEEK 2012 Day Seven: Seasons. There are many stages that a heart goes through before it can finally be ready for the love it was meant to have. The road is often a rocky one but eventually, it leads you home.

A oneshot for the Zutara Week 2012 prompt ‘Seasons’. Not too much to say about it. Short, sweet, and well written. What more do you need? 

Serendipity by Boriqua-chan

Iroh goes hunting for tea leaves and finds something…interesting. /Zutara week, day 1/

Secret relationships! Fluff! Happiness! And all from Uncle Iroh’s perspective!! Everything I love in one great oneshot! 

Too Close for Comfort also by Casa Circe

ZUTARA WEEK 2010 Day Three: Pain. After watching “The Ember Island Players”, no one is in the mood for teasing. But a little slip of the tongue leads to the painful realization that the play was more accurate than they were willing to admit.

There are two Zutara plots/tropes that I am a complete and utter SLUT for. The first is the ‘Let’s talk about that EIP show’ trope. This is one of my favorites. 

The Color of Truth is Red by Mrs. Pettyfer

Written for Zutara Week prompt “awkward.” Zuko and Katara discuss the Ember Island Players.

Another post EIP oneshot

Enlightenment by Blade Quill

Choices are made on the day of Zuko’s coronation, and sometimes, enlightenment is just the simple truth at hand. Zutara. AU of the final moments of the Book 3 Finale

The OTHER plot/trope I’m a slut for is finale rewrites. LET ME SEE THEM COME TOGETHER AFTER HE TAKES LIGHTNING FOR HER. Ugh, I love it. 

Framework by profoundlycan

What if in “Sozin’s Comet” Katara had come into the room instead of Mai? Zuko/Katara. Prequel to Schema.

 Another finale rewrite! Let’s just get Mai out of the picture here… 

Lightning Shocks the Heart by drunkzutarafeels

Why do our hearts remain dormant until a climactic moment makes time stand still?

And here’s yet another finale rewrite. There is a really popular Zutara gifset that someone animated of the Agni Kai ‘Thank you’ scene, but Katara kisses Zuko after she hugs him. This is the fanfiction equivalent of that gif set. 

Sunrise by lewilder

The days go on and on, and even if she feels more comfort from the moon, Katara learns to cherish the promise of each new sunrise. Zutara AU, largely finale-centric. Oneshot.

LAST FINALE AU I PROMISE. Really sweet, starts right after The Southern Raiders and goes past canon. 

all the ghosts we cannot kill (we learn to love) by raisindeatre

Zuko and Katara; the moments we didn’t see. Or: Maybe we are all somebody’s ghost. And maybe sometimes we can be more than that.

“…My quarrel has only ever been with you, Zuko,” she says, his name sharp on her tongue. “This has only ever been about me and you.”

“You’re wrong,” he rasps, his voice rough in the late afternoon sunlight that falls around them, tangles them in golden nets. “This has only ever been about me and the Avatar. Not you and me. What we hold between us has nothing to do with it.”

This is a really beautiful one-shot that follows a battered, war torn and hardened Zuko and Katara through the scenes we DIDN’T see throughout the entire show. A Zutara must-read.

Drabble Collection/Series

And Other Fairly Stupid Tales by Advocaat

A collection of humorous and crack-tastic oneshots corresponding to the days of Zutara Month

Really great Zutara Month themed drabbles, and it contains the only body swapping plot that I’ve read and really enjoyed. Also the chapters ‘Potential’ and ‘Festival’ are some of my all time favorites. 

Zuko Was No Coward by hootowl

Zuko was many things, but a coward he was not. A collection of Zutara100 prompts. Title may change.

Definitely some heartbreakers and angsty drabbles in here, but all well written and thoroughly enjoyable. If you read ANYTHING from this list, read chapter two of this drabble collection. I MELTED when I read it. It’s perfection. Aunt Wu’s prediction has always been a plotline I’ve loved in Zutara fanfiction, and this one just does it PERFECTLY. 

Zutara Week 2012 by ichilover3

A collection of oneshots inspired by the prompts for Zutara Week

Not much more to say. The first, third, and fourth prompts are my favorite from this series. 

Zutara Week 2015 by bianca_anna

It started at a tea shop and ended with forever. My entries for Zutara Week 2015. I hope you enjoy them.

Oh my GOODNESS. So they’re Zutara Week prompts, but all set in the same universe. The Zutara!Family depicted in these drabbles has become my headcanon. I’ve seen many a Zutara family, but this one is by far my FAVORITE. This is now my official family for them. I want the very last chapter fully animated because it’s so good and epic and I want more of this families adventures. 

anonymous asked:

Has Batman ever had encounters with Harley and Ivy as Bruce Wayne? Would he ever try using that part of his identity to help them or any other of his rogues, for things like trying to start a new life away from villainy and such?

Someone was in Bruce Wayne’s office, and there was no graceful way to avoid them without making it obvious that he knew they were in there. There was a smell in the air like mulch and roses.

He had no frame of reference for what would constitute a normal amount of things to notice, and so chose to err on the side of oblivious moron.

If there’d been a smell like marzipan dipped in bleach, he might have chosen differently.

“Heya, Mister Wayne,” Harley Quinn greeted, sitting on his desk. She waved as much with her feet as her hands. He closed the door behind him.

Bruce considered his response. Hopefully his momentary indecision with regard to his facial expression could pass for surprise, or confusion, or fear. “Hello, Dr. Quinzel.”

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m not with Jay no more.”

“She’s with me,” Poison Ivy said.

“Hello, Dr. Isley.”

“I really prefer Ivy.”

“Dr. Ivy,” he corrected.

“Doncha love the way he says doctor?” Harley asked Ivy.

“Charming,” Ivy said. She did not sound charmed.

“I told her we oughta come talk to ya,” Harley explained, “on account of you’re a real nice guy an’ all.”

“Thank you?”

“I was just going to kill you,” Ivy added.

“Thank you. For not doing that.”

“Isn’t he just like a puppy?” Harley asked, pressing her hands to her cheeks.

“You can’t keep him.”

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Siren’s Gold Chapter 2

The adventure continues! Thank you all so much for the support and love, I’m so glad you love this AU as much as I do. Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

The other side of a chance encounter, and the first moments of a new beginning.

Read on AO3 HERE
McHanzo, Pirate McCree MerHanzo AU

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thiefofeddis  asked:

what's the expanse about?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) im so glad you asked

the expanse is sci-fi series set in the near future where humanity has spread to mars and some of the larger asteroids in the asteroid belt, as well as some of jupiter’s moons. it starts when a long-distance freighter ship, the canterbury, is attacked & destroyed after following up on a distress call. the 4 survivors of the canterbury try to figure out what happened, and their search intersects with a detective on the asteroid ceres looking for a missing woman.

if you at all like:

  • team as family
  • cool as fuck space battles
  • loyalty kink
  • politics
  • game of thrones but no rape
  • poc in prominent roles
  • ur faves being problematic
  • clothing porn

you should check it out! imo its worth watching just for my faves, very large strong powerful daughter bobbie ‘i dont use sex as a weapon, i use weapons as weapons’ draper

(gif by harveybirdman)

and slytherin queen chrisjen ‘i like getting shit done’ avasarala

(gif by enalgunlugar)

but i love all the characters! i highly recommend it, and can give more details if you want

Zutara Fic Recs

I’ve always wanted to make a rec list so here’s a super short one. I’m only listing fics that I think need more attention and might not be on other lists.


Polar Nights by crystalline talisman, T, +75,000 words, 24 chapters

In order to arrange a treaty for the long standing war between the Water Tribe and Fire Nation, Prince Zuko is sent to the South Pole to arrange a truce by Fire Lord Lu Ten, where he is greeted by subzero temperatures, sea prunes, and quirky customs. This of course, is a cake walk compared to the revelation he’ll be marrying the stubborn spiritual leader, Katara. AU. Zutara.

Inspired by the question, “Why does Katara always have to go to Zuko in an arranged marriage fic?” I thought this fic handled the idea of the struggles Zuko would have in the South Pole and you really root for them to work it out.

Slow Heat by CultOfStrawberry, T, +214,000 words, 39 chapters

The Avatar continues his quest to master the elements and defeat the Fire Lord, with Zuko teaching him Firebending. The heat builds up between everyone as the end of summer approaches… especially Zuko and Katara… :includes Blue Spirit!Painted Lady Zutara and Ninja!Zutara!: Set during Season 2 and 3 of the show, with some canon included, but with some really fun twists.

This story has probably been on a few other lists, but I had to include it. There’s obviously a lot going on in this fic, but it’s a really good one!

Call Me Katto by ShamlessLiar, M, +272,000 words, 45 chapters

The Avatar awakens two years late, when only a token resistance still struggles against the Fire Nation. Katara disguises herself as a boy to follow Sokka into war. Not only must she hide her gender from her comrades, she has to help the Avatar while also dodging the creepy prince who’s taken such an intense interest in her. AU for timing.

I don’t know why this isn’t on more lists, maybe it’s implied that everyone knows about it? IDK, but man. So it’s a mulan inspired fic that’s crazy in all the good ways. I will say, Zuko isn’t my favorite, he just really needs to have his Ba Sing Se transformation scene in the sequel The King’s Pet or The King, which is at +126,000 words and I’m still itching for more. I can’t quite explain the series. Just read them, they’re definitely worth it.


I’m only including fics that were updated last year. While I have others that I love and might not be updated, I figured in a rec list to only go so far back.

Jasmine by Yorushike, T, +287,000 words, 70 chapters

AU, Katara, traveling companion of the Avatar, had always dreamed of the day the war would end, but she had never thought that she would be forced to marry Firelord Zuko, who was said to have killed his own father, for this to happen. Zuko had no other goal than to repent for his sins and bring peace to the world, even if both his allies and enemies feared and hated him.  

This fic is almost finished and at first things are fairly slow, but man, once you delve in and start bingeing things get crazy. The plot is very thought out and I don’t think anything was unintentional. My chest literally hurts during some of the scenes due to Zuko.

Enslaved by sharkflip, T, +109,000 words, 36 chapters

A triumphant war party returns with an exotic slave, a gift for the ruling house. Katara and Zuko AU

My love for this fic knows no bounds. Seriously. Zuko is captured by a water tribe war party. He’s originally a slave but slowly becomes an important member of the tribe. The settings is super realistic in a real world setting. Yes, the author doesn’t update often (she has a real life) but it’s not a forgotten fic. It’s a good fic to reread too.

Cursed Kiss by alwaysZutarian, M, +63,000 words, 10 chapters

Cursed to live with the body of a fearsome beast, Zuko hid from a cruel world that would not hesitate to destroy him, consumed with rage for those who had betrayed him, resigned to a lifetime of solitude. But then a ray of hope came in the form of a beautiful, blue-eyed woman. Could she look beyond his physical appearance and break his curse? Or would he forever remain alone?

As the author mentions in the prologue, this is a take on Beauty and the Beast. I’m SUPER intrigued to see how things play out because 10 chapters in and Zuko is still the dragon. But it’s not weird. And don’t let the M rating scare you, I believe that’s set for future chapters.

One Shot

The Best of Me by Lariren-Shadow, K, +2,000 words

The night before his eighteenth birthday Zuko wraps a bandage around his left wrist. He has a country to run and no time for frivolous things. It will make everything easier if he waits. Zutara Soulmates AU

I love me some soulmate AU. It doesn’t really go past the soulmate reveal, but it’s still a fun short read.

This burden you bear by cowlicklesschick, T, +7,000 words

Word travels, and war stories will be told round campfires and on freighter ships until every person in the world knows what Master Katara did for the new Fire Lord. She fights the burning in her throat at the thought of people knowing why she had to heal him in the first place. Post-war Zutara.

I will say, I never thought about what Katara went through after the war. Good writing with a nice build up to Zutara.

Tano and Kenobi: Boarding Party

Previously on Tano and Kenobi

After a terrorist bombing on Raxus, Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi are sent on their way to Mirial to pick up a fellow Jedi before returning to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Everything seems to be returning to normal when their Republic cruiser receives a distress signal. Ordering their ship to drop out of hyperspace Ahsoka sees a familiar planet out of the cockpit window. 

The planet Florrum.  And a fleet of ships that may or may not be pirates.

First | Previous | Next | AO3


Ahsoka frowned, her mouth pulled into a thin line as she stared at the small fleet of light freighters and Corona ships that floated in the void of space between her cruiser and the planet Florrum.

She couldn’t quite wrap her mind around the reality in front of her. The last time Ahsoka had been in this part of the galaxy she had been captured by Hondo Ohnaka’s motley crew of pirates, nearly sold into slavery, escaped, and been captured again only to end up facing off against General Grievous before escaping in a bounty hunter’s ship. To say Ahsoka had less than pleasant memories of this place would be an understatement.

Of course that was at least twenty years into the future that she had vowed to change.

“Master? Is that…?” Obi-Wan couldn’t manage to hide the nervous tremor in his voice as he glanced from the ships to Ahsoka and back. “Are they… pirates?”

“It certainly looks that way,” Ahsoka reluctantly said before turning to Captain Avett. “Open the comms. Maybe we can reason with them.”

“With pirates, Master Jedi?” he replied as the co-pilot got to work sending out the message on all known frequencies. “You can’t be serious! The Republic doesn’t bargain with pirates.”

“I don’t know about you, Captain,” Ahsoka shot back, her brows arched, “but I didn’t plan on getting blown out of the sky today. If there’s something we can trade for our freedom, then we give it to them.”

“What if they’re slavers?” came the captain’s bitter response and Obi-Wan’s eyes grew even more round and scared.

“Then you better hope our backup gets here before they ship us off to Hutt Space,” Ahsoka shot back, moving swiftly down the hallway to the comm panel. Obi-Wan hurried after her, his fear and worry radiating outward and she had to take a moment to center herself and prevent her padawan’s understandable fear from coloring her judgement.

“Obi-Wan?” Ahsoka sat down at the comm panel and watched him as he did the same, his hands curled into fists at his side. “I know you’re scared but I need you to focus now. Just like you did on Raxus. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Obi-Wan swallowed a lump in his throat that was trying to cut off all the air to his lungs. He took a deep breath and nodded to his master, closing his eyes and retreating within himself to find his center.

Almost immediately the panic and fright started to clear out of the Force.

Ahsoka felt the vise on her lungs ease and she sent out a strong feeling of gratitude and pride to her padawan. Master Obi-Wan had been an expert in keeping his emotions under control during tense moments and while her Obi-Wan wasn’t quite there yet, he had already shown a natural gift for handling high-stress situations.

Still it would have been nice to have a longer break between crises. Ahsoka thought as she sent out her own coded message to any Jedi or Republic vessel in the area, asking for immediate assistance. Quite a few frequencies were being jammed by the pirates but thankfully there were still some that were known only to the Jedi and the highest levels of the Republic Security Forces and she focused her attention on those.

Hopefully, their cry for help would get back to the Temple as soon as possible and Master Plo or Master Gallia could be temporarily diverted to rescue them from whatever the pirates had planned.

Assuming they were pirates and not something worse.

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like honestly i would LOVE for a sci-fi series to take place solely on freighters/civilian ships and not be like firefly (i.e. with a focus on illegal trade and smuggling) because freighters like the Horizon in Enterprise are so often literal homes for people? and that has such potential for rich science fiction story because so many sci-fi things are like gung-ho military jingoism and it can get really exhausting sometimes? so literally having an office/parks and rec/brooklyn 99 spirited series that takes place on a freighter featuring the civilians who work there dealing with a satirized corrupt space government taking advantage of them while trying to live their lives and raise their families on a comically malfunctioning hulk of space metal would be pretty damn amazing and i need it yesterday


Danny: I got a new partner.

Doc: I was thinking more about a physical injury.

D: No, this guy is like a physical injury, doc. Uh, ten minutes after meeting him, I get shot and blasted backwards through a window, okay? A few hours after that, he drives a car, I’m not joking, on to the deck of a Chinese freighter ship. And, yes, I was in it. The car, not the ship.

Doc: He drove a car onto a boat?

D: Yeah, he’s an animal. And I sort of get the feeling that he’s just getting warmed up.

Doc: Ouch.
D: Yeah.

- Hawaii Five 0 1.04

anonymous asked:

What if Luke and Leia were "switched at birth" (or rather, the difference is how they were split)? Prince Luke Organa? Leia Skywalker?

When she is nine, Leia sits her uncle and auntie down and, small face screwed up with determination, asks for an increase of her allowance. She has prepared points and counterpoints. She cites both local and intergalactic codes of labor law.

Her uncle frowns at her for a long minute once she’s done. She holds his gaze, stare for stare, chin untrembling, because that’s how he’d taught her to when they went to barter for parts at Toshi Station.

“Alright,” he says.

“My bedtime should be pushed an hour later, too,” Leia tries and her aunt laughs and tells her to go do the dishes.

When Leia is twelve, she organizes all of the children of local farms into a union. Their parents think they’re kidding until they hold their first strike.

Luke grows up in a green world. He still learns to fly early, eager to get empty air under his feet and never quite sure why. His father is a senator. His mother is an academic and she tells him stories and stories about faraway worlds– snowy planets and desert ones, lava and ocean, the places fire and ice meet.

Luke does well in schooling, or well enough for how often he spends staring out the window at blue skies, staring at the bottoms of clouds and imagining what they look like from above or within. Every elective he has to take he turns toward flight– physics, physiology, aeronautics, history.

He listens at the dinner table when his father talks about right and wrong, about justice and democracy, but he responds with engine makes and models and what new simulator scores he’s earned.

His parents wanted a child, though, more than anything, and this is the one they got. They wanted a child and they wanted peace. There are so many ways to save the universe. When Luke asks for their blessing to apply to the flight academy, his father kisses his cheeks and his mother tells him how proud they are of his choices.

When his father’s favorite protege goes off on what is supposed to be a routine diplomatic mission, Luke is the pilot. He sees the Imperial cruiser coming in and cannot outrun them, though he tries.

When he sees the junior senator (Isabel, 22, she came to dinner at his parents’ and made his mother laugh about ancient literature) face Vader and spit calm lies in his face about diplomacy and innocence, Luke wishes he could be so brave.

He is bundled off with the rest of the civilians on board. They are herded into pens like cattle somewhere in the Death Star’s bowels, waiting for shipment to mines or weapons factories or, who knows, gladiatorial arenas– whatever it is the Empire does with prisoners.

Meanwhile, on Tatooine, Leia’s uncle has just bought two new droids. When she cleans the R2 unit she finds a recording of a beautiful young woman in senatorial white calling for Obi Wan Kenobi.

But the R2 is a flight risk and Leia ends up out in the badlands, chasing it down. She is in Old Ben Kenobi’s little house when the Stormtroopers come to burn her farm. She feels it happen, but she doesn’t recognize it in the pit of her belly. She has never lost anything before, nothing that large.

She thinks it must be excitement, as she turns her father’s lightsaber over and over in her hands. Her stomach sinks to her toes. Bile rises in her throat. She smells smoke and she thinks she must just be nervous. New futures do that sometimes, spreading out open wide at your feet.

(Luke feels it when Alderaan dies.

He doesn’t know what it is, but he feels it all the same as he sits crammed in a windowless metal room with the rest of the crew. Someone is crying. Someone is praying. 

He gets a waft of his mother’s perfume– lilacs and old pages and dried ink– and it hits him like a blow. A world is dying, gone. He doesn’t know.

He feels his father’s broad hand wrap about his shoulder. He thinks he is just homesick.

He will be homesick for the rest of his life.)

Obi Wan and Leia find Han in the bar, hire the Falcon, hit the sky. Leia’s never been off world before and she feels the ground disappear from under her feet. (The ground vanished the moment she stumbled out of her speeder, smoke on the wind, and saw skeletons fused into the sand).

Luke waits in the dark. He thinks about his mother’s stories of epic adventurers, great deeds, heroes. He feels very small. He thinks about the young senator stuck somewhere in this base in a cold room, secrets buried under her ribs. Someone here in the dark is crying. Someone is praying.

Luke moves once, slowly, around the room. He spots the calmest person he can see (a fifty-something woman with wide hips and her knitting needles out). “We need to figure out what we have among us,” he says. She looks at him and he adds, “I don’t want to die here. Do you?”

“Su-Lin from Maintenance has got a concealed blaster in her purse, I think,” says the woman, whose name he will discover is Mabel. “And Ricky from the cafeteria plays a lot of strategy games. Let me fetch a few people. You go talk to the flight crew.“


The Millennium Falcon arrives as Luke’s escapees are marched onto a supply freighter ship by four of their own in stolen Stormtrooper armor. Luke slips off the freighter right before they close up and Mabel lets him. “I’m going to see if I can get the senator,” he says. “You get these lot off, okay?”

“You take care of yourself, kid,” says Mabel. “You need another pair of hands?”

Luke shakes his head. “It’s a long shot either way. Just get them home.” (None of them know yet that home is no longer there.)

He meets Leia and Han in the hallways, because they almost shoot him before he yanks his helmet off and his flailing hands convince them he’s for real.

When they get the senator out of her cell she groans aloud at the sight of Luke. “Your dad’s gonna kill me,” Isabel says, and then she goes pale, remembering. Luke’s belly fills with ice.

She tells him about Alderaan. She stumbles over a sorry but Luke grabs her hand and tries a smile and says, “No, c’mon, Isa, senator, ma'am, we’re going to get you out of here.”

They do. They lose Obi Wan to Vader, none of them knowing it is a fight between brothers happening in the belly of that ship, that it is a death long overdue, one Obi Wan has clutched to his chest for years.

But Obi Wan was the last piece of home Leia had with her, except for the clothes on her back. She cries, curled up in a seat on the Falcon, and not even Han is brave enough to say anything about it.

Luke sits behind Chewy as they fly through the rock and debris that had once been Alderaan. The only thing he has ever wanted to do in life was fly. He closes his eyes. Someone is weeping, here in the dark.

When they reach the base, Luke, an Alderaan pilot’s wings still on his uniform, volunteers for the rebel attack force. Leia shadows Isabel, swallowing up the chaos and rapid-fire conversation of the rebel base as people shove report and requests and questions and admonishment and greetings at the rescued senator.

The first time Leia hands Isabel the report she was looking for before she even reaches for it, Isabel turns and takes it and grins. “What did you say your name was again?”

“Leia,” she says. “Skywalker.”

“Well then, Ensign Skywalker, you stick with me till this over, okay by you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

When Luke fires the shot that takes out the Death Star, it is not with Obi Wan whispering in his ears. It is his old flight instructors, his fellow pilots– a bunch of adrenalin junkie kids, desperate to fly. He wonder if any of them were off-planet, if a single one survived. When Luke fires that last shot, he hears his father’s voice at the dinner table, talking about right and wrong, diplomacy and faith.

The shot flies true.

Leia touched the lightsaber first, but it’s still Luke who goes to train with Yoda. Leia doesn’t have time for that– she’s stumbled into a rebellion she’d barely even heard rumors of and she’s drowning herself in it. Isabel makes excellent introductions for her. Leia eats breakfast with Biggs, one of her old union buddies, one of her first henchmen, and it’s almost like having a little piece of home with her.

Luke had grown up on his mother’s stories, and he knows how badly she would have wanted to meet the last Jedi living. Yoda tries to teach him to lift planes and face fears, to listen to silences, but Luke keeps on asking him about their Code, their history, how all this came to be. He takes notes. He has Yoda teach him how to build a lightsaber before he ever lets him teach him to wield one.

When the dreams come– about Leia, about Han, about pain– Luke doesn’t let Yoda stop him. He had already been absent, once, when the people he loved had died.

But they lose Han. Luke loses a hand and Leia finds him.

While they plan their attack on Jabba and their rescue of Han, Luke takes a few minutes to digest what Vader told him on that platform and he decides he doesn’t give a crap. He has a father. His name was Bail Organa.

When they attack the second Death Star, Luke does not turn himself in. He gives Anakin Skywalker no second chances. He pilots an X-Wing, guarding the fleet as they wait for Leia and Han to bring down the shields, which they do. Vader and Palpatine burn on the unfinished hull of the second Death Star.

Luke hugs his sister and tells her about Vader. She hugs him back and doesn’t bother with the rest of it. She didn’t have a father, but she had an uncle and an aunt and they had been enough.

After things settle, Luke gets Han to take him on as a third hand on the Falcon. He wants to see every world his mother ever told stories of, and there is Leia to make sure that the Falcon is doing Good in the universe as well as just making the occasional reasonable profit.

Leia goes from rebel lieutenant to politician– it’s a line she’ll cross back and forth many times for the rest of her life, complaining that she doesn’t quite see the difference.

When Leia finally gets important enough to be worth kidnapping, Isabel makes sure she’s in the rescue party that brings her home just so Leia can laugh and roll her eyes and tell her she’s too short to be a Stormtrooper. (”Stormtrooper?” says another rescuer to his friend, glancing down at their New Republic greys.)

Luke writes Mabel every now and then to let her know he’s still breathing. She sends him back pictures of her grandchildren and knitted caps to keep his silly head warm. It’s cold out there, after all.

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy (Rook twins AU) Part 4

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Awesome gif and photo sets by the talented @semisweetshadow.

When the researchers on Eadu had needed special materials and he’d been on hand, Bodhi had hauled shipments from Imperial armadas. It had involved navigating clusters of ships, flying amid the cruisers or carriers or, one memorable time, a Star Destroyer. The uniformity and number of ships had always been oppressive; in the earlier days, they’d ground his spirit down even below the depths it typically occupied.

Near the end, when he’d been thinking about defecting, an Imperial fleet made Bodhi feel terror. Just like the Empire wanted.

The Alliance fleet was nothing like that. When the ship carrying Jyn and him jumped to the rendezvous point, he was greeted with the sight of dozens of ships, maybe more than a hundred: Mon Calamari cruisers, Corellian corvettes, X-wings and Y-wings, civilian ships. Every freighter Bodhi picked out from the blanket of stars was from a different manufacturer and a different decade. Most of the ships were old, worn, or damaged; a few had visibly slapdash paint jobs; and he was fairly sure at least one was actually pieces of two entirely different ships welded together.

“Kind of a mess, isn’t it,” Jyn said. She was leaning over Bodhi’s shoulder to look out the viewport. “It’s like the Council meeting in ship form.”

Bodhi laughed and shook his head. “It’s beautiful.”

Shepherding the evacuees onto Home One, assigning them quarters based on rank and injury level, and then making sure everyone knew where the mess and refreshers were took most of the afternoon. Bodhi and Jyn not being officially part of the Alliance was less of a problem than he’d feared, but apparently people just showing up and pitching in wasn’t unusual enough to warrant special consideration. They were told to wait a day or two until a recruiter had a chance to talk to them.

Leg propped up on her new bunk, Jyn sighed. “Great. Now we’re baggage.”

Bodhi smiled. “Ambulatory baggage.”

That earned him half a smile. “That’s something, I guess. Are you going to look for your brother?”

It had only been on his mind since the evac began.

“Yeah. Wanna come?”

“No, but I’ll come visit once you know where they are.” Jyn pulled out a datapad and started to scroll through reading material. Bodhi didn’t know when she’d gotten it, but it was almost certainly stolen.

“I’ll tell them you said hello.”

Jyn waved without looking up. Bohi left.

It didn’t take him long to decide that his best bet would be to go to the mess and ask someone there how to get to the infirmary. He could only assume that Bokan and Cassian were on Home One; it was by far the biggest ship and most likely had the only medical center worth the title.

It wasn’t quite yet time for the evening meal, but there were still enough people that Bodhi found someone on their way to the infirmary.

His guide took him up several levels and through what felt like miles of corridor. He paid attention to the route, but that wasn’t enough to keep Bodhi’s mind from worrying itself in circles. What if they were on a different Rebel ship? What if they’d gotten lost and weren’t even with the fleet? What if they’d been hurt during the evacuation? Cassian’s body was still accepting the metal spine and rib reinforcements. Bokan still needed an oxygen tank sometimes.

He tried to tell himself that there wasn’t any reason to believe anything was wrong, but the rest of him pointed out that there wasn’t any reason to believe anything was right, either.

Finally they arrived. Bodhi asked the nurse about his brother, and gave him a bed number. He walked by himself down a narrow row of curtained-off alcoves, glancing at the numbers embedded into the floor tiles.

Bodhi heard them before he saw them.

“If I did, it would be none of your business,” Cassian was saying, voice flat. Bodhi didn’t know him that well but he’d sounded like that right before yelling at Jyn.

Bodhi slowed, stopped just before Bokan’s number. Their curtain was still drawn.

“It’s not going to do him or you any favors to deny it,” Bokan said. He sounded tired. “But you’re right, it’s not my business. I’m not even sure why I’m trying to help. I barely know you, and Bodhi never had problems finding people to love him.”

Bodhi scrubbed a hand over his face. Of course Bokan couldn’t keep his opinions to himself. Of course he’d just tell Cassian about Bodhi’s attraction.

“That’s an old wound between the two of you, isn’t it,” Cassian said. “People preferring him over you.”

Bodhi’s eyes widened. He stepped forward, opened the curtain, and found Bokan gripping the edge of his bed like he was about to launch himself at Cassian, who was still flat on his back and glaring.

“I’m glad the two of you are feeling well enough to antagonize each other, but please stop,” he said. “Also I’m pretty sure the entire infirmary knows about our personal issues now.”

Cassian looked chagrined and Bokan suppressed a laugh. Bodhi wasn’t happy Bokan’s lungs were damaged - he did still love his brother - but he could also admit to himself that is was rather convenient.

“I’m sorry, Bodhi,” Cassian said. “I’m always irritable when I can’t work.”

“Only then?” Bokan muttered.

Bodhi glared at him.

“Sorry,” Bokan said, and surprisingly, Bodhi believed him.

He stepped forward, put a hand on Bokan’s uninjured shoulder.

“Near the end, sometimes Ammi thought I was you,” Bodhi said quietly. “She always told me I was her good boy, but she said that you were her star.” He smiled wryly. It didn’t hurt so much, any more. “Even she thought you were the interesting one.”

Bokan’s face went through several expressions very quickly - shock, anger, sadness, joy, longing - and then he looked away. His hand came up to pat Bodhi’s arm awkwardly.

Bodhi squeezed and let go. “Anyway, try not to irritate the staff or your roommate too much.”

“No promises.”

When Bodhi turned to Cassian, it was to see him wiping a hand over his eyes.

“I, um,” Bodhi faltered. “Jyn says hello. We’re sharing quarters.”

Cassian nodded. “How’s her knee?”

“Good,” Bodhi said.

“How are your burns?” Cassian asked.

“Not too bad. Getting better.”

“Good,” Cassian said.

They both fell into awkward silence.

Bokan snickered.

Mama Rook’s painful confusion credited to @semisweetshadow as well. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do one a reader x Cassian where she saves everyone at last minute (in scarif) and then she realizes she been shot? She makes it but Cassian gets all protective and there's lots of fluff??

Tweaked this one just a wee bit.

It’s more focused on the aftermath, but I hope that you still like it! 

Also, enjoy the fluff! x

Warnings: None

Words: 783

When you opened your eyes, you were instantly blinded by a bright, white light.

You groaned, blinking furiously several times until your vision finally stabilized.

You were lying in a bed, your chest and torso wrapped in a thick white bandage.

Next to you was a holographic screen displaying your picture and vital signs.

You were in a medical facility.

What happened? Was the very first thought that entered your mind.

A familiar voice suddenly came from beside you, saying your name. 

Upon realizing the voice belonged to Cassian, you suddenly became more alert.

“Cassian?” Your mouth and throat were as dry as a desert planet. “Is that you?”

“It’s me, I’m right here,” he assured you, his worried face coming into your view. 

You tried to sit up, however your moment was immediately protested by a sharp, stabbing pain in your ribcage. You hissed out in agony and fell back against your pillow, a thick haze clouding your head. You propped yourself up on your elbows ready to make another attempt when Cassian reached out and placed his hands firmly on your bare shoulders. He carefully pushed you backwards until you were lying down again. “No, don’t move,” he warned, although his tone remained soft and gentle. He knelt beside you, taking your hand in his. “Don’t strain yourself.”

“Where are we?”

“We’re home,” he said, lacing his fingers through yours. “We’re home on Yavin.”

“Home?” You repeated, confused.

Cassian frowned. “Don’t you remember anything?”

Although your memory was failing you, there was one thing that came to mind.

“Scarif,” you said, your eyes going wide. “Jyn! Where’s Jyn? Is she alright?”

“She’s fine, she’s having a meeting with the council as we speak.”

“What about Kaytoo? Bodhi? And all the others? Where are they?”

Cassian hesitated. “They—they didn’t make it.”

Your heart sank heavy in your chest. “What?”

“They were killed during battle.”

Each of their faces flashed into your mind, sinking your heart even further. 

“What about The Death Star plans? Did you and Jyn—?”

He nodded. “Jyn was able to transmit the plans from The Citadel Tower before it was destroyed by The Death Star. It destroyed the tower, as well as everything in its close vicinity, including a base.” He paused and watched you carefully. “Don’t you remember anything else? How you saved my life? And Jyn’s?”

“What?” You whispered in utter disbelief. “I did?”

“We were on the beach by the tower. We were going to be killed. But you stole a ship, an Imperial ship. The deflector shield was destroyed by a Rebel fleet and we escaped.”

Your eyes went wide once again. You had absolutely no recollection of any of it.

Cassian squeezed your hand. “We would be dead if it weren’t for you.”

“How long have I been out of it?”

“For several days now. You were injured on Scarif, shot by a blaster. It must have happened when you were stealing the ship. Jyn, she treated your wound as best as she could aboard the ship, but you lost consciousness.” He stopped, taking a deep breath as he tried to keep his composure. “We had to get you to a medical facility, so we stopped at the nearest Rebel base. You were rushed to the facility, and they admitted you for emergency treatment. They kept you for observations, but as soon as you were stable enough, we were transferred to our own base on a medical freighter ship. You’ve been unconscious ever since.”

That’s when you noticed how exhausted and worn out he appeared. 

Behind him, there was a brown woolen blanket draped over a small cot. 

You frowned at him. “Cass, have you been sleeping in here?”

“Yes. The medical droids aren’t too happy with me, but they allowed it.” Cassian brought your hand up to his lips. “I didn’t want to leave your side. I tried to sleep in my own quarters on the first night, but I kept have these awful nightmares. I’d wake up terrified, thinking something happened to you.”

He closed his eyes, resting his forehead on the back of your hand.


“I’ve never been so afraid in my entire life. I thought I was going to lose you.”

“But you didn’t lose me.”

Cassian opened his eyes and your gaze locked together with his.

He lifted himself up and leaned into you, softly capturing your lips with his.

The holographic screen beside you displayed the acceleration of your heartbeat.

“You’re the most important thing in the galaxy to me,” he whispered, once he’d pulled away. “In fact, you are my entire galaxy.”

“And you’re mine,” You whispered back. “Always have been, always will be.”

Fingers crossed that you liked this!


Ina had definitely fumbled that decision. 

She had thought if she’d managed to sneak onto the ship, she’d be fine… Hiding between the huge, metal sea cans, and trying to keep out of sight of the crew had sounded easy enough to a nine year old. She had a backpack after all. And a sleeping bag to keep her warm. She even had some food that she’d managed to shoplift. 

The problem was that riding on a ship was less pleasant that she’d anticipated. And longer. Wetter. Colder. Never mind the constant feeling of motion sickness! By the third day on the water, Ina was a shivering, hungry mess. 

And wouldn’t you know it? She got caught. 

On the upside: There was no way that they could just drop her off in the middle of the Atlantic. On the downside; the punishment wasn’t exactly lax. Even though the captain and crew had seen fit to feed Ina and get her dry, they weren’t so keen on letting her sail free of charge. There was a lot of concern, and a lot of frustration. 

A shipping freighter was no place for a little kid to wander, after all. 

By the time they docked in Scotland, Ina was ready to run; so run she did. The child broke free from the captain, through the dockyard, and just kept running until she couldn’t feel her feet, or catch her breath. It would take her two days to find her way out of Aberdeen. 

More than that to get away from civilization–though to what avail, Ina wasn’t really sure. She didn’t know where she was going, or why, Only that she wanted to be away from everyone else, and their emotions. She wanted to be away from the Monster. 

Ina wanted to disappear. But her plan had significant differences to what she’d imagined. Here, it was cold, and wild, and unlike anything Ina had ever experienced. She had thought she’d find some abandoned home and settle down, and who-even-knew how a nine year old thought of these things… But wandering the Scottish wilds was nothing like that. 

The last home she’d raided for food had provided enough to last her three days into the moors and hills. But now, at the end of that third day, Ina’s belly was growling, and there was nothing left. 

She sat down, looked around, and began to wail. Sure, it was a pointless act. It wasn’t as though someone would hear her. Even if someone did, by some small miracle, what would they do? Probably take her back to the city and try to find her non-existant parents. 

She had no idea where she was, or where to go, or what to do. 

Crying was the next logical step. At least it made her feel better. 

i’m only on chapter 19 of heir to the empire (book 1/3 of the thrawn trilogy) and luke meeting mara is already E X A C T L Y play by play how rey met kylo ren

-he has a vision about her before he ever meets her or hears about her

-(in the vision he tries to summon lightsaber, it “flies past him” and he turns around to see “a slender young woman” holding it. I COULD NOT…believe this happened. but. oh my god. Oh My God.)

-later, luke is stranded in space in a broken xwing after narrowly escaping capture from a star destroyer and a freighter ship (another corellian model) comes to his rescue, where he hears mara jade’s voice before he ever sees her face. she tells him to come aboard and he complies, rather then face death

-he is brought on board, learns that mara jade was the one who sensed him, alone, lost, running from imperial troops (almost like someone lost…in the woods….)

-he reaches out to her through the force. he senses immense hatred….like…..she (still) wants to kill him

-luke is shot by a stun gun and FAINTS…

-…when he wakes up he’s in a well furnished room, much more comfortable then an ordinary prison cell and no longer on the ship where he fainted

-he hears someone say “finally awake are you?”

-he turns around and guess whose sitting down. watching him while he was passed out waiting for him to wake tf up??? guess just, just guess

-it was mara jade

-and thats where i paused the audio bc i had Had Enough. If she tries to read his mind im gunna lose it

Thanks for tagging me @delavairesslegacy!

1. Animal: tbh I’m feeling either a badger of some kind or a terrier dog (feisty af?)

2. Colors: Rich, vibrant warm colors. Oranges, reds, golds. 

3. Month: August

4. Song(s): Marquee Sign by Sara Evans, Raise Hell by Dorothy, Human by Rag N’ Bone Man

5. Number: 2

6. Day or Night: Daybreak, right when the sun is really coming over the horizon and everything is simultaneously cast in shadow and super highlighted. 

7. Plants: Ivy and Orchid

8. Smell(s): Engine grease, metal and blaster/detonator smoke 

9. Gemstones:  Aventurine

10: Season: Autumn

11: Place(s): The bridge of a freighter ship, Nar Shaddaa, warm mornings anywhere

12. Foods: rations and caf

13. Astrological Sign: Aries

14. Elements: Fire and Earth

15. Drinks: caf and the some kind of star warsian beer tbh

I have no idea who’s already done this, so if you haven’t be my guest. 

urban stowaways

Sold down the East River for a hundred bucks
Still afloat on a bed of loose sticks tied together

As mechanized tides confuse directional crossings
Treasured while dreams break apart under bridges

Whose upstart shadows remain under stone monuments
Drilling cold steel straight into wet boned recurring visions

Mind swept clean in meetings rose to it’s original form
The warm sun rays opening the bay reaching freighters

Jumping ship, yet another stowaway on the run once again

Cassian the recruiter

Cassian is adopted into the rebellion at just six years of age when his family is killed by stormtroopers. Even at six, he becomes ready to fight. A resourceful child, he’s able to sneak into tight spaces and eavesdrop, gleaning important information for the people who now look out for him, who are slowly becoming his new family. He even brings his little friends into the fold, remarkably adept at recruiting at even such a tender age.

He has a fascination for the ships on base at Yavin IV, and they find him asleep in various cockpits more than once. Actually, over and over and over. Whenever little Cassian is missing, a droid is sent to go check the ships, and invariably he’s in one either pretending to fly (sound effects and all) or curled up in the seat dreaming about the stars. 

So they teach him, and he grows to be as adept behind the controls of a ship - freighter, cruiser, x-wing, y-wing, stolen TIEs - as he is at recruiting.

By the time he’s fifteen he’s piloting ships for missions all over the Galaxy, and seamlessly blending into the population of every planet he visits. Cassian always comes back with new forces, new guns and bombs, and once, memorably, a whole cruiser. He offers no explanation for that one, but there’s a crew on board who all seem very taken with the striking young rebel.

Soon he’s the top recruiter for the Rebellion, working with both sides; the planning and intelligence side on the Imperial Senate as aide to Bail Organa as well as the action and tactics side with Mon Mothma, Fulcrum (in one quadrant he actually holds the title), and one almost-Jedi woman with many names and twin lightsabers. 

Sometimes he regrets the things he has to do for the rebellion; the rebels are not perfect and they’re not Jedi, so they kill when they must. 

But he respects the Cause and he knows that one day what he’s doing will bring back a galaxy in which Imperial flags don’t reign across the planets. So when they hear of an Imperial cargo pilot defecting, he’s the first to sign up for the mission. He is, after all, the Rebellion’s best recruiter.

Companion piece to these: Hero for a Rey | FN-2187: criminal; hero | Cassian the recruiter | The truth of Bodhi Rook | Thank you General


Various ships, flyers, freighters, jigs and speeders.

A selection of craft that ply their trade between settlements in the asteroid belt and as far out as the outer planets. Mining and processing rocks for metals and rare-earth elements before selling them on to the established and up-and-coming outposts between Mars and Neptune.

Many of the craft are built just for work in the vacuum of space, no need for aerodynamics or streamlining. Basic agglomerations of control pods, living quarters and cargo units. Some of the freighters and skiffs occasionally skim the atmospheres of the gas giants to collect gases and materials for the F-Drives that power almost all craft, blade-like fins and rudders give extra control in these rarified environments.

Many of the ships are based on old designs, modified and upgraded when necessary. Parts and technology interchangeable between many different classes of craft, resulting in the mongrel look of this rag-tag fleet.