La Vie La Mort

It’s very hard to write anything about perfume, I guess I’m used to describing the way things look, or I can always add a picture, but since there are now scratch and sniff screens just yet, I’ll just have to do my best.

One of the things I got very excited about last Black Friday was the Sephora $10 kits, and the only reason I ordered 3 of them and an eyeshadow brush I didn’t need was a 3 mini perfumes from Tokyo Milk Dark series.

I’m not really such a dark person or much of a femme fatale. But I don’t really like wearing perfume and somehow what i’ve seen and smelled from Margot Elena was very non perfume like. 

The kit has 5 little rollons in Bulletproof, Tainted Love and La Vie La Mort 

I like all 3, but the one that I’m finding myself going back to all the time is La Vie La Mort, it’s notes, according to Tokyo Milk site are: White Tuberose, Cardamom, Hibiscus Leaf, Jasmine And the scent is described, according to Sephora as: Mesmerizing. Inspirational. Dreamy.

I know what Jasmine and Cardamom smells like, and have no idea what the 2 other are, I do know that this perfume smells like flowers, but not sweet or romantic at all, and not really heavy. It manage to smell fresh without smelling citrusy or sour at all. I can smell the Jasmine when I apply it, with a hint of sweetness, but after about a minute,it changes and becomes this nice adult smell, which I guess I would expect to smell from fresh cut white simple flowers, rather then a heavy colorful bouquet.

What I mostly like about it, is that it doesn’t smell at all like perfume and the scent is very delicate and no one but me smells it unless we are hugging. I hate those lingering potent smells some people wear, it feels like an assault to be forced to be surrounded by someone else’s smell. 

How much: Full size is $36, I got 3 minis for $10

Will I buy again: I’ve been using all 3 for over a month and barely made a dent. Does anybody ever finish a bottle of fragrance?! When I do finish it, I’m sure I’ll buy it again.

Also - Please Sephora, do this again with the other fragrances in this series, I would love to try the rest! 


Up until a couple of months ago, I really hated perfume. I like the idea of bodies smelling the way they are, and I really hate that lingering smell of perfume when a person leaves a room. Add to that, the fact that every time I thought I found something that smells lovely and fresh, it turned out to smell like an old lady after 20 minutes or so.

I always thought of myself as a citrusy kind of a person, I wanted a sour, fresh, young, clean smell, but, as said, something just didn’t work. About 10 years ago, I decided it’s time to find my “signature” smell. I bought 5 different perfumes, and non of them stuck. It just didn’t have that “fresh” feel I was looking for.

All this changed a few months ago, when I got a package from Sephora and among the 3 samples there was a perfume sample from TokyoMilk. I tried it just because the packaging was so pretty, and discovered a spicy, heavy, flowery smell. Everything I thought I didn’t like in perfume.

In the first couple of seconds I loved it, then I got a headache and thought I hated it. But in the next few of days I kept thinking about that scent, imagining the smell. It almost smell like a memory of a complicated dessert or a cocktail or some type of incense.

Looking into TokyoMilk, I found out they make very unique perfume and after a search of reading reviews and scent descriptions, I ordered one of their rollerballs. And I love it! it doesn’t smell like the beach (in my mind that should smell like sticky sugar, coconut and sweat) but like a memory of the beach in a movie or a book - salt, seaweed, something that’s almost like decay but fresh.

When Sephora had their Black Friday special and I saw a little TokyoMilk sampler set, I was very excited, and ordered it online about 10 minutes from when the sale opened. 

I haven’t tried any of them yet. They all sound strange, heavy and exciting. Hopefully, no old lady smell.