YOKAINOSHIMA (Island of the Yokai) | Charles Freger

After his success documenting Europe’s winter pagan masquerades (Wilder Mann*, 2012), photographer Charles Freger embarked on a new photographic series chronicling the relationship between the Japanese people and their ritual figures: the yokai, oni, and kappa, and many others that inhabit the spiritual landscape of the archipelago. 

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Crash Magazine Fall 2017, Editorial “Couture Academy”. All Maison Margiela Artisanal by John Galliano, Look 7 from Fall 2017 collection.

Photographer Charles Freger, Model Anne-Sophie Monrad, styled by Armelle Leturcq


Traditional & Ceremonial Pagan Costumes of Europe Photographer Charles Freger has spent many years roaming around Europe to take pictures of costumes from Pagan rituals. The series, entitled “Wilder Mann,” inspires “images of an older, wilder and more tribal Europe, filled with wild beasts, bonfires and pagan gods.” The tradition of men dressing up as wild animals and monsters, which dates back to neolithic times and shamanism, is still very alive nowadays. This seems to represent the complicated relationship humans have with nature.

okay so this is from charles freger’s “wild mann” series where he looks at different mythical beings from europe and like someone help cause my google fu is failing me what is this representing AND is it the inspiration behind finn’s balor look


The extraordinary painted elephants of India | See full photo gallery

The Elephant Festival takes over the city of Jaipur every year. The animals are draped with jewelry and given majestic multi-color makeovers (complete with pedicures), before doing a procession through the streets. Later they race, play elephant polo and take part in a human vs animal tug-of-war. 

Photographer Charles Freger travelled to Rajasthan to get a sneak peek.