i know a lot of ppl dislike how ash looks in the new anime but like… he actually looks like a 10 year old and ash by far has been the most expressive ive ever seen since season one and two

like xyz had great animation but ash’s facial features hardly changed. the new animation is basically making battle more fluid and expressive which is something fans always wanted. in xyz there were great animated battles but imo the characters felt… stiff???

idk i just felt the series needed a nice change. and the new season is colorful and will most likely catch a lot of children’s attention since pokemon gains new younger audiences everyday

Freezing manga cap redraw ♥

Freezing: America (Working title) Chapter 1

Chapter 1, Death and Alster

He awoke, looking to the sight that had become quite the norm for him. The seeming white ceiling of the Genetics Buildings Infirmary. It really was strange to him to always end up here, though he understood his reasoning and actions were probably to say the least, not suited for one in the position he would be eventually be given, but it was to say the least something that was going to happen regardless. He tried to move; though the shot of pain that shot threw his entire body seemed to stop him. It was obvious that he was hurt worse then normal this time. How did he get here again? Right it was the same old reason, his so called insult of the Pandora who were present in this place. He never stood down from a fight, even if it was a joke from the Pandora. More so, he tended to come off…as annoying to them. They were all seniors to him, and he was of course merely a freshmen. But after his fight against a few of the senior males, he managed to get the name of Death.

This nick name wasn’t out of kindness. No it was meant to point out that he was the most likely to die in combat, or never get a Pandora to begin with. They all knew he was too aggressive. Even the teachers called him by this nick name. As you could expect, it was rare to see him not covered in some sort of bandages. But no matter how many times he tried to let it settle, it just didn’t seem right to him that they had to hold all the weight of humanity on their soldiers. But maybe that was another reason for his utter downfall in this program so far.

The sound of the door swinging open was heard. Followed by the sound of high heals from the nurse, she was to say the least one of the experts here. She specialized in field medical work, but decided to take a turn to America Genetics because of the recent increase of what seemed to be nova clashes near and around the Japanese area. Her hand opened the white drape that was hanging around the medical bed that he was laying on; showing her military uniform that most of the people in the genetics wore. It wasn’t the school uniform that the Pandora’s had to wear, but it still matched the black and red coloration that seemed to follow with a camouflage like pattern. Of course this wasn’t one of his own ticks, her hair was tied up in what seemed to be a bun as she held in her other hand a board holding all the details of his wounds.

“You know, one day your going to just die in your conflicts. And you wonder why people call you Death.” She stated while approaching him and bending over to look over his face better. He hadn’t realized that he had more head injuries, probably cause he wasn’t able to stand up in the first place, that and her bending over was more then enough to get him interested in seeing down her shirt. Even if it was buttoned up, he was still a teen, what more would you have expected from him. She had a nice form, even if her chest wasn’t her strong area. But maybe he needed to get a better hand around that one. Letting himself fall into these teen like emotions wasn’t one of the more intelligent matters.

“Lovely, so it seems you managed to get your skull slightly cracked, you broke 3 ribs, and your right thigh bone was slightly fractured.” She finished as her green eyes moved to look at his gaze and smile at him cruelly. “Obviously they didn’t break your cock though. Bummer really, one day they will you know. So stop looking at me with those hungry eyes. I may remove one just to see how you fight with that injury.” She stated as she pulled herself up and looked to her notes. On the brown board, flicking threw the white sheets of paper, her eyes seeming to read over each line. “You are more then lucky to be alive. I swear if the Pandora’s didn’t take pity on you.-”

“Yah, I’d be dead…” he stated it calmly before she could finish. Sure she had a slight deeper voice then some girls, but it just added to the women like approach. Regardless, she was going to go into her condescending mode. It was more then annoying to hear about the stuff he knew, more so when it was all about how the military, though active, could do nothing about the Nova attacks. “So when will you be using the regens?” he asked after a slight pause, it was obvious she was still looking over his bio information. It was not like he could really do anything. If he was lucky he could maybe stand.

“Well, if it was anyone else I would have said you aren’t allowed. You should sit in these pains. However, your father is president to one of the more powerful corporations. Let alone the creator of the regens…bummer they are designed per person. Regardless, we’ll give it to you tonight. You will probably be put to sleep again so you don’t experience the pain of hyper regeneration. But-”

“Yes, like always it isn’t a full fix, just enough so that I can move again. I understand.” he finished her sentence again; he could tell it annoyed her but he really didn’t care. It was best that he tried to pull all the stops this time to stop her from going into that annoying mode. Even at the age of 15, he knew all to well the parts that would heal and what wouldn’t. The Regen was made to pull people out of critical condition, while he used it as a means to fix his injuries. His father never did complain though as with each time he used it, it would give that part of the company even more data. However, it was yet to pass enough tests for it to be considered for wide military use. This was because the Pandora’s could literally repair lost limbs and more if they were brought to the medical bay’s soon enough because of the Volt Textures which came from the implanted stigma in their back. Though he didn’t need to really go too deep into the idea of it.

Here, the best or number one Pandora was known as the Immortal. Her real name was Roxanne Elipton. And as such she held the first place in the entire school. For the most part the Pandora’s that even qualified in the top 10 all had their own Limiters. Limiters were the roles of their male partners, which were more of a sort of support unit to the more battle heavy Pandora class. Though it was also the over all goal of all the males who signed up. To meet a Pandora and to be baptized with her was considered something almost on the lines of life changing, and it was more common then not to even get married to your Pandora. Though he figured this could be many things, but the major one was the effect the baptizing had to the limiter and Pandora. The name Ereinbar set was an activation they would generally used to connect all their senses as one, and because of this, it was on the lines of the same activities as others. Though in the end the most common fusion of the two was generally with second year males and 3rd year females. This was because at the end of the 3rd year the two would have been moved to the Chevalier. An organized military unit focused on fighting against the Nova, and defeating them. This was to say if they even made it that far.

He understood many aspects, more so then other people from all his time in the hospital bed. This time was spent on reading up on the things he could not catch in class or more. He was rated as a genius even among the people in his class and those above him. Moreover, that was either out of luck or because of his bloodline. It didn’t matter though, he was too much of a liability for most of the Pandora’s in the area. At least so far that’s how it was. He not only would be assaulted for his occasional challenge of other limiters, or being challenged at that case. But also for him telling the Pandora who showed some interest in him that he would often challenge to combat. Though they would barely even lift a finger when fighting him. He still believe it was best to fight them, even if he didn’t learn too much he still learned something with every defeat. It was to say, annoying for most of the Pandora, since they were merely looking to get to know him, and most of them seemed to be busy with other things. Most Pandora who approached him where the 2nd years which was to be expected. As the 3rd years had the boys of the 2nd year to select from. Of course this didn’t stop him form thinking that getting a 3rd year as a Pandora was impossible, just somewhat unlikely…

He would have turned in his bed if it wasn’t for the fact that the nurse, Miss Smith, had turned to look at him once more with a sigh. “You know, if you ever want a Pandora, your going to have to try to take it down a notch. No one wants to put their Limiter in danger, more so if the Limiter jumps into combat . You may feel you have to do this, but I advise against it.” She states as she pulls a chair up beside him and places both her legs onto the bed leaning back. Then for a moment, she tossed a book onto his lap and closed her eyes with a slight yawn. “Well here is your reading material for today. I’m sure your already ahead of the classes you have. Therefore, I pulled out a book on the recent data collected from the 9th and 10th Nova Clash. We may have not participated but it doesn’t mean we haven’t watched how Japan dealt with it.” She states before another yawn takes over and she shifts a bit in her chair.

He didn’t really need to bother with asking her why she would get these for him. It was obvious on the reason why. At least he had some reading material before he was to be put into the room once more.


“Death, it seems that you have to add another person to your list of fail contracts of interest,” the rather tall black haired man stated. It was obvious, more so then anything, he was trying to taunt him. Of course it would be rude not to retort to this mans ignorance and stupidity.

“Oh~ So, what are you purposing to me now? Isn’t that something you should get down on one knee and do?” He replied calmly, barely even looking up to make eye contact. He had already figured out all the mans weakness’ in less then a glance up to see who was sorta talking to him. This was just how it went down in the classes. This school wasn’t just boring, but seemed to attract so many retarded men trying to be a limiter.

“W-W-W-WHAT! That’s it! You’re goin’ to get it this time you piece of shit.” The man brought his fist down to hit him in the head. Sadly enough for him his target had already expect his attack and pulled back from his desk. Forcing the man’s fist into the desk itself as he picked up a book and swung it towards the mans face falling over to the ground with him.

“Oops, it seems I stumbled out of shock there. I’m sorry…did that Hurt!” He stated in reply while plowing his fist directly into the black haired mans face, the sound of crushing bones as a smile crept across his face. Every strike seemed to draw out more blood, though he needed to move before the mans possey decided to join in. Nevertheless, it did not matter since he hadn’t expected the man to have been already selected. Feeling a tight grip on his shoulder from a person, he couldn’t feel he was sent flying into the cement wall at full speed, the impact seeming to make a loud crack as he fell to the ground. The class seemed to scream about as the people barely even knew what was happening.

“Ugh…” Death stated as he tried to push himself up for a moment, slipping. It hurt badly, whatever it hurt bad. It was starting to happen again, his kill drive was raising, calling for a sacrifice, he had so much trouble with it. He needed to take someone down or else he was going to fall to it. He pushed up once more feeling the broken ribs on his back, and stumbled abit. Seeing the red and black uniform that was accompanied by a skirt that the Pandora’s wore. Right, that was why he didn’t sense anyone, it was a Pandora, they were out of his league after all but it didn’t matter to him, he was going to kill this bitch if he could. If anything these 2nd years didn’t know how to use the environment…or so he had figured out from the 6 fights.

“Oh? Was that your boyfriend? Sorry about that, he almost proposed to me, it was odd.” he stated, yah running his mouth was still one of his more bad habits it seemed. No matter how badly beat he got, he could hold a conversation that would destroy you mentally, sort of the pre-battle ware down.

“Do you really want to die?” The red haired 2nd year stated, her body was pretty cool, she was fit, then again, even if you weren’t fit within the first year of being here you would be. Therefore, it didn’t matter in the end. Her eyes however screamed out kill. Her killing intent was indeed interesting, almost a turn on, but he wanted nothing more now then to break how the impossible seemed to run in his mind sometimes. “Blond hair…those eyes. You’re death, you know you should learn to shut the hell up. Let alone you stand out like a sore thumb, you turned down a few of my girl friends. I have a bone to pick with you.” She stated coldly, it was obvious he wasn’t going to be able to incite her into a rage based attack.

“So, who do I owe the pleasure of meeting in combat today?” He stated sarcastically, as he waiting for her to reply, though it took him a moment to realize she had no intention to answer that. It was lucky his reflexes were getting quicker as he had managed to toss a desk up into the air before rolling, albeit painfully across the marble floor as her fist went through the desk itself and she turned to see him, rebounding off the ground she charged towards him.

“You have no right to know my name. I’ve hated you ever since I saw you come into this school. You’re better off just dead.” Her kick landed up making contact with his thigh as he was flung threw a few desks before he tried to get up.

“Gah, you girls really like being such bitches sometimes huh? He’s a guy, it’s not like I killed him. He’ll be fine.”

“Shut IT” her fist came to fast for him to react to it, and darkness blanketed his vision.


He woke up in his assigned room; it was obvious the regen system was finished now. He had been put to sleep, which like always he agreed to. The last time he took the medication without it, it was like being beat up over a million times in his body as the bones and such cracked into place. Almost like being set on fire, while being frozen and melted at the same time. That was how it felt on the inside; he swore after that the best way was during sleep. Which he sent to his father in a letter. Data was data no matter how odd it seemed. After that, though he was told to not send data directly towards the president of the corporation. Normal if you would think of it, but sometimes he wished he could have sent more information to him. That and his lack of giving information to his own mother was probably something else the nurse worried about. He did not care to much about it, generally he didn’t even bother thinking about either of them and focused on what was at hand.

He pulled his sheets away from him tossing them against the wall itself as he turned and looked to the wall that was across from him. His bed, had been placed on the right side of the room, while the door was in the far wall to the right of that, in the center of that wall. What he was looking at was the left side of the room, it held his TV, game consoles a library for books, a desk with a computer on it and a sofa. Just the basic stuff they would place in most of the students’ rooms. You didn’t have to be rich, to go to these schools, as the search for a good limiter was always there, but you weren’t always approved either. Normally it was only the parents who took the time to come to the school. He had more luck though with his father’s side of the family being connected to the military in one way or another. So he was tossed into this program without really much choice. His sister however wasn’t quite old enough. However, he didn’t know if she was even allowed to come, even with her being compatible with stigma.

He stretched abit, noticing that Miss Smith had dressed him up in a clean uniform it seemed. Only normal, he sometimes wondered if he was her only patient. As there was about 6 nurses in the school. It was only something you’d expect from a school that was pretty much based to train you in combat, let alone a good amount of specialists just for the Pandora and Pandora healing styles. He knew quite abit about this place..funded by the Chevalier which seemed even more corrupted with each day. His father would support it from the shadows, but stated that he never wanted to be directly connected to the Chevalier. Believing their organization to have too much power as it was.

Other then the black sheets and the red design of his covers, the thick draperies that seemed to hang over his window blocking out all the light from coming into his room. It was a pretty standard plain room. A white color, with the occasional marking from the walls being made a steel. If you didn’t know it was a students room it probably looked more like a prison cell then anything else. Not that he minded, it wasn’t supposed to be a vacation here. You were to learn, and make the best of what you could out of the place. Which reminded him, it was probably daylight outside, and if his sleeping schedule kept up like normal it was probably around noon. Which meant he would have to try to get to lunch then, go to the next class after that. Even more so, it was his favorite class. He pushed his blond hair back by sliding his right hand through his hair from the from of his head to the back a wicked smile on his face.

“Well at least I’ll have some fun. Maybe talk to some people.” He stated coldly to himself, his voice slightly deeper then he would show to other people. He would often increase his pitch by one when talking to other people, but his sadistic side normally held his deeper voice, and his cruel fear instilling smile. It was something most people hadn’t seen, which was normal. He walked to his door, touching the handle for a moment before turning the nob and pulling it open. He didn’t really need a clock, the bright light that came in through the windows that were lining the entire left side of the hallway showing the court yard was more then enough for him to see the sunlight.

The school was like a fort fused with an old triangle fort of old. With all the supplies and wants you could want. It held five star chefs, and fast food joints. Everything was generally funded by the Chevalier which if you thought of them as an organization or company, made over hundreds of trillions of dollars a year. Being the power house that could make or destroy countries themselves. That was why his father disliked them, they may have had a more deeper want and connection to the ideal of a monarchy, but this style was too cruel. No one could go against them…no smart person would at least. It was one of the reasons why their company kept themselves in the shadows..

He took a few steps forward, walking with his bare feet as he yawn and leaned on the railing that was about 10 feet from the massive windows that lined the wall. Looking into the courtyard as he always did to see who or what was happening. Sometimes he could even tell if he was going to have a trip to the infirmary or not just by the reaction to the people down there. Though there was something that caught his eye this time around. There seemed to be one of the 3rd year Pandora’s walking down in the court yard. Her silk navy blue like hair seeming to be deterred by a silver color of bangs that seemed to hang before her Blue-yellow eyes. Her cream like skin tone seemed to shine in the sunlight as her cupid bow like lips seemed to thin off giving her lips a sort of smaller appearance on her face. She was to say the least an hour glass, with a nice sized chest holding the perfect body for the uniform they had. Though hers seemed to be slightly altered around her arms, and she seemed to wear combat boots instead of the heals that they normally wore.

It was hard for him to take his eyes off her, even with the group of men that seemed to block his view from her as she showed almost no interest in them. Actually not even acknowledging their presence at all as she seemed to move to the lunch room. He laughed to himself. It seemed that he had spotted one of the more famous of the Pandora’s. Well, it would make sense since there were so many that were pretty much famed as it was, but he hadn’t seen her before. Maybe she was knew, plus her socks didn’t seem to match the color code that was normally given to them, she was suppose to have red socks, but it was obvious that she probably didn’t care to much about that one, even her make up was limited. However, it seemed that the stigma did enhance the female’s natural beauty. He wondered for a moment what it would be like to meet this person, more then certain that maybe she would be worth his time. His thought was interrupted by a nearby boy who was also watching her.

“No way man, she’s way out of your league. I mean past the point that we are both 1st years, I don’t think she’d even bat an eye at you. Though men tailing her? They were all high ranking 2nd years. You don’t even make it there with your marks…that and your reputation alone would probably make it not worth while for her.” The man spoke only to receive was he could best describe as a fist to the face from a very angry man that had come up to talk to him.

“Ah, how are you doing today Daniel.” he stated calmly, not even bothering to check on the man who was just destroyed by the hit of his friend. Daniel was temperamental on some things, most of all saying any women was out of your reach was one of them. They would often hang out and do some crazy things together. Having been in the same gang at once point, they held quite a close bond when it came to fighting. His nickname, was Red. At least his was because of his hair color, and the fact that when he was done most fights, his irish blood would make him a more red like color. It was interesting to see, he was obviously more of a brawler type.

“This is the first time I’ve seen you even look at a female like that.” he stated calmly and leaned near him on the bar. Daniel was large, more of a buff built then probably the other people at this moment. But he did spent a lot of time in the gym…maybe that was why? He really hadn’t given much thought to it. The guy worked out and liked to beat the shit out of idiots. Why should he complain about it? It is not like it effected him in any way. In fact it reduced his chances of running into morons. So the more the better. “For that look to come on your face….well luck for you I have found some information on her. Though it’s no names sadly, it’s still information.”

“Oh? Better then nothing.” he replied, turning to look at him, meeting the blue gaze as Daniel nodded.

“Indeed,” he stated calmly and sighed, “Really though it’s more that she doesn’t have a limiter, and has turned down most of them, and those she does find interesting she gets bored of and obviously never baptizes. So basically shes another of the recent increase in Pandora’s losing interest in the limiters provided here. They say she may even be transferred to west genetics or east genetics Japan.”
That would be quite problematic. If she managed to move to those locations, he wouldn’t be able to meet her. It had been awhile since his heart jumped over a female… many people would have said his requirements where too high. Nevertheless, he didn’t care, was it crime to know what you were looking for physically? Then again maybe that was shallow in itself. He just sighed and shook his head looking back out to the court yard.

“I’m going to need you and The Wall to take care of her fan club.” he stated after a few seconds pause and pushing off of the metallic railing. Looking back to Daniel for a moment “I’ll just have to talk to her, it’s how it all goes right? No need to worry to much about it.” Death states for a moment before breathing out for a moment.

“Well, I’ll be glad to get Matthew for this. But I still think you need to put on some shoes. I mean walking around down their bare feet would be insane even for you. Other then that your hair looks fine. So you’re good to go man.” he says while turning around before placing one of his hands into the right pocket of his pants. And lifting up his left hand to wave by with a nonchalant matter. It was obvious he was going to get Matthew, and after that they would have to hold the line while he gets the chance to talk to her.

They say a female generally calculates if you are worth her time within the moment of you walking up to them and coming near them. If you do it in a certain fashion, they enjoy then they will listen to you, if you don’t then they will probably just ignore you entirely. It’s just how it goes. Though men who aren’t needing a women, generally do the same thing. He thought to himself as he pulled on his white socks and put on the shoes that were really just black dress shoes. They weren’t the most comfortable at that., but when were dresses shoes suppose to be comfortable anyways. He pulled the laces into the normal knot fashion before getting out of his room and heading down to the court yard.

It wasn’t far, there was an elevator that separated the rooms of the dorms into what would be seen as categories. He was in the M wing, which held all the people with a last name starting with M. Well it was to say all the males with an M. The female dorms were actually in a completely different building all together, outside of this fort and into the one near by. It was only logical, though when you became a Limiter they would generally, if you were good enough. Move you around quite a lot. As he figured out from The Immortal.

The courtyard was lushes in its own right. Holding a sort of gothic esque to it. Even the fountain itself seemed to have some sort of Victorian gothic era like feel to it. Of course, maybe it was just how it was when it came to these buildings. He hadn’t really seen the more famous Genetics of Japan. Where Dr. Aoi had been. But he had heard about them, and read about the achievements they had gained just from that one area. And that alone was something that was pretty interesting to him. Though before he could even get to that point, he would have to be known. And getting a possible 3rd year Pandora would be the best way for that one, it helped that she made his heart jump too.

The white cobblestone path made way to the marble that was the general hallway. The halls tend to hold a more black marble floor with the walls being a general grayish white color. Though they always said they’d paint it something else, they never cared to. Not like any of the student body cared. Training for your death was something more important then not.

He did enjoy one thing about his name, his rep. No one would bother get in his way. They believed him to be some weird bad luck charm, even with his bandages that rested on the upper left part of his forehead it still probably was something almost all feared or just did not care to be seen near him. The swinging doors where before him as he pushed through them to see that Matthew and Daniel were already there. Blending into the crowd as best they could. You could expect the reason why Matthew was called The Wall. He was a massive man of muscle, standing around the same height as himself, he had a sort of buzz cut black hair, and blue eyes. Pale skin, and wouldn’t be seen without his mass. By no means was he really a fat man, merely a wall of muscle, buff muscle made for his linebacker position in his favorite game of football.

They moved like a unit given commands without their commander even saying so. Taking up positions around the men that were their by taunting them, calling them names to pull them towards them. And away from the target that Death had set his gaze upon. She was sitting quite lady like, something he didn’t expect, as she took a light bight out of her hamburger from burger queen. Her eyes closed, showing a slightly long eyelashes and her thin eyebrows. She seemed to either really take care of herself, or just stood on a higher position then most of the others he had seen. She seemed to have sensed his presence as her eyes opened while he sat down across from her.

“Oh? Who said you could sit near me first year.” She stated, her voice was quite unexpected. He had assumed it would have been deep or high pitched. But this one was womanly to say the least. It was higher but seemed to just fit in a more perfect melody in his ears as she had spoke. She stared at him, her blue yellow gaze looking him over and stopping over the obvious wounds on his hands and on his head. “Did you get into a fight?” She stated and went back to eating her food.

It was like talking to a tiger, a snake or other predatory creatures. He couldn’t even see an opening for him to attack her if he wanted to. Though even if he did, he doubt he’d be able to last even more then 2 seconds. Was this what is was like to approach a third year? It was in a way quite intimidating, but he wasn’t known to back down. “Oh?” he said surprised, “That is rare, so you don’t know who I am?” he stated calmly. He had to maintain a more calm tone. This wasn’t some sort of 2nd year or 1st year. This could very well be his first attempt to try to get a Pandora. And so far she didn’t up and leave so that must have some sort of effect…but then again she didn’t leave with the other men here..but she didn’t acknowledge them either. In this case, she acknowledged him, so far at least but didn’t seem to hate him being there. So that was a bonus.

“Am I supposed to know you?” She stated uncaringly, though it could have also been that she didn’t feel the need to keep track of the rumors that floated around. Or maybe she was just humoring him. To some extent, even with all his confidence he couldn’t really force a person to enjoy his company. “Though, you do seem to have something familiar about yourself.” She stated, that was good, at least she may have heard something about him. Though he still hoped not. It was probably easier now that he thought about it that she didn’t know anything about him at all. That way he could build around that. Man it was more complicated at this moment then he thought it would be.

“No, I suppose you shouldn’t know me. Though, it still makes me somewhat impressed you didn’t. My name is Charles Mariotte.” He states, it had been sometime since he had to introduce himself to someone. Truly, it was still something that kept him in a sort of shock, though he worked to keep it off his face. A person, more notably a Pandora who didn’t know his name. This was indeed a lucky day so far. Though, he wondered how she would take to his…normal routine. The other Pandora near him seemed to know him as they moved even further away. The lady looked up to him, her gaze matching his for a moment.

“I see,” she states, almost with a lack of emotion, but her eyes didn’t say that she wanted him to leave. “My name is Xenovia.” She states as she watches him carefully for a moment. “it seems that the other Pandora’s don’t like you that much. Care to explain that, Charles?” she states putting emphases on his name. It was obvious that she was taking interest, just setting it up for something that he couldn’t escape from. Taking a slight deep breath before breathing it out. “Well?”

“Well…err you see I’m not like the other…potential limiters. I’m quite…special I guess in one way.” He says laughing lightly before she seemed to lose interest. Her gaze going back to her food, giving that ‘I heard this before’ type of look while she move to take a bite out of her burger. He had to do something about this, or be brushed off as another man…boy trying to get her to be his partner. Though it was not hard for him, the same thing he had been doing, the reason he was given the nickname for death, wasn’t for his limiter attacks. No.

“Xenovia! I challenge you to a duel!” He stated loudly as she looked up to him with a sort of off smile that said she was waiting for this.