Freezing manga cap redraw ♥


I always felt like Freezing was very similar to Attack on Titan. They both center around a conflict where humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction due to a large, inhuman opponent that humanity knows almost nothing about and is forced into one large stronghold(AoT)/A small pocket of remaining strongholds(Freezing) and special military organizations are created for the sole purpose of fighting this threat using specialized hardware that is meant even the odds against such a powerful foe. The main character is driven to perform well above their limits due to an attachment to their late mother. As the series progresses the main character learns that they have a special power that, while great, links them to the enemy they have sworn to vanquish(Eren’s titan form/Satellizer’s nova form). And finally, a very critical part of the story, pertaining to origins, is locked inside of a basement.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just over thinking it but this definitely stood out to me while I was watching.

Since I’m not a writer and, definitely, not an artist, hehe, I’ve decided to share some little things about Sanji and Nami that I found interesting. They are not necessarily romantic, but something more like a trivia. So I decided to leave the important stuff like Sanji and Nami willing to sacrifice their lives for each other or they worrying about the other’ss safety. Most of you already know about these things, but maybe it would be nice to remember some “slice of life” during such a glorious week. ^^

1. Sanji is the protector of Nami’s precious mikan trees:

We all know how Nami treasures those trees. They are a special remembrance from her time with Bellemere, so it’s really nice that Nami trusts Sanji with such a task. And it’s cute when you remember how Nami hugged the trees when she discovered they were safe after Merry sunked. It’s also nice that Sanji was the only other Strawhat in the scene and he was smiling:

It’s interesting to note that even recently, when the crew was starving near Totland, no one ate the mikans!

2. Sanji and Nami both wear eyeglasses (prescription glasses):

Nami uses them when drawing maps.

Sanji uses them here when using the abacus, an old instrument to make calculations. He also uses the eyeglasses in Dressrosa as part of his disguise and as his persona “Mr. Prince” in Alabasta (although they seemed to be just a stylized eyewear during that time). Other Strawhats used glasses in movies or color spreads, apparently for fashion reasons, but Sanji and Nami are the only ones that used them in the manga to help them see better, whether to draw precisely or to make correct calculations. Since both love to maintain a good appearance, it wouldn’t surprise me if they avoid using it for vanity reasons. ^^ Speaking of eyeglasses….

3. Both were nerds as kids:

Sanji read all kinds of books when he was a kid (in the picture he is with a science one). He even brought several of them while he was imprisoned. And Nami actually stole books from the local library so she could study navigation and cartography. Aunt Robin would be so proud. xD

4. Nami loves Sanji’s food:

Nami has been complimenting Sanji’s skills from the very beginning. And she doesn’t take the credit when everyone complimented her fish, she happily said that she just followed Sanji’s recipe:

It’s really cool that Nami is the “substitute” chef of the crew. ^^

5. Sanji gives his jacket to Nami:

The first time was in Little Garden, when Nami’s outfit burned. The second time was in Punk Hazard when Nami was freezing. Differently from the anime, though, Oda makes it subtle. In Little Garden, the moment Sanji gave his jacket was off paneled. In Punk Hazard, it was almost off panel as you can see in the right picture (Nami almost doesn’t appear). However, Oda makes us pay attention when Nami asks Chopper to lend his fur some panels before this meeting Sanji. When he arrives, she doesn’t need to ask and Sanji doesn’t say a word, he just gives the jacket while staring at the marines. That’s pretty cool and that’s what a gentleman should do. In the anime, Sanji is all mellorine mode but that wasn’t Oda’s intention. Sanji’s caring for Nami is genuine, not something he would happily do just for the sake of flirting.


So this is it. There are plenty more things I could add to this list but it would become too big (I was planning to make 10 little things, but don’t worry, I can sneak them into other prompts for the week ^^). I hope you guys like it!