freezing flames

I'm nobody. There's no face to my name, no truth behind my words. You may see me with deep green eyes, but no understanding or life lies behind them. I'm the drifting words that you last spoke. Lost words create me in the memory of which I stay. I'm the fading image in the back of your mind. A once shining reality turned to a memory rejected by the views of your mind. No longer living.

l o s t i n t i m e

anonymous asked:

Dude you should totally go and freeze the flame kings shoes with a spell or something that can do that even to fire shoes?

Yeah, ‘cause she’s definitely not gonna freak out then.

Here Are The 9 Most Disgusting Things You've Been Eating Your Whole Life...And Had No Idea.

Here Are The 9 Most Disgusting Things You’ve Been Eating Your Whole Life…And Had No Idea.

If we are what we eat, then everyone is in big trouble. What would you say if I told you that your favorite food, the one your mom made every Thanksgiving, the one you looked forward to eating all year long, contained some of the most disgusting and dangerous ingredients on the planet?  Or even worse, what if you found out the breakfast you ate this morning contained toxins banned in most…

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Listening to Alive Again by Cher

I only wanna learn to freeze the flame~ I know I’ll be alive again
I, wanna be alive again….. – Preview it on Path.

my favourite tracks in osts are always the ice levels. like when you can hear the cold in a piece of music, that’s the most amazing thing. like in super mario galaxy there was the freeze flame galaxy or whatever, and the background music sounded like the way it feels when it’s really cold and you’re sitting by a fire

fucking sick