It took me and my colleagues weeks to plan our first ever Freeze Flash Mob to raise awareness about the illegal war in Afghanistan at our school. Spending hours with our volunteers spreading the word, making posters, flyers & flags I am very proud to say that it worked out so well in the end Alhamdulillah. I am so grateful from the amount of great feedback we got for this commemoration. I walked around so proudly with the Afghan flag on my back while everyone looked in wonder. And I thought “wow, finally. FINALLY the afghan people are being remembered. The issue there is no longer secret”

but of course there were people were completely against the idea. One gentlemen said we did it for “pure entertainment” What he means by entertainment, I do not know. But what I do know is what we did was to make a STATEMENT. We came together, all from different backgrounds, and stood against this war in solidarity. WE came together to show our support for the Afghan people, letting them know not everyone has forgotten them. This gentlemen also said these type of “things” are “stupid and pointless” Wrong again. IF we were to sit on our butts and do nothing, allowing the aimlessly killings to take place, THAT would be stupid and pointless. What we did was raised awareness because I can guarantee you that more people are aware now about the war in Afghanistan then they were last week. People now know what the media hid from them. WE made a difference. If we sit forever in our little worlds and ignore whats going on outside, we are going to live a unjust life. I don’t know about him, but for me I’d rather die then to live a unjust life.  

Afghanistan will be Free one day, just you watch sir. No thanks to you of course. 

Peace, Love, Freedom. 

(more pictures should be up soon!)


As a student body, we are united against the war on Gaza. This Freezemob was done just hours before the ceasefire was announced. I am so proud of everyone who came out and put in their time and effort into this protest (organized by the SAIA (Students Against Israeli Apartheid) at our University. We had an amazing response from the student body as well as the University’s professors. This wont be the last of us!