freezechan art

Edit: I just realized…his eyes dot things are the wrong color….NOOOO ugh…I can’t fix it either ;;

I’m going to try to do one of all the FNAM AU anamatronics. I only can find good refs of Doll and Mike though. I think Reb’s Ask box ate my ask though asking for images of em…their ask box loves eating my asks…

Anyway! This is Mike’s little animation thing. I plan on putting them all into one post when I finish them all. These are a ton of fun to do though!


I don’t have a problem, do you see a problem here, I don’t, certainly not, no problems to be seen….
ok yea there is I’m trash. I didn’t want to watch Miraculous Ladybug, because I knew I’d love it, I was right. I knew exactly why I would love it to, and I was spot on. I knew I’d love Cat Noir, and just, he’s a precious little baby omg.