freeze tolerance

So somebody needs to write a fanfic where Leonard suffers from chronic pain.

After all, we’ve all headcanoned that his torso is covered in scars from Lewis’ abuse + protecting Lisa from the same fate, but what if we went a step farther and that physical damage was so severe that he is always in pain.

Just getting out of bed every morning is a chore, but he does it because he’s stubborn and refuses to show weakness, and because he does not begrudge one second of this pain since it means that Lisa is protected from it.

The cold from his gun only enhances the pain, which is part of why he’s always completely bundled up; he’s trying to minimize that pain. The huge parka is only partly a fashion statement.

He doesn’t like being touched because it focuses his attention on his body and he’s trained himself not to notice it, but when anybody touches him all he can feel are the aches and pains that years of abuse left behind.

People wonder why he has such a high pain tolerance (freeze his own hand off nbd, get shot by a pirate blaster and is rushing off to help Sara fight Mick right when he regains consciousness, Mick beats him black and blue and he’s sauntering around like normal the next day) but nobody (not even Lisa) knows that it’s because he’s used to pain. When you are constantly hurting, adding a little bit more to that really doesn’t make much of a difference.

Just… chronic pain Len please and thank you!