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Behind the scenes of 42 - Part Four

Random facts from Jason Arnopp’s article in DWM #383

- During the filming of 42, Graeme kickstarts every scene by yelling, “Time-bomb’s about to go off! Here we go!” or “Remember that time-bomb!” or “Feel that heat!”

- “We were freezing to death in that big paper mill [used for the interior of the Pentallian],” recalls Freema, after shooting.  "We had totally visible breath coming out of our mouths, while pretending to boil! Because it was so cold, the offers of eating ice cream or putting ice cubes in our mouths really didn’t seem very enjoyable. In the end, we just decided to battle our way through it, while getting away with a little bit of breath. Imagine: me, refusing ice cream!“

- When 42’s script readthrough session came around on 11 January 2007, David Tennant was ill. He’d lost his voice, forcing script editor Garry Russell to stand in as the Doctor.

- The make-up treatment initially used to give Freema Agyeman a hot, glowing look didn’t really agree with her. "I was breaking out in a rash,” she recalls. “Eventually they used blusher instead.”

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