freeze jump

now that it’s official that they are boyfriends who like to tease and give each other shit, have some headcanons:

  • isak’s favorite thing once he comes home from school to even in his bed is get under the covers, snuggle real close, give him a kiss, and — to tickle him under his shirt with freezing cold hands
    • even jumps a foot in the air and swears every time
  • even likes to steal things from isak’s room and put them in just-a-bit-too-high-for-isak-to-reach places in the flat and then hide anything isak can use to stand on to reach them
    • isak then moans and groans and kisses even a lot until he gives in and retrieves them for him
    • (isak still does it anyway when he finds out where the footstool is hidden)
  • whenever isak is being lazy and starts to ask even for a favor (“hey, any chance you could-”), even simply deadpans “no” and walks away
    • isak starts doing the sAME THING RIGHT BACK bc even’s a jerkcanoe
  • isak steals even’s phone all the time - not to get into it - but to take literally dozens of pictures of himself with the camera while it’s still locked
    • (most of them are just him flipping even the bird in increasingly creative ways) 
  • even telling isak blatant lies about everything and anything and isak falling for them every time
    • e: “did u know if u put a raisin in grape juice it turns into a grape?” 
    • i: “really????” 
    • e: “………” 
    • i: “….are u f kidding me nOT AGAIN”
  • isak buys a little waterproof notepad for his shower since they tend to shower at different times in the morning and so he thought it would be cute for them to write little notes to each other
    • even just draws dicks
    • (isak decorates them)
  • even likes to sneakily turn isak’s phone off silent in the morning and call him while he’s in class so isak’s embarrassing self-recorded rap ringtone plays for all to hear
    • when isak inevitably sends even to voicemail, even just leaves dumb voicemails like “this is ur doctor calling and we’ve decided to prescribe u the over the counter Suck-A-Dick medication to help with ur boners, we’ve left it with ur bf, make sure to take some when u get home”

i literally could go on forever with these


I am getting serious flashbacks to high school musical right now

when my team is winning; live stream barely works, stutters everytime something good happens, freezes, skips, and jumps, barely any sound, blurry and rubbish quality, like 5 minutes behind

when my team is losing; live stream is clearer than day, HD quality, in a language i understand, good sounding, not blurry or jumpy or 3 minutes behind, all round perfect 

Spring Aesthetics

Shu: picnics, kanken, sun rays streaming in through windows, exploring new places

Reiji: Newly blooming flowers, singing birds, pressing flowers, reading poetry

Ayato: wearing shorts again, jumping in freezing water, skipping testing, kicking anthills

Laito: keeping windows open all day, dancing in the rain, floral outfits, walking dogs

Kanato: Picking flowers, blossoming trees, pastel band aids, blowing bubbles, chalk art

Subaru: pastel morning skies, planting a tree, forgetting umbrella, wet shoes

Ruki: end of the year testing, spring cleaning, revisiting memories, losing things and gaining things

Kou: flower petal baths, tiny butterflies, morning dew, putting flowers in pockets

Yuma: warm sun spots, planting flowers, climbing trees, love confessions

Azusa: flower crowns, pen pals, writing love letters, watching sappy chick flicks

Sarumi scenario at the beach 🐚

Sarumi at the beach
-Saruhiko grumbles to himself while lathering himself with his 10th coat of sunscreen
-They bring a picnic so Misaki feeds crumbs of their sandwich to a seagull but then a bunch come and he starts trying to fight them off
-Saruhiko refuses to swim with Misaki and claims that since he had to be dragged to saw a miserable place, he’d much rather be reading his book and be away from the sun as much as possible
-Misaki gets annoyed at his stubbornness and fills a bucket (used to make his totally cool sand castle) up with the sea water and splashes it on him
-Saruhiko freezing cold jumps in rage and starts chasing Misaki around the whole beach much to Misaki’s delight
-They finally both tire out and sit on the sand together to catch their breath
-Saruhiko steals a glance at Misaki and sees the sunset casting beautifully over his reddish brown eyes
-They then stop for popsicles and head back home before packing their stuff

‘I work as a florist and every day you walk in, buy one flower and give it to me’

It had started on a wet November afternoon, a petite mousey-haired young woman had dashed in to the shop to escape the rain. Carmilla looked to her sympathetically, the poor thing was soaked through, though even saturated she was a cutie.

“You must be freezing” The woman jumped slightly, nodding. “Come over here, you can dry off by the radiator”

The woman smiled, hurrying over, her shoes squeaking. She touched Carmilla’s arm briefly and held her gaze before leaning against the warmth.

“Bad luck getting caught in this” She bunched up her face, Carmilla chuckled. It was an adorable sight.

“I don’t bite you know, well..” Carmilla winked. “Don’t be shy. Here, I’m Carmilla” She offered her hand, the woman took it and then frowned.

“Cutie? That was just a joke, I’m not a vamp-”

She was nodding and gesturing with her hands. The ball dropped.

“Oh” Carmilla breathed, suddenly understanding. “I’m sorry, you’re mute?”

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Wake up and drink something soothing, like hot tea or hot coco. Something that makes you want to bundle up and close your eyes and freeze your mind. Jump in the ocean naked just to feel exhilarated. Just to feel free and nervous and magical. Find comfort in simple acts like making dinner or making amends. Next time someone cuts you off, try to say aloud “they needed to be in a hurry, not me”, smile in that moment rather than curse. Write down your thoughts. Draw your thoughts. Drink a glass of wine in loving memory of the end of your day. Fall in love with something new about yourself. Fall madly and deeply in love whether you think you can or not, because you’re here on this earth living with YOU for longer than you will with anyone you may ever know.
—  Harley Gusman

So… MegsMagsRodi… I’m really sorry, the ship name sucks. XD

But, during operation “seduce/court Megatron” Rodimus and Magnus are trying to come up with ideas, writing it down on a big board, and just brainstorming. Magnus keeps scolding Rodimus when he suggests just jumping the mech and Rodimus just scoffs at Magnus’ suggestion at being too polite.

Then Megatron walks in.

Sees the board(Rodimus’ writing is in red, and Magnu’s writing is in blue) and just stops. 

They all freeze.

Rodimus jumps, throwing the board down, and poses with a smirk and winks at Megatron while Magnus straightens up and nods respectively.

And Megatron slowly backs out of the room.

Canadian YouTube star Jus Reign forced to remove turban to board flight

Jasmeet Singh wears a turban as a part of his Sikh faith. “It is not a hat,” he said. (Jasmeet Singh/Twitter)

Jasmeet Singh, better known as comedian and YouTube star Jus Reign, travels a lot for work. As a Sikh, he also wears a turban.

Normally those two details about Singh are not in conflict. But at the San Francisco airport on Monday, he was forced to remove his turban in order to board a flight back to Toronto, an ordeal he called “insensitive.”

A similar issue sprang earlier this month when Sikh actor Waris Ahluwalia was also barred from a flight because he refused to take off his turban. Singh told Metro Morning this is a result of growing paranoia about travel, but also a general lack of education about what a turban is among security authorities.

‘Not a hat’

It started when Singh was asked to go through an extra layer of security before boarding his flight on Feb. 22.

“I’m at the airport, and go through security and did one of those full body scans where you have to do a freeze jumping jack pose. So I went through that and did a pat-down and a metal detector was run over my turban, and everything cleared,” he said.

“And then at one point, one of the security officials told me I had to go into a room to get extra search done,” he said. “I said sure, we can do that. But I soon as I stepped into the private room, they told me to remove my turban.”

The turban, or dastaar, is mandatory for all men in the Sikh religion. It is not appropriate to remove it in public.

So Singh respectfully declined to remove his turban, he said, and asked to speak to a manager. Some time later, when the manager arrived, he was given an option of rebooking a flight with another airline or removing the turban.

Wanting to get back to Toronto, he removed the turban.

It passed all other security inspections.

But when he asked for a mirror to put the turban back on, security directed him to a public washroom at the other side of the terminal, he said. That forced him to walk through the airport without the sacred religious headpiece.

“It’s an embarrassing and really insensitive ordeal,” he said, calling it like asking someone to remove their underwear in public.

“A turban is not a shoe, and it is not a hat,” he said. It can take up to 10 minutes to put back on, and requires two hands a mirror to tie it into his hair.

As his alter ego Jus Reign, Singh has removed his turban in public before, when he filmed a YouTube instructional video on how to tie it. But it was still not a pleasant experience.

There are many Sikhs who would not have been able to walk in public without the spiritual cloth turban.

Turban removal more frequent

Singh said airport security asking Sikhs to remove their dastaar in public is becoming more frequent. 

In fact, he said he has Sikh friends who remove their turbans when they fly in order to make it an easier process in security.

On Feb. 8, Waris Ahluwalia, a familiar face from Wes Anderson films and Deepa Mehta’s Beeba Boys, was barred from boarding a flight home to New York after he refused to remove his turban in public.

Both Ahluwalia and Singh put details of their security check on social media, where they’ve received both support and criticism.

Singh said there is a lack of understanding about what the turban is, how it’s taken on and off, and why some Sikhs refuse to be seen in public without it. He said his situation would’ve been avoided or at least alleviated had security at San Francisco’s international airport know more about the Sikh garb.

He also blames a changing public sentiment.

“That same tension and that same paranoia that happened directly after 9/11 seems to be stemming up again,” he said.

“I don’t want to have to be given the option of not wearing a turban to feel more comfortable.”

I got fucked up in overwatch because I didn’t know some shit about the characters, so I’m gonna write it down so if you see this it might help? Or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention but either way.

Symmetra’s gun does more damage the longer you shoot it, so as long as you’re in range it’ll keep ramping up. (I took out roadhogs several times like this even though they’d heal halfway through, because the whole time it just got better and better)

Zaryas shields absorb all damage for 2 seconds, then the damage is added to your guns damage, that’s what the number under her reticle is. (When it gets to 50+ then you’re putting out some pretty dangerous firepower)

Junkrats wheel, genji and hanzo all have options to auto climb walls in the character controls menu.

After being hooked by roadhog there’s a tiny period where you can do something about it, Mei’s freeze, pharahs super jump, reapers ghost thing’s shield and zaryas shield can all be activated in this time to get off without being hurt.

Like I said these are all probably obvious but I didn’t realise straight away. If I think of any more I’ll add them.

lauraprepon: People always ask how I start the day for an awards show. I start by sweating in my infrared sauna. I always feel like it shakes off the sleep fog to break a sweat first thing, as well as sweat out those pesky toxins. Then I jump in a freezing cold pool to jump start my body and get ready for the day! Better than any cup of coffee.