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Berena AUs I’ll never write: Suffragettes 

Shrug pulled close to her chest, Bernie strolls past a glossy red post-box. For a moment, she thinks, her feet falling into the give of fresh powder snow, you could almost forget about the letter under the mattress, the nanny that still needs to be paid. Here, the air stops still and the rhythmic crunching underfoot is oddly comforting. Like a portrait silhouette, she pauses, smiles in her own isolated serenity. A snowflake, light and prefect lands on her forehead, six precise points dissolving into a cool trickle of clear water.
That’s when the earth promptly bursts into flames.
In the shadow of a department store, Alex’s shout died half strangled as her lover stepped out and stopped for one moment of beautiful freeze frame. A widow. A mother. Her soulmate. The bomb put together by her own calloused fingers would inevitably rip her body apart.
And so, without so much as the sound of a scream to guide her, Alex ran. When she did emerge, it was burned and choking with something just recognisable as a woman’s body over her shoulder, the stench of skin seared through like over ironed fabric catching in her own whooping inhales as she ran through the streets of London. One glance and she knew that there was only one person who could ever bring her back from this.
Serena Campbell wished that she could say it was the first time she’d been woken by rough hands on her shoulders, the distant dripping of a body on her kitchen table, carrying far in hallways travelled most commonly by dust.
Alex was usually the one to find them, in whatever state their loved ones had left them to die. Then Serena would treat them there and then, their bodies under her hands whilst their faces were neatly folded up and tucked away into nightmare.
A toddler with parted blue lips, his skin puckered crisp with metallic cold, slipping away in her arms by the fire. A woman, skeletal with an infection of the men she sold her body to, leaving behind nine orphaned children. Countless elderly whose faces far outstretched their years.
And now this one, a mess of charred fabric grafted into second skin.
It’s long and it’s bloody, Serena cutting through blackened dress or flesh with gritted teeth whilst Alex holds the chlorophyll rag over her mouth when the body began to spasm and fit. At the end, they pass out, dizzy with vapour and aching fatigue, still caked with blood.
Berenice makes it, just, hidden away in Serena’s cellar, held together by bandages and a wooden brace. They couldn’t take her home, not like this.
Say what you like about the damned suffragettes, they look after their own.
Serena and Alex take it in turns to check up on her, coax sugared water or honey through dry lips. Sometimes she responds, more often not. They manage. The dying woman muttering in the cellar became just another fact of life.
Alex disappears into thin air at the next demonstration and, unwilling to leave her alone through the night, Serena had little choice but to enlist the help of a couple of factory workers who owed her a favour and abandon Bernie on the doorstep of the London General hospital, an envelope filled with money for her treatment.
Raf and Fletch are good men, at heart, she knows they’ll do as she asks.
Like most of her patients, she never expects to see her again.
But, the next year, as London began to creek and thaw, Serena’s brick made contact with a shop window and her shout of ‘votes for women!’ was choked by the sight of a blonde mop of hair and ungloved hands, still angry with scar tissue. She takes a chunk of rubble from the pile to Serena’s left and hurls it directly forewords, taking out the last of the glass still clinging to the frame.
She smiles and Serena hears her voice, for the first time, a yell of anger and passion and soot finishing her own,
“Votes for women!”
And when the police come, they find themselves running away together, hand in hand.

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