freeza force


August 2015


Finished the lines for Ginyuklok and the Preklok stuff. And then decided i can’t have a Ginyuklok without a Lord Charles, so bonus Freeza-Charles. 

Instead of those bland aliens, it’s the frog Ginyu who should revive our Lord and Savior! (Older fanart, maybe my sister uploaded this too in her coloured version.)

… Can’t wait for the movie!

I sometimes wonder what Ginyu’s first body used to be. It dawned on me years ago that it can’t be the big purple guy with horns, his squad knew he could switch bodies before he’d ever done it onscreen, implying he’s done it before. 

Maybe he started out as a space parasite? Like this microscopic organism that invaded the bodies of one of Freeza’s henchmen while they were terraforming an unknown world. And in any other situation that would’ve been freaky as hell but then it turns out everyone loves him because he’s a Super Sentai dork and a good motivational speaker and a lot of fun at parties.

I mean how else does he have the respect of Freeza’s forces, his own men, hell, Freeza himself seems to like him enough, and he’s a body snatcher. Like how hard is it like or even trust a guy who invades other people’s bodies to gain their strength, especially when one of those people is among the strongest in the universe? Ginyu must be a huge people person. Parasite. Something.

Then it makes me wonder about who his body used to be. Was he a former henchman that Freeza punished for insubordination by giving his body to Ginyu? Or maybe he was the savior of another world, someone who opposed Freeza’s army and actually managed to hold his own until Ginyu took his body away. Man now I feel bad for purple veiny brain guy. I’ll bet he was good. There’s a tragic story here. 

But he probably didn’t care for dance choreography so eff that guy. I should draw him though.