It's Just Romance 12/2/16

Screw a dinner for two
Who knew that snacks would be more romantic
I’ve got to hand it to myself
I took myself right off the shelf
Cause I got no time for their antics
Their romance is old, mold on an antique
Just a dark road of promises they can’t keep
So listen to the truths My Band reached

My Plan B is unique, it doesnt exisit
I heard ignorance was bliss, and then I put up my fist
We will never understand man, not even the jist
Just stop putting your rules on another’s abyss

…its just romance


1. The darkness came knocking today didn’t it?
2. You welcomed it with open arms.
3. Where did you put it? Did you move your light in order to make      space for it?
4. Did it overstay its welcome? Is your light tired of hiding?
5. The darkness came knocking today didn’t it?
6. Please don’t dim your light to make space for it.
—  @akosuawrites // Akosua Atuah // Knocking

To the young man out there that stays fighting love, I hope the girl that left your heart shattered and closed up with a thousand band-aids twisted round it, never gets the satisfaction of leaving you loveless.

I hope one day you will understand that your love in its own is too much a gift to be hidden. I hope one day, someone, anyone, walks in and reminds you that love truly is worth passing on, from one heart to the other.

I hope that someday, this someone reminds you that everyone deserves that out-of-breath love, at least once. I hope you understand that love is above all beautiful. I hope she doesn’t leave you loveless.

—  @akosuawrites - Catching Love Pg. 87
Sometimes, goodbyes drag out much longer than you intend for them to. And not just in bitter airport terminals and on tear stained shirtsleeves. Sometimes, you walk into a restaurant on an average Wednesday evening and realize with mild chagrin that the last time you walked through the same doors, you were following them. And it clicks for you why the parking lot felt different. That it wasn’t the landscaping after all. Or, sometimes, you’re minding your own business, years after someone has walked out of your life, and suddenly, a song comes on the radio, or you take a certain left turn. Then everything explodes in the same color as the last time they were in your passenger seat. Sometimes, you hear dialogue from the television while you’re making dinner and you stop cold, heart in your throat, because it could just as easily be their voice, for all the times you watched the show together. And sometimes, you’re popping a sleeping pill at 2a.m. and you’re struck, as your eyes drift to the glowing digital clock, remembering how they could never get to sleep without a little help, either. Sometimes, just sometimes, goodbyes echo in the moments where you least expect them.
—  Sometimes you’re stuck saying goodbye for the rest of your life.
Your Great-Grand mother was so holy, so holy they couldn’t comprehend her light so they tried to beat her holiness out of her. They cut her tongue still she sang her God. They removed her eyes still she was guided by her ancestors. Your Great-Grand mother was so powerful, so powerful she still lives in you, refusing to step back when they try to break you. Refusing to step back when they tried to divide your land. Refusing to step back when they tried to erase your history. Your history was before the wash, before the stain. Your history will keep standing because your Great-Grand mothers were great. Never forget to water your roots. You are one of a holy kind.


Ijeoma Umebinyuo


I got my creative spark back! I was actually surprised that I made 3 journal spreads in a day and a half. Although it’s a few weeks late than expected. XP

Listening to: Troye Sivan, Alessia Cara, Owl City, Mr Suicide Sheep

Travelling to: Norman, Oaklahoma to visit an extended relative

Materials used: pictures gathered from pinterest, twitter and tumblr, I drew using Bic permanent markers, Artline pens (0.5, 0.3), Titus colored pens, and Faber Castel watercolor pencils

Eye of the Beholder: Chapter One

Ao3 Link

Pairings: Adrien Agreste/Alya Cesaire/Marinette Dupain Cheng

Chapter Summary: First part of the Winging It AU in which Alya becomes fabulous and nearly destroys her bedroom

It was a brisk summer evening when Alya first kissed her best friend full on the mouth.

At the time, Alya didn’t know it was Marinette’s cherry lip gloss that lingered on her lips after each kiss; didn’t know that Marinette’s gloved fingers threaded through hers. She didn’t know anything beyond the fact that the only sound she could hear against the dim din of the city was the sound of Ladybug’s shallow breathing. They were each so afraid to break contact; afraid that the tentative trio they spent the last six months building might fall apart. Alya was partly afraid that the rage from the Ladynoir fans would create a legion of akuma that would swallow Paris whole but not afraid enough to pull back. The warm light of the setting sun and the warm pressure against her lips were indistinguishable and she didn’t want to go without either just yet. If she had known it was Marinette she might not have stopped. If she had known that this would only be the first of many kisses, she might not have been so reluctant to pull away.

And if she had known that in two months’ time she would find herself kissing the stunned, heartbroken, wide eyed Adrien Agreste lingering on the edge of the rooftop a few yards away she might not have felt her stomach drop as her eyes opened to see him standing there.

But perhaps some context is in order.

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1. High school is fucking crazy.
2. There is no wrong time in your life to fall in love.
3. The girl you refer to as “the other woman” calls you the same names. It’s important you realize this.
4. When your only friend is your dog, remember that you are also your own friend.
5. Asking for help, is the hardest thing in the world to do, but its so important you learn how to do it.
6. Only drink with people you trust.
7. Its okay to want two people at the same time.
8. There is nothing wrong with you.
9. People who have to hide behind anonymity are people you do not have to be afraid of.
—  9 Things I Learned In 9th Grade

maybe you remember. or maybe not. the sound of footprints on asphalt, leftover day-heat through skin like blessings. sky dark and wildflower moons. parking lot choked with weeds. half-broke wooden bridge burned down and rebuilt three times. spread out a ouija board like a map. this is where you lost your car keys, here at the edge of the woods. we held hands trying to find them by the light of our flip phones. the playground where we came when we were high and you spun me inside of this plastic playground spiral and i’ve never felt closer to flying. dizziness from inertia. we used to braid clover chains and suck the honey out of the purple ivy. now we are bending over rusted bikes chained to trees and forgotten and burnt shells of cigarettes to puke in the woods. fall asleep in bathtubs. drag ourselves up into the world of the living every morning like orpheus walking out of the underworld. (it’s in the past. don’t look back.) never go to bed angry even if it means crying ourselves salt-raw and boneless. never looking beyond this fleeting beauty. skinny dip in the pool every night with star-singed lungs. drunk jump off the balcony always trusting the water will be beneath us. we are young bodies, infallible kings. we move like water beds–unsteady, substantial. press medals to our teeth and pretend we earned them. pretend we feel something other than hollow. you and me and everyone we know just trying to feel a little glory, a little less gory. bloody bloody raw but we never talk about it, just hold ourselves together with vodka and videogames. undo thread by thread every night in the back of your car. don’t talk about it in the morning. back massage in the truck bed at the drive in movie. same truck we took ghost hunting. same truck that died as soon as we saw the apparition. winter bright, six feet tall and running. a horrible miracle. to see her. eerie burned on the back of my eyes. maybe you don’t remember but the spirit tied a string around my finger so i’d never forget.

Jay's Ears

Okay that is surreal, said Jay as he noticed his ears were more like the Jetix mascot’s. “I found out by stalking you!” replied the scientist, “it happens when you get really emotional.” Poof! “Oh look, my ears are back to normal,” commented Jay.

Later that day, Jay decided to get his life in order. For one thing, he needed a new job as his previous one left him screaming across the block. Now his ears sometimes change, and he wears glasses now. Hopefully, the singing zombies would replace the singing ants…

“Oh we’re the ants who ruin your dinner!”

So much for that.

Also, what was up with that penguin, anyway? Where did it come from, and was it the thing that conjured the glasses from thin air?

Ten minutes later he was wondering if he could control his ear changes, not even bothering to ask how he got there. He walked to the bathroom mirror. He closed his eyes and clenched his fists as he tried his hardest to will the ear change. Poof! What do you know, he was right! He now had discovered he had access to a superpower, albeit not a one that would get him into a superhero team. “Hello, I’m Jay and I can make my ears change.” He could grab stuff with them, so he had that going for him.

It kills me that my past is still my future, because I still have to explain it to my present.
When he touches me, he will ask why I flinch and I have to explain to him how I was betrayed.
When he asks why I don’t speak of or to my mother, I have to explain to him that she was never on my side, so why would she be now?
When he asks about my scars, I have to explain to him about how dark my life got before it began to get light again.
Everything I have been through, has made me who I am. He cannot love me unless he loves who I used to be, but why would he love her, especially when I couldn’t?
—  When He Asks
The Tale of Jay: A Freewriting Crack Fic

When Jay was 3 years old, the scientists concluded that there was a 52% that he was the reincarnation of the Jetix logo (who was apparently named “J”, in a very unlikely coincidence). They also concluded that there was a 99% chance that this wasn’t important whatsoever, so he only really mentioned it to impress people. The singing ants that repeatedly appear in his life probably made a bigger impact, and they were mostly just silly and absurd. They always sang “Oh we’re the ants who ruin your dinner!” and he was all like “Shut up.” But they kept singing anyway. He also worked in an office building, well until he found out some…secrets about it. This is the story of him finding out said secrets.

One day, Jay was doing some stuff on Microsoft Excel that even he didn’t understand, trying to ignore the singing ants crawling over him. He decided to go to Chipotle that his friends where bugging him about. As he worked on the third floor, he went down the stairs to avoid getting in the same elevator as two really stinky people or maybe a psychopath. Then he remembered his workplace didn’t have stairs and had to go in the elevator with an unexpected alligator. Also the ants where there for some reason. When he got off he noticed that some toons where messing with his coworkers. This always seemed to happen, but he was tired of it and decided to tell then to deal with their hatred of “The Man” somewhere else. “You guys do know that pieing random businessmen does not end the reign of capitalism?” he said to a toon wearing cosplay of Miku Hatsume for some reason. “Wait, what is a human like you doing here?” said the Miku fan. “I work here, yah racist.” Said Jay. “I thought only Cogs worked here?” said a toon that was more reasonably dressed. “Nice take that at the man, kids,” Jay replied, “Now go home and complain about how society makes people into cogs of capitalism.” “Uh, Cogs are evil business robots,” said the Miku toon, “not a reason why we should convert to communism or socialism or whateverism.” Jay made a “are you fucking kidding me” type of face, objecting with “These guys don’t look anything like robots.” “I think you need glasses” said a random, out of nowhere penguin as glasses randomly appeared on Jay. As he looked at the Cog, he shouted “OH EM EFF GEE YOU WHERE RIGHT!” before immediately running out of the building. He ran in a panic until he saw the Chipotle and went “Oh look, the Chipotle everyone was talking about!” But inside it was filled with zombies. “Was my life written on drugs?” he asked no one in particular. immediately after he said that, a scientist smashed into the window, shouting “THE PERCENTAGE CHANGE OF YOU BEING J HAS INCREASED BY 20%!” Then the zombies sang “Dancing Queen”. He sulked in a corner as the zombies sang, murmuring “Oh lawdsy lawdsy lawdsy.”

The End!

First, I want to see how your eyes perceive a sunset, all the pink and gold. Your facades shimmering with the little bit of dusk that is left, slowly slipping away. Then, I want to follow you into your darkness. I want to know what the monsters looked like under your childhood bed, what they look like now in your reflection. I want to feel the death grip of your vices, the constricting of your veins. I want to experience the emptiness, the heartbreak of your past, and the crushing weight of your future. I want to stretch out my arms to greet your growing pains. I want to wrap your flaws in a blanket and your insecurities in a smile. I want to taste the salt of your tears and paint starlit skies on the inside of your eyelids. I want to explore your nightmares and understand your demons. Then, I want to dig down to your lowest depth, and shine a light into the caverns, echoing acceptance throughout.
—  Give me all of you, not just the good parts.

For a long while, I had been waiting for someone I could call my home. Someone who would be my safe space and save me from all of the things I had no control over. I wanted a love that made me feel whole and didn’t leave me broken.

Years later, I’ve come to understand that I need to be my own safe space. I have found a home within the foundation of my body, so strong even a tornado of bad couldn’t break it down.

—  I Am A Warrior 3/16