I want you.
I want you in every sense of the word.
I want time with you,
I want adventure with you,
Hell, I want naps with you–
Friends on Netflix in the background.
I want your hand in my hand,
Your lips on my lips,
My body curving into your body;
We fit together so well.
I want laughter with you,
I want conversation with you,
Dear god, I even want arguments with you
Because it means we’re together
and we care.

So let’s do it.
Let’s make the jump
Take my hand
And love me.
Let me love you.
Because you once said
We could’ve lived a beautiful story,
And I know now that’s the only story
I want to read.

I want to write
A beautiful story
With you.

‘Starfish Fucking Terrify Me’

I loved you like the one I brought home
at age 7. Until Dad told me it wasn’t alive anymore
and I held it under the faucet for 43 minutes,
cried when it never came back to me.

It’s been seven months since you left.

I have pruned hands and a heavy heart,
but the water’s still running.

—  Valentina Thompson

there are days i am fully there;
bubbling and bursting with life,
where conversation feels like
the most natural thing
and my instinct first
is to hug and kiss,
and dance with anyone
who is near and dear,
i am alive and here.

and then there are days like today,
where i begin to drift away
and the words in my head need
all the energy in my body to speak,
i feel weak and distant;
all i want is to retreat to a space,
that is quiet and warm,
where i am alone
and breathing is easy.

it seems as though i am
two opposing beings
vying to live in a single body.

even i,
do not know
which version will show,
each day.

—  living in parts, f.gabdon
Bootlegging your own culture,

to feel connected to your own culture.

Bootlegging because access to your culture is reserved for                                                                                                     anthropologists,
                          and gaping mouths in museums
                          to appreciate each flavor

on the                        other                                                           side 
                                                                                                of town.

Porque, you’d just break the real thing anyway, cabrón–
                                                    Just like your Spanish…

somewhere between my house and yours
there was a moment
where i thought of loving you again
and there was the moment that i gave up
the ultimate high and the painful low
they dont seem so different in my head
but the way that my body aches
reminds me that you were my life
and if i let go i have to find a new one
but even if i hang on, i will just end up lost
its time that i find someone
instead of being lost for you


(the journals of us)

My frame aches in all the places that
you’ve never touched. In every birthmark
that has yet to be kissed by the bronze of
your skin in moonlight, in every bend of
my bones that hasn’t had the privilege of
cradling you to sleep, in every fiber of my
muscles that have fused whimpers within
the pronunciation of your name,

I feel you everywhere.

Two days ago, I ran into a glimpse of
your hair color by the train stop and
misplaced my athlete’s pace; I forgot
how I’d conditioned myself to forget you.

Last night, I drank to find numbness
but only unearthed slurred poetry and
a constellation that linked heartache and
migraine beneath a star-crossed smile.

I am every inch sore from loving you
and you’ve never even slipped bare
beneath my fingertips. But see, my hands—
I think my hands are the most tortured
part of my body because they can’t stop
writing to someone who is not here.

I still feel you everywhere,
just everywhere except here.

—  “Symptoms of an Unrequited Love" -Valentina Thompson

I know you’re hurting. I know your worst enemy couldn’t possibly hate you as much as you hate yourself.
I know you’ll never be good enough. Strong enough. I know you’ve lied. I know you’ve hurt people. Unintentionally…and those times you knew exactly what you were doing.
I know you’ve given up. Time and again. I know you’ve failed.
I know the life you’re living doesn’t come close to the life you wanted.
I know these things, because I’m trying to live life too.
I know each morning we drag our sorry asses out of bed, we’ve won another battle.
I know each act of kindness we’re responsible for in this wicked and wonderful world is the best weapon we have in our arsenal.
I know every smile is hard won, and that much sweeter for it.
I know caring is the only way we’ll ever outsmart the hate
and loving is worth it no matter how much it hurts.
I need you to know, you’re never alone
I need you to know
We got this

Natasha Head
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I'm The Type... (Free Write 7/11)

I’m the type to type my hype when I feel you getting closer
I’m the type to turn off the lights to rub your back, your ass, your shoulders
I’m the type to hold you
I’m the type to scold you if you ever forget your worth
I will always put you first
I will always hold your purse
I will buy your pads, and always ask, “hey, are you hungry?”
I will always be excited to hear you saying that you love me, trust me
I’m the the type to take you out
I’m the the type eat you out
I’m the type to dick you down, to keep on pounding even after I have found it
Thanking God for the reciepe, and blessing me with your fountain, gushing
I will always keep you blushing
This is nothing, this is regular
You’re not my prey, we’re both the predators
You’re my empress, I’m the emperor
And in the bedroom, we’ll raise the temperature
Cause I’m the type to listen
I’m a soldier, you’re my mission
And I’m sorry if this sounds different
But that just means you’ve been missing out
And that can change, if you pick me now
…but hey, you know, still over here being all single and stuff lmao