MR. M FREEWORLD Interview, 2011.12.19 Screenshots part 7

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Miyavi about ‘meeting the guitar’

In words:

Then I met the guitar, then after that I stopped going to school, just kicking the ball day after day- no, I mean, played the guitar day after day. My life plan was, that I would play soccer all my life, hopefully making everyone happy, the audience happy, my family happy, me happy…I thinking so, but that was taken away… and I was thinking ‘what I’m gonna do now?’ I wasn’t even serious at first. It was just something to do, like stealing a (motor)cycle, I picked up the guitar and the instant I played 'Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do’. I envisioned myself in the spotlight, infront of an audience of millions of people, rocking out.“
"Oh really?”
I thought 'this is it’. From then on I played the guitar everyday." 


*I choose for better understanding some of the translationssentence of the original vid. The meaning is always the same, don’t worry.