#freewaybuddy #theoriginalFB #estApril2006

This was originally intended to be the logo for the fictitious Freeway Buddy Towing Company. The original purpose was to have a weekly short cartoon about the adventures of a Southern Californian tow-truck driver (with a similar style to’s Strong Bad emails). Never got around to it..

I re-purposed the site as an information center for traffic, best routes, useful links, etc, hoping to sell it off similarly to how one of my college Com Sci TAs sold off Citysearch for a ton of money.

Ultimately, FreewayBuddy became a t-shirt store launched the first week of April 2006. This one below was our first design.. the very first “Los Doyers” written as such:

External image

Too bad they trademarked it! However, if you go to Dodger Stadium, their own “Los Doyers” crap does not compare to this spoof design I put together.