Take this episode and shove it!

Where is the fun? After being positively surprised by the first two episodes, 303 was not only shockingly boring but also just overall useless.

Wade spent the episode mostly off-screen or behind the bar he now owns, being unjustly insulted by his ex-girlfriend. What happened to their best character and the onetime best couple on tv?

I am happy for Joel and Zoe. Be happy offscreen! Go to New York forever to find a bartender to talk to. Who cares? I am sure Wade was happy during the summer! #freeWade #gueststarbartendernomore

The main storyline with Bricks and Lavon went nowhere, but maybe it’s whole point was to introduce a couple of baseball sound effects.
The episode MVP goes to Detective Frank. He can argue with Joel anytime he wants.

Even poor Lemon was lucky enough to be insulted by Zoe.

Sorry, but I wish I had changed the channel…