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I didn’t write this - but am reposting off another source. I’m an ex journalist and this matters more now than ever before. Thanks. RR

Please avoid sharing from the following clickbait sites, and when you see them pop up in your newsfeed, click on “i dont want to see this”. These clickbait sites appropriate the work of journalists without recognition or remuneration, then selectively repackage the story in a manner that looks appealing but that distorts the truth. They make money only for the site owners, who do not then use that money to support high-quality investigative journalism or progressive political causes; they use it to benefit only themselves. Rather than sharing clickbait, find the “root” story and share it instead.

Occupy Democrats
Bipartisan Report
Winning Democrats
Blue Nation Review
The Freethought Project
Addicting Info
Politicalo (almost anything that ends on lo; these sites specialize in taking accurate statements from politicians and then adding false quotes to them that are much worse than what they actually said)
American News X
Being Liberal
The Other 98%
The Palmer Report

"Those Cabinets Hire Shelves"

Pyramid shaped mountains,
guard secrets yet to be explored.
Were they hidden too well
or were they for the most part ignored?

Imagine a doe so beautiful,
she reminded you why you were stuck in a rut.
You’re old enough to give a taste of your antlers,
to the world that’s already about a buck.

I’m holding hands with who I am
and running in the woods beside my own soul.
Guided by nothing more than a spirit of instinct,
as deja vu tries to steal back what slumber stole.

“As For Weather, It Changes...”

Every day the sky paints a picture,
no artists brush will ever replicate.
If my thoughts could be as ever changing as the clouds,
maybe then I could enjoy the sight of the landscape they create.

They say to think outside the box
but what if we were never thinking inside it?
I’ll leave the question at the border
and just disappear into the silence.

I swear I never saw the light turn green.
I swear the traffic light is broke.
I swear I saw this car crash coming, 
before I was staring at it from across the road.


LiBRE BRAND: Freedom of Flyness
The word Libre means liberty and freedom in the Spanish and French language and the reason we chose brand is because we want to make intelligence and freedom a viable and socially acceptable lifestyle. We are representatives of the free thinkers, the artist, and the socially conscious. Our website is from there you can see our upcoming projects and purchase apparel. Enter code Free2bFly for free shipping on purchases.

"Meta Force In The Sky"

The more I think about it,
the more the suns arc reminds me of life.
From the rise to the fall,
the parallel continues to shine bright.

Maybe I should of been the under-feathers of a duck
because all I seem to know is down.
Time is an ocean,
watching everything else drown.

If ever something gets in your way
and manages to eclipse you.
Illuminate for the side of you they never see
and keep on doing what you do.

anonymous asked:

It's hard being a black girl and being anti feminism and blm and other rubbish

Hey :) I know it’s hard going against the only acceptable views and opinions but if it’s what you feel strongly about then don’t let them silence you. If you’re white and hold these views you are called a racist, if you are black then you are called a sellout or uncle tom, if you’re a woman they will call you a traitor, they will always resort to race, gender or personal attacks any time you put forward a legitimate, factual argument. They are so easy to beat but I know how hard it can be to get your point across when they successfully demonize you and discredit you. It’s really wonderful that you embrace freethought and independency. Please feel free to message me any time for a chat xx 

"Blade Or Cliff, Be Weary Of The Edge All The Same"

I wasn’t born to be still.
I am the motion of a river.
My course is similar an unknown road,
who knows what mystery an adventure may deliver?

I am forever free flowing.
I channel through the Earth similar to lava.
Now tell me will I destroy your island
or a create a new one over the aqua?

I’ll be here to the end
like faith in an invisible wind.
As daring as a rogue breeze,
who’s to say where one should begin?

I don’t believe in boundaries,
I just want to turn my mind into a universe.
Tell me if space is what I’m after?
Tell me if anyone ever sees the black stars burn?

Like a river flowing beside a molten stream.
I’m just a space wind in an ocean of night sky going unseen.

Too Like the Lightning: A Novel (2016)

“Mycroft Canner is a convict. For his crimes he is required, as is the custom of the 25th century, to wander the world being as useful as he can to all he meets. Carlyle Foster is a sensayer–a spiritual counselor in a world that has outlawed the public practice of religion, but which also knows that the inner lives of humans cannot be wished away.

The world into which Mycroft and Carlyle have been born is as strange to our 21st-century eyes as ours would be to a native of the 1500s. It is a hard-won utopia built on technologically-generated abundance, and also on complex and mandatory systems of labelling all public writing and speech. What seem to us normal gender distinctions are now distinctly taboo in most social situations. And most of the world’s population is affiliated with globe-girdling clans of the like-minded, whose endless economic and cultural competition is carefully managed by central planners of inestimable subtlety. To us it seems like a mad combination of heaven and hell. To them, it seems like normal life.

And in this world, Mycroft and Carlyle have stumbled on the wild card that may destabilize the system: the boy Bridger, who can effortlessly make his wishes come true. Who can, it would seem, bring inanimate objects to life…”

by Ada Palmer

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Ada Palmer is an author of science fiction and fantasy, a historian, and a composer. Her first science fiction series “Terra Ignota” (published by Tor Books) mixes Enlightenment-era philosophy with traditional science fiction speculation to bring to life the year 2454, not a perfect future, but a utopian one, threatened by cultural upheaval. 

Ada Palmer studies the long-term evolution of ideas and the history of religious radicalism, science, and freethought, especially in the Italian Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Classical Greece and Rome. She teaches in the History Department at the University of Chicago, and did her Ph.D. at Harvard University.

"My Seas Miss The Companion Ship"

I hold onto this empty feeling,
the way I can’t their hand.
I embrace the loneliness
because wrap my arms around a ghost I can’t.

I kissed the thought of it goodbye,
as if it were the sweetest lips
and now I’ll spend my days flirting with death
until the grim reaper gives me that very same kiss.

They don’t feel the love that goes unused,
anymore than they do the resulting mental strain.
I want to feel as if there is someone for me
but that feeling’s been by my side longer than any dame.

I’m not open to much changing of my software,
I just want to feel compatible.
Seems they are less interested with the information on my disk
and more interested in telling me that I’m not format-able.

Though I’d rather be the ring on their third left finger,
I’m the ring of it all coming full circle for a thinker.  

"A Free Man Longing For The Heat Of Her Cage In Spice"

She isn’t the vulture circling a dead dinner,
she is the bargain hunter pouncing on a deal.
She isn’t their actress in lights,
she is the piece of movie magic that wasn’t seen on the reel.

I know if I could lay in her arms,
that it would take away the pain.
Still I don’t dream about her enough to bring me comfort
and this empty bed I’ve made hasn’t seemed to have changed.

She is a black wolf howling at the midnight moon,
and I am the white wolf howling at old man wnter himself.
She is the warmth I need to do him in
and I’m dying to be by her side on every dark night she may dwell.