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It's hard being a 16 year old who wasn't indoctrinated into the left dogma. Otherwise I'd probably be a racist and a bigot towards people that have never done anything to me. So I'm thankful that other such as yourself understand this, so thank you for existing - A Hispanic/Native American teen who's against bullshit

Heyy thank you so much for reaching out, message me any time :) 

Feminists and the like love to tell everybody how “educated” they are because they’ve listened to and read a whole bunch of nonsensical propaganda and take it as truth and everybody else should be “educated” the same way they have been. 

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation, false narrative and incorrect statistics spread by people who get paid to spread it, and whose jobs depend on it being true, eg feminist columnists, women’s studies professors, politicians and celebrities. Even more unfortunate are the ones who mindlessly believe it without question and let it radicalize their freethought, happiness and individuality. 

You’re the perfect and rare example of a young person having the bravery to go against the only views that are considered acceptable and you’re thinking for yourself, it’s really commendable of you and a great example to set for others in similar positions. 

I made a post about this last year but I think it’ll apply to you and others who may read this before going to college:

Things you really need to know before starting college

Colleges throughout the United States and many first world countries are becoming carried away with eccentric gender politics. Being prepared for this is vitally important.

Many new students will be subject to special training sessions and introduced to a new vocabulary with terms like trigger warnings, othering, microaggression, male privilege and safe spaces which I am sure you are already aware of since you are reading this on tumblr. You will also at some stage witness outside speakers being called out, abused and boycotted for breaches of sensitivity.

Colleges are changing their mission; truth seeking is being replaced by the more sensitive goal of making everyone, especially female students feel validated and any ideas that get in the way of this mission usually are not tolerated and even viciously shut down. Here’s some things to expect:

If you are a conservative, no one is that concerned with your feelings. You’re going to face a challenging intellectual environment and according to a recent UCLA study, there are nearly 5 times more liberal professors than conservative professors on college campuses. Your views are going to be tested every day but saying that, most of your teaches will treat you respectfully.

Your ideas though will face critical scrutiny and you may end up revising or abandoning some of them. But that’s a good thing, it’s what many liberal students are missing. What is not good is plenty of “educated” students and a few professors will see you as the embodiment of evil. If you express your opinions vigorously, some classmates will likely complain to school authorities that your very presence makes them feel unsafe and they will say some really nasty things about you. There is a bright side though. Even the schools overrun by the new orthodoxy, you will find great friends and allies, male and female, professors too - whether they agree with you or not.

If you are going into college liberal, idealistic and a woman, you face a different set of risks. You are going to find a large and excited group of gender activists - students and some professors - eager to recruit you to their cause. They are going to present you with shocking statistics on sexual violence on campus and theories about an oppressive patriarchy and they’re going to tell you how mistreated and traumatised you are.

It’s going to seem new and exciting to you and maybe a way to make new friends and fight injustice at the same time and you’re going to be tempted to sign up. You can do what you want but just be aware that most of the victim statistics you’re going to hear are either completely fabricated or wildly exaggerated. And the theories about women’s oppression, they’re twisted and surreal and are there to make you feel like you need these people to hold your hand.

As for trigger warnings and safe spaces, these are infantile, the opposite of empowering. It’s the fashion on many campuses to treat women as delicate flowers and fragile little birds but no, most of you are strong, tough and resilient, capable of empowering yourself without your hand being held by these people.

The gender activists you will encounter are going to tell you not to listen to or not to take the word of those who encourage you to think for yourself and be open to real facts and statistics and that’s true, you shouldn’t, you shouldn’t take ANYBODY’S word on these matters. This is your future. Your feminist foremothers fought and battled and won the right for you to be educated and on par with men. They knew you were tough and they wanted you to have the opportunity to put that strength to use. Please don’t waste it by falling captive to a pointless ideology or indulging in victimhood. Take serious classes, health care, science, engineering. Avoid courses that luxuriate female oppression. If you are serious about “the wage gap” then be serious when it comes to choosing your course.

If you are a liberal and idealistic man, you face an even greater risk. You probably think of yourself as open minded, well intended and progressive. But many on campus will not see you in this way.

Today many college women practice gender profiling and it’s the fashion among these activists that judge men by the worst members of their sex and women by their best. So many attempts to exonerate yourselves or your friends will be dismissed as mansplaining.

To save yourself from excommunication, you will be asked to engage in a fair amount of self-flagellation and male bashing but do not do it. Have some dignity for crying out loud. Don’t become the guy who sends out tweets like Arthur Chu: “As a dude who cares abt feminism sometimes I want to join all men arm-in-arm & then run off a cliff and drag the whole gender down in sea.”

Today’s campus manias aren’t going to last. Sooner or later the age old virtues of higher education will reassert themselves and bring back free speech, intellectual diversity, open inquiry, vigorous competition of ideas and mutual respect.

If you are a strong, independent thinker yourself, you can play a part in this intellectual renaissance. If not, don’t say you weren’t cautioned.

Freethought (or “free thought”)[1] is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or other dogma.[1][2][3] The cognitive application of freethought is known as “freethinking”, and practitioners of freethought are known as “freethinkers”.[1][4] The term first came into use in the 17th century in order to indicate people who inquired into the basis of traditional religious beliefs….

"One Day You'll Realize The Clock Is Ours"

Is it that smile in my eyes
or my uncontainable grin,
displaying a radiance bursting outward
because it could no longer be held back within?

I feel as if there are wings on my shoulder today,
people might have a hard time trying to bring me down.
I’m playing tag with the wind
and we’re chasing each other around.

I just want to be the shadow dancing in your head,
I’m looking forward to your love being the song in my ears.
Who knows when deception became the mask,
that is undoubtedly the facade of our fears?

Stone by stone,
don’t rip them apart just yet.
Those unplaced stones feel left out
and bedrock doesn’t care when you’re living on the edge.

You’re a butterfly entering into a new cocoon
and I hope I’m around to see whatever it is that your beauty morphs into.

And just like that

You’re gone again.
I’m left with chores and tidying and silence.
I’ve turned on the shows you hate, my only solace,
Like a rebellious tantrum because now you’re gone
Now I can watch them.

I act as though I need to punish you for leaving -
Like you had any say.

I’ve made a list of things to do
Things to check off as I complete them
Things to help me pretend I’m keeping it together
When I’m really just falling apart.

I need to eat something. I need a drink.
Maybe whisky will help me forget the
Feel of your body held against me, your hands caressing my skin.
I can’t bring myself to find food, anyhow.

Blinking back tears and holding myself still to keep
from shaking with remorse for your departure,
I’m reminded once again that I’m landlocked,
While my ocean crosses an ocean once again.

"Every Individual Awesome, Will Only Awe Some"

You say we’re on two separate paths
but we’re both headed to same destination together.
Not everyone who thinks different is always going to be the same robot
but you’re free to think whatever.

I don’t need you to have a heart
and I don’t need you to give a damn.
I don’t need you to love anything about me
and I don’t want your helping hand.

Make your sharpest words stick in my side,
and make your cruelest words stick in my mind.
Is it easier to believe I never tried to make a positive change
or is harder to pretend that I haven’t left most of my hope behind?

Message received,
the signal is static.
Broken words set the tone for a future generation to seek unity
and the fact that they won’t be there to hear it is tragic.

Two helicopters fly side by side,
the formation looking as if it is a dna strand in the sky.

"The Howling Wool Hooves"

The haters will say it’s karma,
and the close ones will say it’s cruel.
No one deserves to live that way,
for far too long we’ve been playing the fool.

Rivers of blood
and black boxes with no destination.
A war has many different shades,
depending on the victories expectations.

Paint my mind any color you want,
dire times find a way to paint them black.
Highways of faith await to see the signs,
while blind eyes surround them with the rest of the pack.

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as a fourteen year old with the same perspective as you, it fucking sucks. all my peers buy into this bullshit and now its spreading to the older people, too. there's no escape. also bless your blog.

You’re a rarity for not being sucked into that world of victimhood and lies and you have the ability to think for yourself and have awareness of what’s going on around you, I applaud you for that and please hold on tight to your own freethought. No matter how much your friends and peers try to convince you that you’re a bad person for not sharing their views and beliefs, you’re not a bad person and I guarantee that you’re going to get further in life and be happier than they’ll ever be. Feel free to message me whenever you like and thanks so much for your message :) xx


Curated by Art Dealer and Historian Wendy A.Meakin

Hand Painted by Artist @the27life

Photographer Graphics: @freethoughtism ,

Model & Makeup: @lainfreefalltattoo ,

Hair: James Langan ,

Banner: Wolfbags

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Lingerie: Agent Provocateur

"I Have The Eyes Of Their Blind Sky And We See's The Day"

That wild for you look in me eye,
the sound of my very beating heart.
I guess you were never meant to know them,
I guess I should just let this love that was never was depart.

The passion of my kiss,
the unique warmth of my embrace.
I guess you just aren’t here to miss them,
I guess no one was ever going to meet me in the middle of this rosy maze.

The side of me not at the side of me.
Am I looking for a half full cups better half?
I guess somewhere along the way I stopped looking to take a leap of faith,
I guess the blind jump to the other side is just a different kind of love to grasp.

"Showing People That Threaten Me"

I don’t think I’d fail you,
just as I don’t feel I’ll ever get the chance.
I’m not first look intel,
nor have you found a reason to give me a second glance.

You showed me a rainbow of a single color
and told me to pick a hue.
That’s when I became a blinding flash of white,
and finally saw the reflection of you.

I am that unknown language you left undeciphered,
that became the break down in communication
because for every unseen shadow,
there is an unseen illumination.