The last time we had laws and regulations made without seeing what's in it, we got the 2,800 page bill monstrosity that is the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, which now is seen as the disaster we predicted. Now we have "Net Neutrality" another 332 Page monster from the FCC we can't even see what is in it before the FCC votes on it. Bad things always happen when there is no Transparency. Say goodbye to quality, and open internet. Hello Government backdoors, regulation, and more taxation. Listen to us tech people when we say, this will make the internet worse.

It’s crazy how Graffiti grew to be acceptable to social and technology brands such as this, while all my childhood it’s been frowned upon like Skateboading. Now it’s really time to get up and put yourself in the risk of getting caught before it’s too late.. #freetheinternet #artofgettingup #freeyourmind

People arguing for Net Neutrality say that all data should be equal, but it’s honestly not a problem. Bear in mind I am a network administrator and know what I am talking about. Instead of socializing the internet where all data is equal, which FYI as Even Chairman Emeritus of MIT’s Media Lab Nicholas Negroponte argues that net neutrality “doesn’t make sense” because “the truth is, not all bits [of data] are created equal.” We should be focusing on overall faster internet not equal internet. If we had fiber optic networks pumping out much faster internet than the average speed of today 6Mb/s and more along the lines of 300Mbps from AT&T Gigapower, Verizon Fios, and Google Fiber, all these issues would never be a problem.
The Net Cracker’s Journey

Last July I started my Masters in Digital Media Management at Hyper Island. As an advertising creative director I’ve heard loads of positive things about Hyper Island. How doing a social lab with them would completely blow my mind and transform me into a brand new person who could change the world. But as a mum of two young kids, a singer in an acapella group (hey no judgement, it’s popular these days, we’re legit and have launched two very successful albums) and a full time CD at Ogilvy, things got crazy and I never got around to writing the blog. We’re now on our final module - startups - which has inspired me to startup this blog. 

So first things first - my Hyper Island story isn’t complete till I tell you why I signed up to begin with. When my previous agency announced that we were going to go digital - the account service lead showed up at the office christmas party in blonde locks, a red shiny flapper dress and high heels and made out with three of the IT guys. I didn’t want to go down that route. Plus I was genuinely interested in the digital world and startups. 

I was a big fan of business transformation. And I had given up on advertising altogether at that point. I hated it and felt I was surrounded by people living in the dark ages pretending to be current. 

So I left my previous agency and signed up for Hyper Island - with very little money. It was a leap of faith that cost me 25k. 

The first week of Hyper Island was awesome - the Hyper Island Way Week felt a little like I was part of a cult. There was no judgement - just support and love. It was a week of getting to know my classmates, sharing my dreams and ideas with likeminded people who built on it. Together we were finding ways to put all the amazing tools shared with us to use in our everyday. I vowed to use everything I learnt in every aspect of my life.

The week after, I got a job offer at Ogilvy. Under normal circumstances I would have turned it down. But after Hyper Island way week I felt anything was possible. I now had these amazing tools and I was emotionally pumped up to change the world - yes even the ad world. So despite being a little apprehensive at first - I said yes when Ogilvy agreed to give me my Hyper Island days off (thank you eugene cheong) and gave me the opportunity to use everything I learnt at Hyper Island at work. The first part was worked into my contract. The second part - is proving to be a bit of a challenge because of the many different players with different motives.

At Ogilvy, I keep trying to improve things. Every meeting I go into, every time we have a chat about the new brief - I’ve been desperately wanting to drive change - in a good way, I think. What’s the Job to be Done on this? I ask. Crazy eyes stare at me. Let’s do a User Experience Journey Map for this I suggest - I am met with confused gazes. They don’t always get it or agree. Doing things differently is harder for people than I thought. But I’m building my allies and meeting new friends. I’ve been invited to give a talk at Google on business transformation and women in leadership. 

Hyper Island also screwed up my life big time. It’s a bit like being pulled out of the matrix for the first time. You see things and people for who they are. Your bullshit radar works overtime - you see through the crap. I’m constantly trying to get people to say what they mean. Trying to get clients to find the shortest way to get their job to be done, done. I can imagine how annoying I must seem to others. But now when I look around me, I feel I am walking among apes. I didn’t mean for that to sound arrogant but I wonder why we don’t take the easiest path? Why we don’t say what we mean? Why we don’t want to make life less complicated for ourselves, our products and our clients? And I’m sure I have colleagues and friends asking..Why can’t Uma just leave things as they are? Why? Because I believe every thing can be better. 

I have met some great people on my journey in Hyper Island who’ve encouraged me in a big way - jesperastrom eskimon  perhakansson . With Simon Kemp, it was just a short 15 minutes chat after an open night at Hyper Island but the chat made me think about endless possibilities, my next startup and how with the right partnership I could actually change the world. Per Hakansson reminded me that kindness and love take you a long way. And Jesper Astrom taught me how much fun can be had while doing the things you love. 

So now..I am embarking on my next quest - it’s an almost philosophical question actually - What’s the Job to be Done in Advertising at this moment in time? Any takers?


Net Neutrality Explained

We’ve just released the first Lantern 1.0.0 release candidate! If all goes well, this version will become Lantern 1.0.0 final after more testing. The changes in this release include some great contributions from users, including the addition of new sites to the default proxied sites list, fixes for UTF-8 encoding of friends names, and a chromium path issue on Ubuntu. Feel free to check out the GitHub milestone for the full list of changes. We also very quietly released small changes in Lantern 1.0.0 betas 8 and 9, with the most important change being a fix for a bug where Lantern was using the default fallback proxy instead of custom fallback proxies based on inviters. Both beta 8 and beta 9 changes are also in GitHub.

One quick note on RC1: one of the nice user-contributed changes was the addition of sites to the default whitelist, including, for example that Facebook uses a lot for serving static files. There’s a bug in current versions of Lantern, however, where whitelist changes aren’t reflected in new versions if you modified the whitelist in previous versions. So if you’re looking for those updates and don’t see them, you have to completely delete your old profile by doing the following:

OSX and Unix/Linux: remove ~/.lantern
Windows: remove C:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/.lantern or equivalent on your Windows version

With all the recent growth, this is really an exciting time for Lantern. We’ve got much more in the pipeline for upcoming versions, but for now RC1 should be really stable and working well for everyone. Please let us know if you have any issues, and many of you will be receiving an email soon notifying you of the new version.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

-Team Lantern

Lantern 1.0.0-beta7 just went live!

This version contains a number of smaller fixes, with the issues we’re addressing getting increasingly minor with each successive beta version as we get closer to 1.0.0 final. Beta 7 will be the last official beta, with Lantern 1.0.0-RC1 on the way very soon! Many of the improvements in this version came in areas you can’t immediately see as a user, including improvements to the upgrade process (you’ll soon get an email about the new version along with links to download it), and improvements to the way invitations are processed on the backend.

For a full list of changes, please see:

We’ve tested the sleep/resume issue users have experienced at some length, so please let us know if this continues to be a problem. We’re continuing to work on more ambitious changes for future versions that are too big to get into 1.0.0, including an effort to significantly reduce the installer size.

As always, thanks so much for everyone’s support, and please let us know how we can improve Lantern!

-Team Lantern

Due to the high volume of users testing Lantern Beta7 we have decided to release two more beta versions before our upcoming Lantern 1.0.0-ReleaseCandidate1.

• Lantern Beta8 fixes the bug of always hitting the default fallback proxy
• Lantern Beta9
features updates to language translations

Thank you for all the interest and support! As always, we welcome your feedback on how we can continue improve Lantern.

-Team Lantern