I gave you every piece of me, you were my first everything & you didnt know how to appreciate it. You disregarded my feelings & our relationship the moment you were back in her arms while whispering in my ear that you loved me. You dont love me. You dont break the people you love piece by piece & watch them come apart.
—  j.s. - january 15, 2015, 10:26 pm
I'm a relationship girl

I don’t do the dating thing. I want someone all to myself and for myself. I want to give my all to one person and not bits and pieces here and there. I need constant attention and a daily reminder that I’m loved and wanted. I don’t ask for much, really. All I ask is to be loved, respected, given attention to and for loyalty. Anything materialistic I can get myself but having someone is all I’ll ever want and need.

i’ve learned to accept my flaws, that i’ll never be prettiest girl in the room, my stomach isnt flat and my boobs arent big. my hair is flat as hell and it doesnt look like the luscious, voluminous hair in the commercials. BUT i also know i’m a kind soul, maybe too kind and that’s my downfall. i give too many people the benefit of the doubt….most of the time on more than one occasion. when i love, i love hard. i’m the girl that ends up winning the “I love you more” game because people say I love you without meaning it. i’m not perfect and i dont pretend to be. i’m impatient and have a short temper. but these flaws and the many more i have are things i strive to improve on. i’ve learned to let things i cant change be, and change the things i can. i guess the point of this, is that i’ve learned to love and respect myself after the constant disrespect i received and thought i deserved. i’m rebuilding myself into a better me, and i’m loving every piece i’m putting into the puzzle.