I gave you every piece of me, you were my first everything & you didnt know how to appreciate it. You disregarded my feelings & our relationship the moment you were back in her arms while whispering in my ear that you loved me. You dont love me. You dont break the people you love piece by piece & watch them come apart.
—  j.s. - january 15, 2015, 10:26 pm
I'm a relationship girl

I don’t do the dating thing. I want someone all to myself and for myself. I want to give my all to one person and not bits and pieces here and there. I need constant attention and a daily reminder that I’m cared for and wanted. I don’t ask for much, really. All I ask is to be loved, respected, given attention to and for loyalty. Anything materialistic I can get myself but having someone is all I’ll ever want and need.


i honestly think that any type of relationship should be 50/50. the fuck do i look like putting in more effort when obviously the other person isnt even willing to put half? fuck outta here with that shit. i am done trying to keep people in my life that dont want to be there. if you dont wanna be here, get to steppin, no one’s gonna hold you back, certainly not me, not anymore. you wanna be part of my life, put the fuckin work in, otherwise dont waste my time.