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I need english subs for this 😣 It’s rare for all 3 rappers to freestyle.

phyi  asked:

How do you get the pixel-y effect on your models?I've tried to get a similar effect in Maya 2016.

I should start off by saying that I do all my stuff in blender. I don’t know how much of this is applicable in Maya but I think it should be possible in Maya too. 

I have made a 3DCG sprite tutorial for blender a while ago but my process has changed a lot since then. I need to make an updated one but I am happy to share some tips!

- Render at a low resolution. If you are trying to emulate a certain era of game sprite (i.e. gameboy sprites, or playstation sprites) I would recommend that you find a sprite to base your resolution off of.  This site ( ) should have it. 

- Disable anti aliasing and texture filtering. You are going to want those jaggies for sprites! 

- Learn how to composite! My badge sprites are actually made of several layers and masks. When you see a 3D image it is almost never rendered 100% put together straight out of the gate. it is made out a bunch of layers that are combined to get the final image. 

- Edge detection! This part is important – and a big reason why I use Blender. Blender has an add-on called “Freestyle” that draws lines on top of the model via edge detection. If Maya has an equivalent – use that. 

I apologize if that doesn’t help much! It is hard to explain via text. It is a kind of complicated process. 

Hey im bout to freestyle

Yeah uh,

lines of dat cocaina, skinny and white , call it piper perri

21 goons in my squad, you dont scare me

Dont make me mad, ill pull the trigger if you dare me

I fucked your broad, dat pussy hairy

But iont care tho… cuz her body her choice YUH

Bender Blender! Blender Bender? Blender Bender. Bender Bender, Blender Blender. Bender Blender?

I created Bender from Futurama in Blender.  

I only created this one recently.  He is rendered using Cycles+freestyle. I made it mainly as practice and to work a bit more with freestyle. 

His textures are all just plain emission shaders except for the black around his eyes that one is just a diffuse. Nothing fancy.  Using the emission shader gives the colors a flat shadeless look.  

The freestyle lines are rendered to their own layer and then composited on.  This adds a little to the render time; however, it gives me more control over how the lines look.  Here is how the main layer looks without the lines:

The Lines layer:

I apply a slight blur to the lines layer in the compositor. This helps the lines blend a little better and look closer to how they look on TV. Compositor setup:

Here is an image comparing the blur effect.  On the left side of the image the lines are added without the blur.  The right side has the lines blurred slightly.

Same comparison on just the lines layer:

The lines for Benders uh, teeth, are part of the wire-frame.  I mark them as freestyle edges.

Bender is not rigged nor did I create any shape keys.  I did build the model so that it would not be difficult to add them. Here is an example of moving mouth verts to show mouth movements like in the show.:

Just by moving three verts on the shroud around his eyes you can give him that angry eyed look.

With a shape key or driver you could easily do that binocular thing with his eyes.

Putting this model together was rather fun.  I may go back at some point and rig him.  As always questions and comments are welcome. 


We talk shop with the illustrator behind an exclusive Sephora campaign.

One cool thing about Sephora is that we regularly produce special, regional projects with renowned artists. Beauty Insiders in New York City are privy to the latest one, featuring the art of Filipe Jardim: Currently, the famous illustrator’s work appears on select postcards with samples of our must-have scents. For those who haven’t seen it, the drawing is of the Sephora Fifth Avenue store—located in an architecturally stunning Beaux-Arts building in Midtown Manhattan. We spoke to Jardim about his experience on the campaign. BECKY PEDERSON

When did you know you wanted to be an illustrator?
It just happened. I was a child doing a lot of drawings of marine life, submarines, etcetera, because I was born and raised by the sea in Rio de Janeiro.

Had you visited the Fifth Avenue Sephora store before you agreed to partner on this project?
Yes. It has amazing iron architecture.

How did you go about drawing this piece?
Easygoing, freestyle lines…it took me two afternoons to draw the architecture and maybe one more afternoon to draw the girls.

What do you find inspiring about fragrances?
Fragrance is always a way to travel to exotic destinations.

What was the most exciting part of this assignment?
The beauty of the building and the freedom that Sephora gave me.

Do you have any final words of wisdom about being an artist?
Keep smiling and be free when you’re making the drawings.


[reigisa week] pick-up lines

reigisa week || 6.21.freestyle || pick-up lines

I know it’s not the 21st on my timezone, but I just had to post this up, haha.

Based on an OPM song my mum likes, titled Ale, Nasa Langit Na Ba Ako (roughly: Miss, am I in heaven?) Also, really rushed. I do hope you like it, though.

This is also on AO3 with the rest of my Reigisa week collection, if you wanna see it there!

UPDATE 7/7/14: HOUSTON, WE HAVE FANART. OH MY GOD. Thanks a lot toasterization!




I wake up, and then I see…him.

Serious eyes half-hidden behind shiny cherry-red spectacles, dark blue hair artfully tousled in a way that models aim to achieve, his slightly tanned skin matching nicely with the pale-purple scrubs he’s wearing. He’s so very beautiful and I could just cry, but he might think I’m just high off painkillers. And that won’t do, because he has to know. He just has to know that I’m not high off painkillers - I’m high off the flawless perfect picture of his pretty face, so even if it would make my stitches hurt I just have to say something.

“Hey, mister, can I ask you a question?”

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Christmas Music- Jack Johnson

A/n: 25 Days of Christmas

Jack J’s POV

I heard the first 3 seconds of the intro and I already knew what song it was. I had heard it countless times over the last month and not only could I sing the words I was pretty sure I could do a pretty sweet acapella video from all the times I’ve heard it. I loved Christmas music as much as the next guy but this is insane it’s the beginning of November. 

Marching down the stairs I prepare to give the occupant a piece of my mind. If I have to listen to anymore holiday tunes I’m going to go mad.

I pounded my fist on the door trying to make sure they hear it over the music. I got ready to pound again when the door swung open and all the music rushed into the hallway filling the corridor with the sounds of Christmas. The girl that stood before me was not what I was expecting.

In my mind I’m not sure who I was envisioning to be blasting music but it definitely wasn’t her. She was fully decked in Christmas gear from her Rudolf thigh highs to her floppy Santa hat. I most definitely wasn’t going to yell at her. 

“Hi!” she greeted beaming brightly. “Can you turn the music down?” I inquired rubbing the back of my neck hesitating with eye contact. She made a confused face and then dashed somewhere into her apartment leaving me standing in the doorway. I shoved my hands deep in my pockets as I heard the music soften and shortly after she was back at the door. 

“Sorry about that” she replied gesturing to the general area the music was coming from. “Yeah I live in the apartment upstairs” I pointed suddenly feeling bad about coming to her apartment at all “Oh that’s embarrassing” she whispered covering her face with her hand. “I didn’t real-” and before she had a chance to finish her statement what sounded like an oven timer dinged. She left yet again leaving me in her doorway.

“Come on in just close the door” she yelled from around the corner. I stepped into the apartment softly closing the door behind me. Instantly I was hit with a sense of home and warmth. Her apartment had the same layout as mine but the feel was entirely different. The arrangement of furniture made the room more spacious but cozy at the same time. A scent of sugar cookies wafted through the air leading me into her kitchen.

“I really am sorry about the music I just get carried away this time of year” she grinned taking out a pan of cookies from the oven. Damn that was a killer smile “Y/n” she said wiping her hand on her apron before extending it to me. 

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl I’m Jack” really Jack could you be any more cliche. She smiled none the less tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “Thanks” I stood there awkwardly unsure of what to do next but I knew that I didn’t want to leave. “So… the cookies smell good” I interrupt breaking the silence “Sorry I’m so rude, here you can have some” Y/n scrambled flustered. “Would you like some eggnog too?” she offered already heading to the fridge. “Sure”

I followed her onto the couch careful not to disturb her variety of delicate looking pillows. Why do girls have so many pillows. “Let me get those” she said tossing them on the floor in a pile. Not so delicate I guess

“So Jack what do you do?” Y/n said snuggling up in a blanket. “I’m a rapper” I nodded “Lies there’s no way” she remarked instantly looking me up and down. “Sorry that was rude I just met you and I’m already being horribly rude” I stopped her rambling freestyling a few lines. “Wow” she clapped, “I was very wrong” “Thank you thank you” I pretend bowed. 

We spent what felt like hours huddled on the couch in our own blankets talking about life in La and it seemed like I’d known her forever. Y/n was beyond easy to talk to and I felt myself opening up freely. I even confessed that I had every intention of ripping her a new one until she opened the door. 

My phone buzzed reminding me of my recording session with G at 4. “I really should get going” I reluctantly said rising to my feet. “Thanks for the cookies and sorry about earlier.”

“No worries but feel free to stop by again and not scold me on my music” she sassed. Yeah I’ll most definitely be coming back.