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This video of 14-year-old Singaporean Kyra Poh competing in the solo freestyle event at the Wind Games 2017 – which she won! –  is beautiful, hypnotic stuff.  

Sweet Foreign Sugar’s Guide to Freestyling: Segment 1

Part 1. Why Freestyle?

I see people on Tumblr complain all the time about how sugar sites are full of splenda, salt daddies and worse. Women are tired of being jerked around, lied to and threatened by these online creeps.

So what is a SB to do? Freestyle. Freestyling is basically the act of seeking out a sugar daddy offline, the good old fashioned way. I have found, and most everyone I have ever talked to about the topic has found, that you find much higher quality men via freestyling but yes, it is more labor intensive, and it has its drawbacks. But, like anything, you get what you put in. Although the initial input is much higher with freestyling, the rewards can be much higher.

Part 2. Freestyle Anywhere, Freestyle Everywhere

In my personal opinion, if you’re a SB really trying to become a pro, you need to always be on your toes and be on your game. Your life is a long series of freestyling events. I think when girls on here generally talk about going freestyling, especially in a group, they mean go out on the town (to bars, clubs, lounges etc.) and while those are all viable options of places to meet POTs, those aren’t the only places. You can meet POTs anywhere, from restaurants, to charity events, to the dry cleaners, to the grocery store.

This also brings me to my next point. It pays to be nice to everyone. You never know who is going to be a good networking connection later on. Sure, the older woman at the country club talking about her grandkids is kind of dull, but maybe she’ll introduce you to someone who could be a POT. Any sort of restaurant or bar staff are great to be friend, you never know what kind of gossip they’ll have on people who come in frequently. Maybe the guy grabbing almond milk next to you looks pretty average, but for all you know he’s a tech millionaire who dresses down while running errands. You just don’t know. So, my best advice: be nice and be friendly to everyone.

Part 3. Freestyle Location Ideas

I know I just got done saying that anywhere can be a freestyle location, and anywhere can, but I think we’re all smart enough to know that there are locations where you’re more likely to run into someone who could become a POT. I’m just going to create a list here; I’ll try to be as thorough as I can but feel free to add to this.

  • Lounges, Bars, Etc.
  • Upscale Restaurants
  • Lunch locations popular with local professionals (for example, in NYC, lunch locations in FiDi popular with Wall Street patrons)
  • Art Galleries
  • Art Auctions (and really any sort of high end auction)
  • Country Clubs (*This may present a large upfront cost to you)
  • Golf Clubs
  • Through Rich Friends**(see below)
  • Charity Events
  • Spas
  • Sporting Events (especially regarding big stadium events, where somebody is seating can give you a clue as to their disposable income)
  • *Also, just thought of this as a possibility: Sporting Events at Ivy League or comparable Unis here in the US and abroad; I went to an ‘upscale’ Uni and I meet a lot of wealthy people at Alum events, so if you aren’t an alum of an ‘upscale’ Uni then perhaps you could meet Alum at a sporting event or some other event

**I want to expand on this one a little bit. I have friend who are successful SBs who will be wing-women and help me along. Then I have friends who don’t know I’m a SB, and I don’t want them to know. When you’re introduced to a man via a friend who you don’t want to know that you’re a SB, tread lightly. If you lose a POT (or a SD) you don’t want to also lose a friend (and all of their networking connections!).

Part 4. Yes Looks Are Important

Whenever you are trying to make a good impression, and while you’re sugaring you should certainly be trying to make a good impression, you should strive to look good. This means different things for different venues. It is very important that you dress appropriately. A mini skirt and crop top are not appropriate for many venues; a “Sunday’s Best” church dress is also not appropriate for many venues. If you look like you fit in, people won’t be as suspicious of you. If you come to the country club in a micro mini, you may as well hold up a flashing sign that says “I AM A GOLDDIGGER”.

Dress well. Dress Appropriately. And stand out..just not too much. You want to try to be the most gorgeous woman/most handsome man in the room, but keep your look within the boundaries of the venue, event, time, location, etc. Look good, but look like you fit in.

Part 5. How to Talk to People

Ok this is really difficult for me to write. I really don’t know how to teach you in a post how to talk to people, but I get asked about it frequently enough that I need to address it. Every situation is different, every person is different etc.

I’m happy to give tips, tricks and pointers but the best thing you can do is practice. I wrote in a post a while back that if you’re going to be in any job that requires a lot of human interaction, and you aren’t completely comfortable talking to people, then you need to practice. Go to the grocery store and start striking up conversations with people in line. Go into these practice conversations with a goal: you want to learn 3 things about this random stranger by the end of your conversation. It will feel weird at first, but the more you do it the better you’ll be at it, and more importantly, the less nerve wracking it will be.

I think the hardest part about talking to someone is the introduction. There are settings where you really won’t be left with any other choice other than to walk up to somebody, shake their hand and tell them your name. When doing this remember to approach from the front, establish eye contact, speak clearly and give a firm handshake. And remember, listen to their name. Sometimes we’re so in our own heads that we don’t actually listen to the other person then we forget their name. It bothers people when you forget their name, so make a point to try to remember it. The more details you learn about them the easier it will be; remembering “Sally” is hard, but remembering “Sally” who is from Michigan, loves baseball and vanilla ice cream is a little easier.

Although that is one common way to make an introduction, you can’t just walk up to random strangers and shake their hand. I mean you can, if you want them to be really surprised and not want to talk to you any further. So, how then do you start the conversation? Well, as a general rule, I like to start one of two ways: either being funny, or by complimenting them. I picked up the latter method after working as a nanny to this woman who could charm anyone; I asked her for her secret and she said she always starts with a compliment. First, it often catches people off guard, and second, most everyone loves to be complimented. It’s flattering. I use this more on women than I do on men because when I use this on men I run the risk of laying it on too thick. But either way, this is one trick to make sure a conversation starts off on the right foot.

My own go to method, though, is to be funny. This, like complimenting, does not have a 100% success rate but it’s high enough that I keep using it. This has a lot of risks involved. You might offend someone. You might not be that funny, or have a sense of humor other people don’t like. You might meet someone with no sense of humor, or they’re having a bad day and don’t want to laugh. You don’t have to be a comedian to be a good SB, this is just what I personally use.

And sometimes I use humor in a way I know is especially risky. For instance, the other day I was parking my car and parked it backwards so my trunk would be closer to the elevator. My neighbor, who was also in the parking garage, saw it and when I stepped out of the car he told me I did a good job parking it. I could have said thank you, and moved on. Instead, I said, “Were you expecting me to crash it just because I’m a woman?” He was completely taken aback and caught off guard, and I knew he’d probably respond in one of two ways: think I was a bitch and not talk to me anymore, or, be suddenly very intrigued by his cheeky neighbor. He reacted the latter way; sometimes men like to be verbally spanked.

There are a lot of ways to use humor though. If you aren’t a cheeky person, don’t use cheeky humor. Find a method that reflects who you are. And in general, no matter which way you choose to introduce yourself to people, there is the risk it will be unsuccessful. That’s why, and this applies to all parts of sugaring, I say to cast a wide net, and not put all of your eggs in one basket. You’re going to fail sometimes, you’re going to be rejected sometimes, it’s just a fact of life, and the better you get at dusting yourself off after it happens the better off you will be.

Bottom line, don’t be afraid to be friendly, put yourself out there and start up a conversation with someone.

Now, once you make it past the introduction, it’s key that you keep it going. Be friendly. Be interesting. Don’t talk about depressing things or be a downer in any way, shape or form. And do not overshare, that’s so uncomfortable when people do that. Be warm. Be genuine. Ask questions. Don’t just talk about yourself. Listen to the other person.

If this is someone you think could be a POT, ask questions that will help you gauge if they could be a POT. Ask about their job, do they like to travel, etc. Be somebody who knows a lot about different topics so that you can keep up an intelligent conversation with somebody. If you’re talking to a guy who works in hedge funds, it’s going to be a lot sexier to him if you at least know what a hedge fund is versus if you giggle and say, “Wow you must be so smart. All of that economics stuff goes right over my head.” Don’t play dumb, be intelligent and well rounded.

Also, as far as how you talk: speak clearly, don’t mumble, don’t shout, and if you like to use your hands to talk, use them but don’t be so wild with them you become a spectacle. Nonverbal communication is great when used appropriately. Smile, nod your head, show you’re listening.

This is all I have for this segment. I’m breaking up this guide into 2 or 3 segments (we’ll see) because it was getting too lengthy for one post. So I’ll post the other sections at some point this week!

🍥 NaruSaku August Event! 🌸


We’ve been thinking about hosting a NaruSaku event for a few weeks now… So, here it is! A lot of you expressed keen interest in a week or month long celebration, and we thank you for your participation! Considering that it’s our first event, we set our sights in-between and opted for a half-way duration. 

We felt that this time-scale might provide everybody with enough chances to join. August also seemed like a suitable month, as more people are able to participate during summer vacation. 🌴

【 But don’t worry! If this event goes well, we of course hope to host a ‘NaruSaku Month’ celebration in future as well, in addition to potentially some day & weekend long events, if everybody is up for that? 】


  • Due to the NS fandom’s annual Selfie Day not going forward this year, we wanted to include it within the celebration. This way, we will not be bringing exclusive attention to it and hopefully improve safety. ⚠️
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We will have two respectively themed weeks (“Beautiful Words” & Expressions/Idioms), followed by three miscellaneous days, before we finish off with one final free-style day of your choice! 📅

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ok but Katie Ledecky tho

let me tell you about this motherfucker right here. this boss ass bitch is the most dominant distance swimmer in the world. i’m talkin no one within 3 body lengths of her at the finish in any distance race in the last 3 years. she’s without equal. even phelps had his competitors in his best events. not this bitch. 

of the top 10 times in the 800 freestyle, ledecky owns all of them. ALL OF THEM. she’s literally just competing against herself. 

but that’s not all. this khalessi decides that being the greatest distance swimmer of all time isn’t enough. so she starts adding shorter races to her resume. she easily qualified for the US team in the 400, and she broke her way onto the team in the toughest and most competitive event, the 200… by winning it.

alas, she placed 7th in the 100 free (the 100 motherfucking free, aka the second shortest distance, a SPRINT) at team trials, so she wasn’t guaranteed a spot on the 4x100 free relay (only the top 6 are assumed to be on it). fortunately for us, the coaches said, “we would be complete dumbasses not to put her on this relay considering she wasn’t even really rested for team trials.” 

good motherfucking choice.

this motherfucker anchors the prelim relay this morning with a what-in-holy-hell time of 52.64… faster than her best by over a second, and the second fastest of any swimmer from any country this morning. the only person who was faster? australia’s cate motherfucking campbell, the current world record holder in the event.

and all this on the first fucking morning. i, for one, cannot wait to see the rest of her total domination in all of the freestyle events this weekend. 

tl;dr katie ledecky is a fierce motherfucker and i would gladly let her punch me in the face.

swim au

late, again. my apologies. I think they’re will be about 15 chapters, so its nearing the end my friends

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10


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shinee as swimmers

i thought of this while i was swimming some laps as pre-season training and here we are


  • stroke : freestyle (sprint)
  • events : 50, 100, and 200
  • has a surprising amount of power in short bursts so in relays he’s always the anchor
  • somehow became the team captain?? mostly bc he’s a senior and dammit he earned this please just listen to him
  • once broke a lane lane in his freshman year and is now banned from doing lane lines
  • always has to eat bananas before practice otherwise he WILL cramp up
  • gets surprisingly competitive and once scared jonghyun bc he was so mad he lost a race


  • stroke : breaststroke (sprint)
  • events : 100, 200 and swims in medley relay
  • has great form and decent stamina but tends to go really hard in the beginning so he tends to swim 100′s
  • the LOUDEST cheerleader for the team aside from minho
  • always drops the wrench in the pool while tightening the lane lines
  • brings gatorade for the whole team and hugs them when they lose an important race 
  • official team masseuse he always massages out leg + foot cramps


  • stroke : backstroke and free (any distance)
  • events : 100, 200 and medley relay (starter)
  • has powerful beginning like jonghyun but has better stamina and lung capacity so his underwaters are stronger and longer
  • organizes all of the meets, in charge of fundraising and picking out the team suits and caps because minho wanted to get a HIDEOUS neon orange suit and he refuses to look like a team of traffic cones
  • brings home made granola to all of the swim meets
  • only one that hosts pasta parties bc no one else wants to have 20 some hungry swimmers in their house


  • stroke : DISTANCE I.M.  and butterfly (hes that fucker)
  • events : 200 IM, 400 IM, fly in every relay
  • the star swimmer like ppl are sayin he’s the next micheal phelps and it’s actually true because damn he can swim all day like the mile is NOTHIN for him
  • official swim team cheerleader and made a banner just for swim meets
  • he’s so nice tho like after races he’s shaking ppls hands and saying “good race!!” with a genuine smile 
  • always has a protein shake during dryland and shows up to every. morning. practice
  • living student athlete meme
  • source of 90% of the team’s funding bc ppl will pay any ammt of money to see that boy swim he’s like a dolphin (and he looks good in a swimsuit)


  • stroke : free (distance)
  • events : 500 free
  • the staple distance swimmer and also baby of the team
  • always on lane line duty because he’s the youngest
  • sneaks food during practice and takes long bathroom breaks just to escape the Hell
  • but also works and trains the hardest and has p e r f e c t form
  • actually also the team diver and has excellent form gets 8-9′s on average
  • somehow manages to look graceful even while doing hellish sets (cough texas 25s) and the coach loves him for it
  • may not be the fastest but has AMAZING stamina this boy could swim across an ocean
  • also competitive as hell and loves seeing the other teams lose by a mile (but hes lowkey about it)

Events for Today [1-2]

Dream Village (01-03/09/2017) Lage aard, Bavel (The Netherlands)

Line Up for Today:

- Freestyle/Hardstyle

  • Audiotricz
  • D-Generation
  • Frequencerz
  • Pat B
  • Paul Elstak
  • Raiden
  • Ricardo Moreno
  • Royal S
  • Sound Rush
  • Vitellus
  • Wakiyan
  • MC: Rems

- Eclectic

  • Buren van de Brandweer
  • Daani
  • De Lievelings Dj’s van je Zusje
  • Diaz & Bruno
  • Fab x Paans
  • Golddigger
  • Kazkid
  • Miss Bont Beats
  • Noise Cartel
  • SiRens

13 August: King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima were present to support Dutch swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo compete in the women’s 50m freestyle event at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Kromowidjojo finished the race sixth, having previously won gold during the event back in London 2012. Their Majesties also watched the Men’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay Final.

Olympic!AU Headcanons

I really love the Olympics, and I’m watching a lot of them atm, so this just kind of happened. @kurtwxgners, @jubilationlxee thx for listening to my thirst for Alex Summers in a speedo.

A/N: I’m just putting them all on the same team bc they’re my fave squad and it would hurt my heart to split them up. Also, everyone’s human, bc I can’t see the Olympic committee letting someone with a mutation for super speed compete in track events etc.

  • They all meet at the Olympic flagship training facility for their country, and become good friends despite competing in very different events, because they’ve all been forced into the same high pressure environment and it brings them together
  • They’ve all been there for varying amounts of time but they bond over their overpowering drive to succeed and their love of their sport
  • Kurt competes in Gymnastics
    • He’s a pretty good all-rounder but his best apparatus is definitely rings
    • He competes in rings, vault, horizontal and parallel bars and the team event, and he’s really well liked by basically everyone on the team because he’s such a sweetheart
    • It’s his first Olympics but he’s been considered an up and coming in the gymnastics scene for a while
    • He and Jubilee are the darlings of the team because everyone thinks they’re super, super sweet
    • He loves the sportsmanship of the games, and he really wants to become an ambassador for the sport to children from unprivileged families when he stops competing
    • When he first arrives at the Olympic training complex, he’s really, really nervous, and doesn’t think he’s good enough to deserve to be there but everyone makes sure he gets lots of positive reinforcement to feed his confidence because he wouldn’t be there if he didn’t deserve to be
  • Jubilee is the newest member of the female Gymnastics team
    • She’s the youngest on the team, and an absolute sweetheart and the entire world loves her. She’s the media darling of the entire Olympic team
    • She has explosive strength and excels in the floor events, but competes in all categories
    • She’s a power gymnast, favouring shows of strength and athleticism over artistry but she’s remarkably graceful for a power gymnast and always picks up a lot of points for connections between elements, no matter what apparatus she’s competing on
    • She’s the queen of the team’s social media, coordinating cute selfies, or Q&As with the athletes and she’s so cute and nice about it that everyone goes along with it without complaining
    • She’s famous for never saying anything negative about any of the other competitors, and always says really wonderful things about them in her post competition interviews
    • Her street clothes are the envy of the entire team
  • Peter is a middle distance track runner
    • He’s a relative newcomer, and this is his first Olympics and his first time anywhere near the national team at all, so he’s something of a newcomer to the track and field scene
    • He made waves in the track world by almost beating out an old national favourite for 1st in a national track meet
    • He jumped from regional level coaching to international standard training in the course of about a month and he’s now considered a wild card and someone to watch during the games
    • His strongest event is the 800m, but he also competes the 400m and is frequently a part of the men’s 4x400m relay team
    • He didn’t start formal training till later than most Olympians do, but he’s been running his entire life as a way for him to relax and not think about his problems, so as soon as he figured out he was good enough to go pro, he did
    • His post and pre competition interviews are legendary because he talks A LOT of shit about just about everything
  • Scott is a rower, and his main event is the single scull, but he’s also two seat in the mens 8
    • He tried swimming like Alex when he was young, but it wasn’t for him.
    • He signed up for rowing one year and when he got in the boat so many things just sort of clicked into place for him
    • Something about the structured, repetitive nature of the technique required really helps him focus and relax
    • He always excelled at single scull but once he figured out more about himself and matured a little and learned to work better in a team he became an invaluable member of the mens 8
    • He’s the youngest rower in the 8 but has some of the best technique on the team
    • He has this insane drive and motivation to succeed in his field that translates really well into his sport, pushing him up the world rankings at a remarkable pace
    • Rowing gave him the best ass anyone’s ever seen bar none
  • Jean competes in both steeplechase and hurdles because she’s just really hardcore that way  
    • Her focus and precision is absolutely unmatched in the rest of the track team, but she’s been working at it longest, having started running track when she was pretty young
    • She competes in 3000m Steeplechase and sometimes the 400m hurdles (she likes steeplechase best)
    • She’s basically all leg, and seemingly flies over the obstacles in her path
    • She used to run middle distance and some hurdles, but then in a fit of contrarianism, she decided to take up steeplechase and she was astoundingly good at it
    • She and Ororo are best friends because they’ve been training in and around the Olympic complex for longest and they’re both ambassadors for the same brand.
    • When people see them together at formal events, everyone is intimidated because they’re so powerful and beautiful
    • She’s basically the team’s unofficial mum, mentoring and supporting all the younger team members and making sure everyone gets to the right place on time when they’re overseas
  • Ororo is a judoka and she’s considered one of the strongest gold medalling potentials for this year’s games
    • Her focus and discipline are insane, and she’s the captain of the entire Olympic team
    • Once one of the male judokas made a scathing remark about how she was ‘really good, for a girl’ and she dislocated his elbow
    • She’s been training at the Olympic complex for the longest, having headed to the main training centre when she qualified for the junior Olympics for judo, and she’s basically been training there ever since
    • She and Jean are best friends and have been running in Olympic circles for years, so even though they’re in entirely different events, they see each other all the time
    • The two of them are also sponsored athletes for the same brand, so they get to hang out together for events like that
    • Everyone on the team is in awe of/a little bit terrified of her because she’s so charismatic and intensely focused, and everyone thinks she should go to law school because arguing with her is basically impossible and she’d make one hell of a lawyer
  • Alex is a swimmer
    • He started when he was younger, and the measurable improvement in the pool and the way he could track his progress was therapeutic for him, becoming a way for him to control his anger
    • He likes controlled, technical aspects of the stroke as well as the speed at which he can move and being in the water makes him feel weightless and at peace
    • He’s been swimming his whole life, and he’s always been considered someone to watch in the butterfly events, but lately he’s taken on a freestyle event and not doing too badly in that
    • His best event is the 200m butterfly, but he also competes the 100m butterfly and the 400m freestyle
    • He swims the butterfly length on the mens medley relay teams
    • Everyone in the world immediately wants to jump his bones when they see him on TV in his first big televised meet, because he’s tall and angular and ripped as hell and the defined muscles in his broad shoulders are just b e g g i n g for someone to trace them with their tongue
  • Warren is a pole vaulter
    • The team calls him angel, because goddam can that boy soar. He rolls his eyes at the nickname but secretly loves it because he takes great pride in his pole vaulting abilities
    • He has a ‘bad boy’ rep because of his turbulent past and his propensity to trash talk the other competitors
    • Everyone is highkey in love with him because goddaMN HAVE YOU SEEN HIM
    • He used to do high jump as well, but dropped it before he moved from regional to national level because he liked pole vault better
    • He started the sport because the school guidance councellor told him that if he didn’t start putting all his restless, angry energy someplace productive he’d end up expelled or in juvie so he started competing and got really good
  • Warren, Peter and Jean are an unofficial squad because they all compete track and field events so they train together sometimes
    • The three of them became an internet sensation when Warren posted a vine of Peter trying to do some of Jean’s steeplechase hurdles and running into all of them with Jean losing her shit on the side of the track because Peter looks so ridiculous
    • They all go and support each other at their events if they’re not competing or training at the same time
    • There’s another vine out there somewhere that Warren took of Jean saying ‘hurdles is running with thinking involved’ and then Peter tackles her before the video cuts out
  • Everyone on the team absolutely loves Jubilee and Kurt, because they’re both such sweethearts to everyone else
    • Where possible, everyone gets out to watch their gymnastics competitions because there’s an unspoken team agreement about nurturing and supporting the youngest and most adorable members of the team
    • Also they’re incredible to watch in motion, and everyone on the team can appreciate the strength and athleticism required to perform the elements involved in gymnastics
  • Alex and Warren are the oldest on the team, but Ororo is the team captain because of her focus, discipline and accomplishments in her field
    • She’s been a part of the team for longest, and she’s the best at motivating the others
    • She also hosts a big movie night for the team a few days before they all fly out to the games
    • Alex and Warren are both really protective of the younger members of the team, becoming sort of unofficial parents/mentors to everyone 
    • They’re also really close friends, and they bond over their difficult upbringings and their anger issues, as well as the way they channel their anger into their sport
  • Peter and Scott get along really well, and they kind of take Kurt under their wing, taking it upon themselves to make him get out more
    • The three of them always make a point of sightseeing whenever they’re all someplace international for a competition of some kind 
    • They go out on weekends together when everyone’s at the training facility during the off season for their various sports 
  • It’s almost a religious experience for all of them as they step out into the stadium during the opening ceremony, because so many of them have fractured pasts or never really believed in themselves, but they’re here and they made it and all the time and effort and tears they poured into their sport paid off because they’re actually competing at the Olympics.

anonymous asked:

Do you have more random facts about Estonia-Finland relationship? You seem to be total bros

when Kristjan Palusalu, the first and only wrestler in Olympic history ever to win both the Greco-Roman and freestyle heavy weight events, escaped from Soviet army to Finnish side during WW2 and yelled “Finnish boys do not shoot Estonians” then Finnish soliders indeed did not shoot him.

Olympic Crush of the Day: Nathan Adrian

Nathan Adrian may have the best pecs I’ve seen at the Olympics so far. 

Adrian and his teammates Michael Phelps, Ryan Held, and Caeleb Dressel all won gold in the 4x100 relay! 

Nathan is definitely the hottest of his relay teammates. Those pecs are glorious. He’s also half Chinese which adds some diversity to the US swim team. 

Nathan still has the Men’s 50m and 100m freestyle events coming up. 

Hopefully the sexy 27 year old stud will be bringing home more gold from Rio! 

Claudia Poll (b. 1972) is an Olympic swimmer from Costa Rica, and the only gold-medalist of the country. She achieved this at the 1996 Atlanta Games, in the 200m freestyle event. She also hold multiple national records in the sport.

She was the first person to win an Olympic gold medal not only from Costa Rica, but from the whole of Central America, a feat that stood until 2008. She set multiple records at the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2006, beating the ones previously set by her sister Silvia.


I think they might be being punny and using “RinAi” to sound like Ren'Ai,“ BUT STILL. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW RARE RINAI IS? IT’S USUALLY ALL AIRIN OVER HERE.



Reclaiming Fitspo: Maritza Correia

Correia is an American competitive swimmer. Born and raised in Puerto Rico with parents who were natives of Guyana, Correia was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 7. Her doctor recommended that she take swimming lessons as a form of physical therapy. It wasn’t long afterward that she joined her school’s swimming team and started to break regional records.

In 1999, she became the U.S. National Champion in the 50m freestyle in the 18 and under category, as well as a six time Florida High School State Champion in multiple events. Correia was a member of both the 1997 USA National Junior Team and the 1999 USA Short Course World Championship Team. Later on, as a member of the University of Georgia, she aided her swim team in winning their title in the 400m freestyle relay. She earned a share of the SEC Commissioner’s Trophy for high point honors, making her the first and only swimmer in SEC history to win an SEC title in all Freestyle events. During her college career, she was a 27-time All-American, and 11 Time NCAA Champion.

Although she tried out for the 2000 US Olympic swimming team and failed to make the cut, Correia spent the next four years winning a number of international medals: Gold in the 2001 World Championship, 2002 National Champion in the 50y and 100y freestyle, gold in the 2003 World Championships, and gold in the 2004 Short Course World Championships. These achievements made her the first Black US swimmer to set an American and World swimming record

In 2004, Correia became the first Puerto Rican of African descent to be on the USA Olympic Swimming Team. She went on to win silver in the 400m free relay.

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